F-Secure Freedome review: A VPN with some built-in antivirus features

F-Secure Freedome review: A VPN with some built-in antivirus features

Unfortunately, every VPN reduces speeds somehow. The plethora of Android users can keep their privacy intact with the help of F-Secure Freedome VPN APK. They can look to other VPN service providers like Private Internet Access that has a ton of payment options available including cryptocurrencies. The information is collected for troubleshooting purposes and to prevent misuse of the service, but it should be noted that France is part of the 9 Eyes spying alliance. It doesn't get much easier than this. The section isn’t that intuitive to navigate and sometimes you will waste time just surfing the website trying to find what you’re looking for. Not all reviews will be published. Let’s test the setup file and find out.

  • Any changes to text or our final review verdict will be noted at the top of this article.
  • One more server location is added in Mexico.
  • Evaluating the strength of encryption in a VPN can be difficult to do, so you may want to check out this VPN comparison chart by That One Privacy Site, which analyzes almost 200 VPN providers based on their jurisdictions and policies.
  • (China, Turkey, and Egypt) block access to certain internet services, such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook or Twitter.

Our F-Secure Freedome VPN review unveils that when you click on the FAQs tab, the page will redirect you to F-Secure community page. Their company is excluded from 14 eyes and their founder is a well-reputable figure in the cybersecurity community. Moreover, there is a limited offer on the official website of the provider that is valid only for a short time. F-Secure Freedome is relatively a slow VPN service and impacts the internet connection more than other elite VPN service providers. As you can see, the price for 2 multi-logins will double. Plans and pricing, it also offers one of the best software suites of any VPN, making it well-suited for running on a variety of Android devices, from TV streaming boxes to tablets and smartphones. Thankfully, F-Secure seems to have eased up a bit on this. In fact, we think it rivals the great VPN applications of Elite VPN service providers such as Hotspot Shield and Spotflux Premium. Other than these features, there are few more settings related to the connectivity.

95 per monthly. First, you will need to find a VPN provider that you like (on our site you can find reviews of the different providers as well as some recommendations). For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. You need an account to connect to the service, but it’s reputable and has a clear no-logging policy. Thus, if strong encryption is important to your personal security model we'd recommend looking elsewhere. When you extend your subscription to 6 months, you pay $4. (00 at Amazon) running Windows 8.

With a VPN service, no hacker in the world can spy on you. This page will explain exactly how a VPN works and why people use it. S, Canada, UK, Germany seems to be improve as the test reaches up to 65Mbps. KeepSolid Wise protocol makes the strictest regulations fail, providing you complete internet freedom.

  • Overall, based on five different locations around the world, Freedome retained nearly 51 percent of the base speed.
  • Complex to set up and can be confusing to a novice VPN user.
  • The pricing is quite cheap, and all plans come with a 72-hour free trial.
  • In 2020, Ivacy was the first VPN company to ever introduce “Split Tunneling” to consumer VPNs.
  • It offers a small set of 29 locations (16 in Europe, nine in North America, three in Asia, one in Australia), with native Windows, Mac, iOS and Android apps, giving you access to (some) geo-blocked content and with no bandwidth limits to hold you back.
  • The log takes a full 24 hours to populate.


Whenever you visit any website, there are trackers added on every web page which can be related to analytics, advertising, essential, etc. Over the past year, it has moved away from virtual private servers, or VPS, in favor of bare-metal servers due to the privacy and security concerns of having virtualization layers outside of its control. So if you purchased through one of their partners, you’ll actually have to go get support from them, too. Needless to say, the increase in latency rate is way higher than the industry average as far as the speedof. How safe is the VPN encryption? It will support Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP. Some individuals are just looking for a basic service.

The statistics also show numbers related to the number of malicious sites the software has blocked. Actually, these are the main features that prove the robustness of the service. Here is what I got: As you enable the VPN’s anti-tracking technologies, a log file will be generated over time. At home or at work it can be equally helpful to use a VPN. However, you must be wondering which platforms this VPN supports? The service does not offer rare locations. Keeping everything in perspective, logging policy of F-Secure is clearly riddled with faults.

  • This usually enables you to watch your favorite show or access your favorite website again.
  • Since all the servers are in cooperative regions, this service is not secure by our definition of security.
  • It suddenly takes minutes (instead of seconds) for a simple webpage to load.
  • Our research for this F-Secure Freedome review tells us that it is extremely competitive in terms of prices when it comes to yearly plans.
  • Generally though, all of them want to protect customers from not only malware but also from all other forms of cyber attacks.

A VPN...described.

Free VPNs can't afford to invest in a long list of fresh IP addresses for their users the way a paid VPN service can. And the same holds true for the above-mentioned software installer as well. F-Secure Freedome works perfectly fine on the following devices:

Hence we can’t really compare Spotflux with F-Secure Freedome on their anti-phishing capacity. Hola unlimited free vpn, once you get a VPN for Windows 10, like Ivacy VPN, you will enjoy a world of new possibilities. Freedome on Windows offers a large, expansive interface that makes it easy for new users to navigate. But also there’s critical issues on window client and speed in some location. However, this is a small quibble overall. With servers in 32 countries, Freedom-IP offers a decent sized network, and since it can be installed on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, you can use it for all of your gaming needs.

You can buy their software with all major credit cards, PayPal, IDEAL, or even a wire transfer.


The only problem I had was that the Your Freedom connection appeared to be on but I was not in VPN mode. Having users in one country stream content from another often violates their lucrative licensing deals. So, join us as we explore this VPN from inside out. Step 3: torrent client, let’s see some recent legal cases relating to torrenting and the laws that apply to some of the countries that are the worst places to be download torrents in without a torrent VPN. F-Secure is a full-fledged cybersecurity firm that offers more than just a VPN.

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More importantly though, we think that F-Secure Freedome deserves a round of applause for taking the initiative to support malware standards. Back then, Hola CEO Ofer Vilenski admitted they'd been had by a "spammer," but contended in a lengthy defense that this harvesting of bandwidth was typical for this type of technology. The VPN seems to be really trustworthy and reliable. 13 Mbps and upload speeds of 3. Number of Servers 29 locations, 23 countries. In terms of torrenting, this type of file transfer is supported – but in a limited way.

Background, Jurisdiction & Reputation

Clients are available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, with extensions for the most popular browsers. Operation of these specially secured servers is partially paid for by ads in the free version of OkayFreedom”. However, it’s the only VPN application we have found which doesn’t have the option of support using the ticket. They can also be filtered according to the requirement, i. Freedom- IP does not offer much compared to other VPNs.

The most famous case of this was Hola, which was caught in 2020 quietly stealing their users' bandwidth and selling it, mercenary-style, to whatever group wanted to deploy their userbase as a botnet. Apparently, we suggests that the servers checking the downloading content by using simple DNS blacklist to block dangerous website links. The client also boasts browser protection that blocks malicious website. So you’ll have to install the client on your computer or laptop if you want to connect to their servers.

Most operating systems include IPsec/L2TP and these are a good choice if OpenVPN is not available. This private network allows you to send your data traffic via an encrypted, secure connection to an external server. OkayFreedom does not keep the details of the sites the users are visiting through the service. The best VPN companies will offer almost flawless uptime. For each browsing and protection feature, there are separate tabs, and with one click you can turn ON the feature easily.

Overall, the process wasn’t bad at all!


Registering an account, downloading and installing the software into a device is easy. But F-Secure Freedome isn’t an ordinary VPN service. You can read more about this provider in our full review of ExpressVPN. This F-Secure Freedome VPN Review explored various hidden attributes of the service. If you would like to always receive the latest beta version instead of the production version and have all the latest features and bugs, please opt in at https: This makes this service at the expensive end of the market. Then, you can proceed to download the app, based the platform you use.

With a VPN connection, you use the IP address that belongs to the VPN server you’re connected to.

So, does this mean that no VPN is safe for use? This country is known for its incredible privacy laws, similar to Switzerland. This inevitably means tat there's not much detail, but the company still gives us some key information. Does it solicit donations? WireGuard is a relatively new protocol that has been getting more and more attention lately. How is Customer Service at Freedom-IP VPN? 42 seconds which is not good.

The VPN application runs in the background of your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can Submit Requests on their site, however, they don’t actually list F-Secure Freedome (their VPN product) as an option. The basic at 256kbit/s per second is only usable for emails and if you use VOIP or video downloading (like most of us) you need the more expensive unlimited plan for E20 per month. For iOS devices, F-Secure utilizes IPSec protocol. Can you torrent using F-Secure Freedome? Ivacy doesn’t offer a trial plan, but there’s 30-days money-back guarantee ( or 7-days for monthly billed accounts).

But spoofing your location isn’t just about accessing locked content.

Our Verdict

Time taken to establish a connection (Seconds) Average Time: With each referral, you can get an additional 100MB. You should also take note of the countries in which the VPN provider does business.

A VPN service essentially creates a secure VPN tunnel between its secure server and your computer machine. Of course, this is offset a little by the fact that the yearly subscription is good value and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. More like sky blue. However, it needs to improve the network of server locations to remain competitive in the industry. Now you can connect to the internet in a safe and anonymous manner, free from any restrictions or censorship that your geographical location might impose! We can’t recall too many antivirus companies who have moved into the VPN industry. Experts will be frustrated by the lack of configuration options, though, and the inability to use the service on routers or with anything other than the official apps. If you wish to know more about these countries and the legal and illegal use of VPNs in general, you can read all about it in this article.

  • I got a unlimited flat for Okay Freedom VPN for 1 year.
  • In our case, we managed to unblock Netflix US (by using an East Coast server) and BBC iPlayer (by using a server in London).
  • Although the actual number of servers is not specified, I am guessing it’s around that 20+ figure.
  • We were able to watch US Netflix via the Americas connection, though.
  • The organization might be slightly too public to be a VPN company.

Private Internet Access vs PureVPN vs CyberGhost

To get a broader view of how Freedome compares to others, we did a speed test using servers in 3 different continents – America, Europe and Asia. If the VPN was established by people known in the information security community, it is more likely to be trustworthy. When you use the OkayFreedom VPN software download, you can freely access even the blocked videos in uncensored form. IP Leak tests were successful. F-Secure Freedome is one of the best VPNs that allow you to unblock Netflix in different countries. 00 5 13 20 0 0 0 A+ Self 3.

Other than this, they are highly focused on providing clients in a number of languages, and honestly it’s a good way to attract users who prefer using native language instead of foreign language. 11 Yes 45 Yes 7 Astrill Seychelles No No Yes Yes No No No Yes No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Some 0. There is also a neat looking moving globe. OpenVPN is one of the most used protocols. Payment can be made via: Also, there is no refund policy mentioned anywhere on the website. Additionally, being part of a US-based firm means that TunnelBear, which is based in Canada, is subject to US consumer-privacy protections. This is limiting.

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The annual plan that covers three devices kicks in at $39. If you go through these steps, you’ll be protected by a VPN. The manufacturer lists the new version as offering the following features:

For starters, F-Secure will collect different user data based on where you might download or purchase. After the VPN turns ON, you can also select the option to turn ON the protection features automatically. While the data would move quicker at a 128-bit encryption, the added security is often worth the tradeoff.

The VPN connection will encrypt your data traffic, making it much more difficult for hackers and other parties to intercept and view it. Before we start our review, let’s take a few moments to introduce you to some of the most important aspects of this VPN. On the tech side of things, a well-intentioned VPN provider may read the same philosophy books you like, but ultimately may not be competent in implementing reliable, secure internet infrastructure. However, the provider does not have a huge server spread like other VPNs such as PureVPN or NordVPN. Mac users have the same need for online privacy as those using Windows. Stability/issues fixed, this means it beams data directly to your devices (plus, it looks like a spaceship). OkayFreedom does not save any logs, in this term the service is reliable. It's flanked by stats showing how much of your Web traffic has been protected, how many malicious sites have been blocked, and how many attempts to track your online activity have been thwarted. When I started down the path of retaking my own privacy, there was very little unbiased and reliable information with regard to VPNs.

Surf Safe And Untracked

In 2020, Preston Alexander McWaters made a hoax bomb threat and the IP address he used was traced back to Private Internet Access VPN. Freedom-IP VPN is indeed a customized OpenVPN app. It has one of its own proprietary blacklist of phishing sites. To test Freedome VPN yourself for leaks and speed, visit ipleak. All of this will mean that hackers along with government surveillance departments and advertising companies will have to work harder to track down users. Because of this, the IP address shown to the internet will be changed. 99 per month (around $5. )

Does It Work With Netflix?

They have a 3-day free trial that helps you try their services before paying for them. But does it really about your privacy? AnchorFree has since offered annual transparency reports, although their value is still up to the reader. If you work from home, you should invest in a vpn…. Change your virtual location for extra privacy.

Never had any problem with speed even when i have encryption on. ExpressVPN Deal 3 months for free with a one-year subscription Visit ExpressVPN You can find out how to set up a VPN connection and what a VPN can do for you in the full article below. As soon as you click downloaded file on the bottom left corner of your browser, the installation process will start automatically. This needs further investigation and testing. However, when I download and launch this application, it gives me options to pay and won't connect. TO install the service all you have to do is accept the company’s terms and conditions and then begin the installation after you have signed up for the service via the official website.

Then, it offers secure VPN protocols and tough encryption, but it also collects plenty of anonymized data.

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Still, if you travel to Europe frequently or want a European persona (don't forget, laws for data collection and retention are much stricter in Europe than in the U. )However, they need to add more FAQs to cover all the information that a user may require. Speeds are rather slow, so don’t expect 4K streaming or seamless online gaming experience either. No monthly billing available. The main reason why the VPN makes your internet speeds slower is an encryption method a VPN uses. However, it is different for different platforms. Generally, you won’t even notice it’s activated, since it runs in the background of your device.

Moreover, the section provides answers related to different questions in detail. The guy is probably the most prominent person associated with VPNs. These are switched on by default, so you probably won't need to mess with them. It blocks all the applications and websites which try to track our device activity. One may record high connection time because of several reasons such as bad weather, authentication failure, server error, etc. I tried to connect to the customer support several times. However, this feature is not available on iOS due to restrictions in the way iOS is designed.

Pros and Cons of OkayFreedom VPN

When we first reviewed F-Secure Freedome, we found it remarkable that an antivirus company was moving into VPNs. Free iphone workshop: social distancing, sanitation tips & apps for staying connected. We test speeds with the VPN engaged through a server in Australia, and then again without the VPN for a baseline comparison. The VPN encrypts all the data that moves between your electronic device and the server so that no one can intercept it.

And best of all, no big noticeable drop off after connecting.

FREEDOME VPN comes with speedy performance. Be skeptical of a VPN offering a service that no one wants to stake their personal reputation on, or one that is run by a company that no one knows about. This VPN can automatically block tracking cookies that send your data back to their parent websites. There are many features such as browsing protection and tracking protecting which aids to safeguard the privacy of the users while browsing. It appears that the scripts that Your Freedom are running to protect themselves from spamming and other TOS violations are quite indiscriminate and paying for such a service puts you at risk to lose your money just one day after purchase. They are based on specific rules and crafted to be efficient in terms of security, reliability, speed, ports, tunneling methods and the systems they work with. F-Secure Freedome has three plans that vary depending on the number of devices you can connect simultaneously.

Freedom-IP has a ridiculously small amount of VPN servers (38), but these are spread in 30+ countries, enough for average global coverage. When you go for a stroll through the bustling lanes of public Wi-Fi, your VPN shields you from password pickpockets and keeps you out of unsafe areas. On the one hand, it does not provide extra security features that other VPNs like PIA does. You will that desktop clients enjoying the features most, however the story change as the Ivacy’s android app astonishingly capable, with the same connection modes (Streaming, Downloading, Unblocking), a connection list by country or city, split tunneling and kill switch. Setup was ultra-easy with no hassles at all. It is an affordable product. You might have the best antivirus software installed on your computer and maybe you even guard your Android with security apps. If being pressed into service as part of a botnet isn't enough to slow you down, free VPN services also usually pay for fewer servers.

In fact, most do log.

Technology Considerations

Similarly, you can get information about other platforms like Windows, Mac and iOS in a timely manner. If you use a VPN to, for example, download illegal files such as unofficial copies of movies and music, however, you’re most likely going against your local laws. You have to enable the VPN in the browser’s settings, and you can also select whether you want to continue seeing search results for your real location or the IP address you’re proxied to. That means your traffic is generally bouncing around longer between distant, over-crowded servers, or even waiting behind the traffic of paid users. When you have found a reliable VPN provider you can download and install their software. OPENVPN ERROR:

F-Secure Freedome download speed is enough to stream without any frustrating lags. If you seek a reliable, anonymous, fast, and versatile service, our best VPN list should help you make the right choice to protect yourself online. You can download the original (up-to-date) file using these links: A hacker will only see encrypted matter and won’t be able to see or use your personal information. We tested F-Secure on five different worldwide servers and found that only one of them worked. Install kodi vpn on windows, do not buy a subscription and simply expect any server to work, however. You can find cheaper and faster options, but the appeal of security is a definite selling point. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the advantages and possibilities of VPNs.

Is Torrenting Allowed?

The screenshot below was made from my premium account. It comes with no reports from the past about data leaks, breaches, or unauthorized data collection. If you would like to keep your credit card number from your commercial VPN provider, use a VPN provider that accepts bitcoin or gift cards, or use temporary or disposable credit card numbers. Let’s have a peek into their download page: It’s surprising because only 12 out of all 51 reviewed services were accessible. This is the safest option and it is also the most reliable one. We want to make it even better and are really eager to hear from our users. Opera’s VPN service uses the Norwegian company’s own server infrastructure and explicitly states that it does not log any information about your browsing activity or the IP address you connect from.

It prevents DNS and IPv4 leaks. NO matter how you look at it, this is one powerful piece of protection software. The very disadvantage of OkayFreedom VPN is their customer support.

There is no one-size-fits-all VPN.