‎Avast Secureline VPN Proxy on the App Store

‎Avast Secureline VPN Proxy on the App Store

That being said, Avast doesn’t offer a live chat support option and I wasn’t able to find a customer support email for the company. How to save money on flights with a vpn, put simply, a VPN kill switch kills your internet connection if it detects that your VPN's connection has failed. No ability to change or tweak the protocol (it's strictly OpenVPN-only), no kill switch, no DNS options, little more than the ability to connect when your system starts. It integrates well with Avast's antivirus software, but there's no way to make SecureLine VPN work with Linux, Chromebook computers or open-source routers. You will still have access to the customer service and the user interface is seen as easy to use even for a first time user. Other than the P2P server, users now can access tons of Live TV channels on Kodi, a free media player.

Avast also offers a phone line that you can call to get help with any technical issues that you run into. Information is available for beginners as well as advanced users. If you’ve been told that you need a virtual private network (VPN) to browse the web, send and receive e-mail messages, and stream videos, but you don’t know anything about VPNs, Avast SecureLine VPN is a great place to begin. If you already use Avast products, SecureLine VPN isn’t a bad choice.

Ook deze standalone software werkt zeer eenvoudig en is te downloaden wanneer je een abonnement afsluit voor deze VPN service.

As recently as in the first half of 2020, Avast SecureLine VPN allowed trying it out free of charge and without a bank card on Windows and macOS. There are other VPNs on the market currently ranking higher in online reviews. This, however, brings us to our most serious issue with this VPN:

And that’s it for the Avast VPN prices. The highest speed of the servers was observed in Europe. – maximizes the client.

  • All these features come at $6.
  • They safeguard the data, identity, and privacy of 435 million monthly active users.
  • There is no kill switch, protocols, or custom leak protection that would result in optimum privacy protection.
  • There’s also a menu on the left to filter them by location, for peer-to-peer or for streaming.


99 on the website. If you want to secure a PC or Mac, choose the $59. And if you’re an Avast user, you must have seen their VPN pop-ups appear when trying to access restricted content. As soon as you install the file and it begins to run on your computer, Avast can start collecting data to target you with ads.

  • You can change the location of your country by choosing a different server from the list provided.
  • The service logs the IP address of the user as well as IP address of the destination server.
  • Daar kun je vervolgens simpelweg op connect klikken om verbinding te maken met de VPN server die het dichts in de buurt staat.
  • At the time of the testing, there was no problem accessing and watching video streams on Netflix while using Avast VPN which is pretty rare for VPNs because Netflix blocks them in order to prevent people accessing videos which aren’t available in their geographic location.
  • This way none of the user’s data reaches the internet without the safety of the VPN.

Tech support by Avast

A kill-switch automatically stops the internet traffic if the VPN connection drops. If you're not willing to pay up right away, SecureLine has a seven-day free trial period that is mercifully ad-free and mostly free of irritating upsell reminders. You can choose to start up the program and connect automatically every time you boot up your computer so that you will stay protected at all times. Avast claims a lot of things; faster speeds is one of the rocking stones.

A seven-day free trial is also offered to allow you to test the software. Another one appeared, however. These server logs information include: The biggest downside – it is usually quite slow and won’t be a good fit for fans of streaming services and torrents.

Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Showtime and Hulu. However, when we downloaded a 428MB video file while connected to SecureLine VPN, it took a slow 14 minutes and 21 seconds — a 376 percent slowdown from the non-VPN time of 3: Supported protocols: The traceable information that normal browsing broadcasts isn’t just a threat to your privacy, but your security as well, especially in certain situations: Still, the whole point of a VPN is to provide you anonymity and security, so your identity and data aren’t compromised in any way. One subsidiary of Avast was recently caught selling browser history data of free Avast antivirus users to other parties. 99 or for three years for $219.

Is this a decent provider?

What is Avast SecureLine VPN?

How to use Avast VPN? For example, you can only use one protocol, depending on which operating system you use OpenVPN on Windows and IPSec on Mac computers and Macbooks. First and foremost, when we tested SecureLine on a Windows 10 PC, we noticed that running it had a minimal effect on the overall performance of the system. Watch your favorite streaming media wherever you are. Access to this VPN for Android, iPhone, or iPad is $19. However, Avast promises to remind you about it 7 days in advance: On the bottom of the screen, you will see the VPN that you are connected to.

Therefore you can unblock content from these countries. 82% of our original speed, respectively. In case you have trouble finding a solution to a problem or the answer to a question you have online, you can post your queries in the Avast Support forum – namely, in the SecureLine section of the forum. This basically disqualifies this VPN as a good choice for torrenting. Avast’s mobile apps have a similar look and feel to the desktop version. This is how antivirus subscriptions are sold, but it makes no sense to do this with VPN services. 99, you can purchase the VPN service for use on one PC.

Avast VPN for Netflix

D/L Speed Link NordVPN 17. Cryptocurrencies are not accepted. Avast VPN offers: This is not the case if you download and install the desktop trial version. You can call and receive a free consultation, but the technical experts will then charge a hefty fee if you want them to help you fix your problem. Additionally, Avast SecureLine VPN, even with its excellent encryption, doesn’t fully keep you safe. The mobile apps are equally clean and responsive, with almost the same interface as their desktop counterparts.

The service is a good choice for any novice VPN user, but for someone with VPN experience who wants to keep traffic and personal data and internet usage safe, Avast SecureLine VPN simply won’t compare to other all-around premium providers like the Express VPN (My personal favourite). There are options to receive alerts when the VPN is turned on and off, start SecureLine when the computer is turned on, start SecureLine when connected to the internet, and activate the kill switch. During my testing of the locations for streaming, this issue happened roughly once every hour. This will open the first screen of a small SecureLine VPN tutorial. There is also software available that only gives access to the VPN functionality. When I look for the fastest VPNs, download speeds are my main consideration. Malware and viruses will infiltrate and damage your devices rendering them completely useless and will cause harm to you and your data.

Kill switch for added protection when the connection is lost: In addition, it has decent speeds, no DNS leaks, killswitch, good server spread, and above all, a user-friendly interface. United kingdom, cyberGhost offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. To use the software, you just have to download, install, launch, and enter the activation code that is emailed to you. Much like the desktop interface, all it takes to connect to a server is just one tap. You shouldn’t have to worry about employers, advertisers, governments, or your own ISP snooping on what you do online. It cannot be used on Mac devices or on mobile devices.

You may find that your speed is better if you switch to a server that is located near where you are at the time.

Free Alternative Apps

When you're connected to a VPN, it creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the VPN company's server. Their simple interface lets you connect to your chosen server with the click of a button, and you can even have the app try to find the most optimal server location based on your current location. When connected to regular servers, the fastest we saw was 89 Mbps. A vpn that works with every add-on and device, ivacy has a dedicated add-on similar to PureVPN and uses the strongest encryption i. It's a bare-bones VPN for beginners that hides your IP address and encrypts your connection. Of course, if you’re into customization, Avast Secureline has got your back. Pricing – How much does Avast VPN cost? While a true VPN shouldn’t keep any kind of logs, not even connection or bandwidth logs, these types of logs are usually harmless and even if a VPN collects them it won’t compromise your privacy in any major way. Frequent travelers know how slow hotel Wi-Fi connections can be, so it’s important to have a VPN that won’t weigh down your speeds even further.

That said, I think it is useful to try to figure out if a company views customer support as a cost or as an investment. At the same time, all the parameters (payment methods and the choice of the subscription duration) on the website and in the app are identical. Avast is headquartered in the Czech Republic and has a clear logging policy across its VPN service, which explicitly states that, although network performance and connection logs are retained, it does not log activity “such as the websites you visit, what data is transferred, and which IP addresses are accessed. No activity logs – no logs of your online traffic.

No DNS/WebRTC Leaks

Compared to other VPN services, this number of VPN servers is rather limited. Since this is our first connection to the SecureLine VPN network, we first have to allow it to establish a VPN tunnel. When you launch SecureLine VPN, you’re greeted with a simple dashboard.

For many people, this product is their first introduction to the VPN phenomenon. Avast is a large company that offers good antivirus solutions. 5 best android emulators for linux in 2020, either UDP or TCP ports, they are all functioning perfectly regardless of what you plan on doing. Speeds were a little slower on our test iPad, with drop-offs of 7. This is possible if you set it to customize Avast wireframe automatically. It is also interesting to note that Avast has servers in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, and in the United States and the United Kingdom. The price of the subscription changes based on the number of devices you want to secure. Selecting a server in a different location is simple, and changing settings is straightforward.

The total speed was quite high in all locations. If you’d like to wade through them, here are the results from every speed test I performed: It’s very ideal for VPN newbies. Meanwhile, macOS users can also use IPSec protocol. Most people will find the number of servers and locations more than enough to meet their needs. Have a look at the comparison between PureVPN and Avast Secureline VPN and check out their key difference. 60 days is definitely enough to learn all about the pros and cons of the provider but you have to remember that your money will be withdrawn if you don’t cancel the subscription. Avast, the company behind SecureLine, is headquartered in the Czech Republic.

  • OpenVPN runs over UDP, which allows for a bit more speed when streaming and/or torrenting.
  • All the IPv6 requests are blocked, and the client supports IPv4.
  • Many customers have also complained that the software does not support advanced features such as kill switch.
  • 99), 2 years ($59.
  • Een kill switch zorgt ervoor dat al het internet geblokkeerd wordt wanneer de VPN verbinding om wat voor reden dan ook onderbroken wordt.
  • The attention of people towards data security grew tremendously after the recent privacy breaches and leaks came into light.

How To Use Avast VPN On Windows?

It should also be noted that 10% of the total reviews of Avast VPN have a bad rating. That is something Avast SecureLine understands. Let’s see whether Avast VPN offers unlimited torrenting? For some regions in the UK and the US, the speed level was not enough to watch Netflix, Hulu, and other services in high quality. This app does one thing well; it encrypts your connection and disguises your location. (50), but Windows and Mac licenses are more expensive at an annual $50 ($65), or the equivalent of $4. In this case, your default order is a 1-year plan, which you can’t change.

In the settings menu, users can switch between the available encryption protocols and “tell” the VPN to automatically kick in whenever you’re trying to connect to the public (and unsecured) Wi-Fi networks. It will not allow to leak your data at any situation. You can also install the VPN as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Unfortunately I didn’t have much success streaming content from Netflix. The countries that Avast SecureLine VPN currently has servers in include: Sounds ridiculous? You’ll also need to provide your payment details. This includes: There are also three option to protect yourself when you are connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi. Avast for Windows, Avast for Mac, Avast for Android, and Avast for iOS. My mark is 4 out for 5 for a user-friendly interface.

Good Security, But No Advanced Features

SecureLine's download performance was middling in this round of testing. If absolute anonymity is a must, we can’t advise you to use Avast SecureLine. They provide a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee for new accounts. Basically, it’s an auto-renew service to make sure that you’ll never browse without a VPN. Since VPNs are quite literally a middle-man for your Internet connection, speed & performance are going to inherently suffer some. I continued testing Avast’s speed (along with five other VPN services) over the next few weeks (including after I got my internet speed sorted out), and found Avast’s speeds in the middle of the range.

There are other combinations between a number of devices and the months and years which you can explore too. Fastest vpn works on:, some sell your data, some show you ads, some are freemium versions of paid VPNs. I decided to put Avast SecureLine VPN to the test when it came to their security to see just how well you would be protected. While it only provides three servers and protection for one single device, privacy and speed are quite impressive. We further tried to connect via email but didn’t find any contact point.


The collection of data on the official website is mostly for of improving the service and monitoring the user behavior on the website. We began by trying to access US-only YouTube content, and the results were a surprise. It is surprising for the company that developed one of the best antivirus products. But I found out that – similar to web hosting – there is no such thing as a “best VPN provider”. And again, the more you pay, the bigger the discount is. Although it is perfectly normal to expect a slowing down of your internet connection when using a VPN, with Avast SecureLine the latency actually improved.

The wise thing to do would be to customize the solution for your special needs, employee skill levels, budget, and other factors.

Other VSTs may offer a little more security through additional features and options, and Avast’s inclusion of adware is disappointing. The servers optimized for viewing Netflix streams or others are located in the UK and the US. You can adjust the location by clicking “Change location”. µtorrent, you're still connecting to their service from your own IP, and they can log that. What is Their Logging Policy? This has the potential to be annoying.

Pricing and Features

This contrasts with the statement that they do not keep any logs, and we also find this unacceptable with a VPN service when you want to use it for your privacy. Onze snelheid zakte van 60 Mbit/s naar 30 Mbit/s. Avast has developed good apps for smartphones and tablets for Android and iOS. We also managed to stream Netflix Germany, but Canada, France, and Japan served us with the well-known proxy error. Along with a toggle switch that turns the VPN on and off, there’s an option to change the location that appears to others. Compared to the rivals, Avast is a bit pricy, especially given the fact that it’s not as feature-packed as, say, NordVPN. I don’t list exact pricing in this section, as most VPN providers change their pricing structure or offer special deals on a regular basis. Superfast vpn servers, plus there's 49% off the normal price. The speed is excellent.

For free users, it offers a quick, safe and easy way to begin streaming or downloading online and for a very minimal fee, you are able to upgrade the speeds and options of the VPN.

Sadly, Avast doesn’t offer Split Tunneling. However, there is no live chat or customer support service through email, which can be a huge drawback for some. In it, you can either choose a free trial or buy a subscription. The server list is easily accessible and a single tap on any server name will automatically initiate a connection to it.

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a built-in browser feature enabled by default in some of the major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

For a fair comparison, we have included in this review the costs per month that you pay when you take out a one-year subscription. Then again, Avast VPN works with all major platforms and devices and can be run simultaneously on up to five devices. When you surf the internet, your IP address and system information are sent along with each packet.

The company promises never to track the apps you use, the websites you visit, or the content you consume.

  • Although it does provide security for all your devices, you must pay for a separate license for each device.
  • So does Facebook, even if you didn’t get to those websites through a Facebook link.
  • You are immediately given the option to purchase the product or apply for their seven-day free trial here (link to Avast).
  • We’re delighted to see that Avast has added a kill switch, though, and its registration-free seven-day trial is a useful addition.
  • Dit gebeurde terwijl we verbinding hadden met een server in Amsterdam, geografisch de dichtstbijzijnde server.

Ad Blocking: Not included

3 Mbps (drop-off 99%) Ping: The country is not among the 14-Eyes and has strict privacy laws. But if we ever get close, we can quickly extend our capacity virtually by tapping into a network of trusted partners across the world.

The team working on SecureLine made sure that even the most inexperienced users could start using it from the get-go. So let’s look at some of the positives first. We are interested only in those that are related to its VPN. Download atom vpn for pc using bluestacks, most however will sell user data or provide a something to a third party that will, again, compromise your privacy. A VPN that keeps logs of your activity can be forced to give away information about your online activity to law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and other groups. Nothing found, it’s as clean as it gets.