AVG Secure VPN 2020 1 PC 1 Year

AVG Secure VPN 2020 1 PC 1 Year

There are various locations you can choose from, as AVG Secure VPN comes with support for VPN servers from all around the world, on all continents. Performance is pretty good with a minimal impact on download speeds. It provides military-grade encryption while you browse the web so no one can trace your activities. AVG Secure VPN 2020 keeps you hidden online. Once you switch on AVG Secure VPN and connect your Windows device to the internet you’re instantly protected. You can only pay through credit and debit card, or PayPal. This is only made scarier since “VPN Data” is a very broad term so it could mean a lot of things. We don’t track traffic so if we get asked?

This lack of flexibility carries over to their tunneling protocols. As a result, you can enjoy secure and private access to any site on the anywhere, at anytime. But does the VPN worth paying for? However, what about AVG Secure VPN? The support section does have some limited FAQs for the AVG VPN apps, offering setup assistance, troubleshooting information and links to AVG’s community forum. Security – Is AVG Secure VPN Safe?

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Is AVG Secure VPN worth the money? 99 – meaning $6. It also greatly reduces connection speed. Like many different VPNs, AVG makes use of AES-256 encryption and Open VPN on UDP protocol. This VPN file is for PC and won't work on your iOS.

Taking into consideration that this VPN handed information about its user, it may be assumed that AVG VPN is not safe as well.

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Have a look at the pricing of AVG Secure VPN for various plans: So is there anything that makes this VPN stand out? Peer-to-peer connections are allowed, although not across all servers. This was confirmed by their customer support. The sale support will then notify you that their refund team will process the request and, on a successful submission, will email you the process in the next three days. It’s super easy to download the VPN free of charge on your device.

Well done to AVG for their transparency! The paid version of the software allows users to protect up to five devices at the same time, while the application can be used on devices supporting Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Based on our scan system, we have determined that these flags are possibly false positives. The server network of AVG VPN is not so wide, that’s why I didn’t expect to see impressive speed test results. However, the results that followed were still quite bad. AVG is best-known for its antivirus product. Since AVG was bought out by Avast, its legal and logging position is the same as that of its new parent company: AVG Secure VPN has clients for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

The AVG website has not been updated with a support section for its VPN service, and a user must reach out for help with the VPN through the website’s support request form. The free trials are also great if you’d like to run some tests of your own. Browsing with your VPN turned on will change your IP address, which often triggers a warning from service providers like Gmail or Live Mail. However, the choice of the servers that support such kind of connection is limited. This file is for Android and won't work on your PC. Search:, surprisingly, Avast VPN turned out to have one of the lowest speed drops in the industry, easily making it one fastest VPNs in the industry. These special servers can easily be found in the Streaming tab of your client: US Netflix worked perfectly via the VPN, although we weren’t able to use BBC iPlayer when connected to a UK endpoint.

The parent company of the VPN is Avast Software S.


AVG products are subject to the privacy policy of Avast, and it’s a bit of a mess. On the one hand, that means that we can access blocked or censored sites in our country and, on the other, that our real identity will never be revealed when accessing a server. For testing, we used free web service by Ookla. Spotflux, * Hotspot Shield is not compatible with Android OS 3. AVG, as you probably already know, is one of the companies with the best reputation in terms of computer security. Meaning you can enjoy your favourite shows and subscription sites anytime, anywhere. The AVG Secure VPN app automatically selects the server that is providing the best connection speeds, with the chosen server varying as the user’s location changes.

With a range of products so wide, it would be easy for AVG to fail on delivering a good VPN solution across the board. A VPN secures your connection on free Wi-Fi so you can even transfer money safely. The good news: I was managed to download free software for my Windows PC without giving this information.

If you want a simple on/off VPN for occasional use then it's easy to use but if you ever need to tweak the settings you can't. This also means you can’t run your own VPN configuration via third-party clients – in other words, it’s either the AVG apps or nothing. However, how to know for sure which of them are worth using? While this may not be a consideration for many users, those who are particularly privacy-conscious may wish to look at no-logging services such as Private Internet Access an alternative. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as we find the user interface very straightforward and clear. The VPN’s protection of public Wi-Fi connections was strong overall, protecting users and VPN testers from potential hacks and malware. Safely surf the web at any coffee shop, airport, or park Disguise Your Location: What happens if you install the VPN and want to remove it completely from your PC?

Just remember the speed you’re getting is still dreadfully slow.

Fast, Easy and Just a Little More Secure

AVG covers the basics well, but a closer look reveals some serious drawbacks. AVG Secure VPN has servers in 35 countries, ranging from commonly available locations like the U. It doesn’t work with PPTP but it still doesn’t provide enough alternatives for when a user wants to switch protocols.

For more info, visit netflix.

AVG Secure VPN 1.10.765 for Windows

Please click on Cancel and try again. In addition to surfing anonymously, AVG Secure VPN enables you to switch your location to a different country. It uses OpenVPN, but clients are only available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, with no alternative configuration instructions for other operating systems or hardware such as routers.

The main dashboard contains a button to either connect or disconnect the VPN and an option to pick the location. Not all reviews will be published. AVG Secure VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Worst of all, it's slow to connect to websites, really slow. Do we recommend AVG Secure VPN?

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(99 per month). In this regard, I’m glad to offer other VPN services that are truly robust and reliable. If the issue persists, contact AVG Support. Or you can use the free trial and when it expires pay for a subscription. If you want your review to be accepted, please write a helpful, informative and unique review - either positive or negative. Thanks to this software, you will be able to protect your activities on the web. I’m always interested in hearing your own opinions on the product.

AVG customer support has also confirmed in the past that the VPN can’t be used in China. V systems and x-vpn revamp tcp/ip to launch blockchain-powered internet protocol. After all, the first reason for getting the VPN is security and anonymity on the Web. In fact, the upload speed improved!


Nevertheless, what really distinguishes AVG’s customer service is the fact it also provides remote desktop support, which allows for direct assistance through your desktop – particularly for those that aren’t so technically proficient. More available servers is always better when you’re looking to bypass geoblocks. The app pops up notifications to advise you when the VPN connection is lost or established but they're so slow to appear they're usually redundant by the time you see them.

This antivirus file is for Mac and won't work on your PC. If you’ve already paid for a subscription and wish to opt out of it, asking for a refund within the allotted time is easily done. That said, AVG Secure VPN wasn’t very impressive on its Melbourne location: 69 % 69% Decent AVG Secure VPN is a simple product which does its main job – protects user on the unsecured public Wi-Fi. In terms of customer service, AVG doesn’t offer many options unless you are willing to pay $79 per single session. When looking at the quality of customer support, the response time for said service must come first.

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Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie eine korrekte Frage eingegeben haben. The same happened with the US New York streaming server: This is one of the application’s strongest aspects. There is also a phone number for the user in the US (1-844-234-6038) and in the UK (0800-085-4139) which promises a free consultation. Notably, there’s no kill switch to automatically suspend internet traffic if the VPN does down unexpectedly, which is a major issue for users who need solid privacy. It uses OpenVPN and UDP protocols for Windows and IPSec for Mac, but users cannot choose which protocol they want to use. It is able to halt your traffic in order to prevent your personal data from leakage.

Accessing VPNs such as AVG Secure VPN provides users with the means to consume online content in other countries. Log in, the choice is not as easy as you think as there are countless choices out there. AVG Secure VPN keeps it that way. AVG Secure VPN doesn’t make any big claims about it being the best or fastest VPN around, but it does promise to secure your WiFi with “military-grade encryption” and enable private browsing anywhere.

That said, popular streaming sites are constantly looking to block VPN connections. This file is for iOS and won't work on your Mac. The response takes up to an hour or two, but there is a reply nonetheless. This puts it among the most expensive services we’ve reviewed. Please enter a number less than or equal to 1,922. This antivirus file is for Android and won’t work on your machine.

AVG is not a free VPN, but it offers its customers a free trial for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS users.

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1 GHz Intel/AMD CPU or higher. The client’s home screen shows you your location and a large, friendly button to enable and disable the VPN. AVG Internet Security is an antivirus suite that protects your computer against malware infection, while AVG Secure VPN protects your online identity and activity from prying eyes. 400+ servers in 80+ locations, the feature it has over the competition is a super cheap price. However, an unusual 30-day free trial, which doesn’t require you to even create an account, means that you’ll have plenty of time to assess whether it meets your needs. However, when asked a certain question that’s too technical, they will do either of the following:

While AVG anti-virus was free in the past, AVG’s VPN solution is squarely within the premium price range when compared to other VPNs. The 15 best document scanner apps for android devices in 2020. AVG Secure VPN is not a simplistic VPN provider. Moreover, it goes further that those third parties undertake maintenance of AVG users’ personal information. The VPN offers 5 multi-logins, several torrent-friendly servers, and a 7-day free trial. 0 or later and iOS 9. There were some security concerns with this service, however. ■ True privacy – An encrypted connection means nobody can track what you do online. This antivirus file is for iOS and won’t work on your machine.

Well, not quite. This antivirus file is for Mac and won't work on your iOS. The dedicated Privacy Policy for AVG Secure VPN (that’s where you land when you click on the link in the product interface) says they do not actively monitor what you are doing and sharing, but when AVG receives a complaint about misuse they will investigate it. 25 Mbps download speed. If speed is your top priority, is another premium pick – it’s a little more expensive, but in return, you get the fastest speeds on the market. Fortunately, AVG Secure VPN is headquartered in the Czech Republic, away from the gaze of the 14-Eyes.

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AVG offered a great anti-virus software solution for free in the early days of the internet. What about split tunneling or switching between OpenVPN UDP/TCP? For reference, here are the results without a VPN: The knowledge base and ticket system can give you the info you’re looking for, but there are no alternatives to the quick replies live chat usually offers. I used an IP leak test to found out that they are located in New York and England respectively.


That includes your favourite sites, shows and subscription services all with uncensored access. First of all, heading over to their website will show this result: Its desktop client can also be integrated with AVG’s other products if you use them. Tutorials are also available for more practical issues like installing or uninstalling a product, how to activate it, and the like. VPN services featured in earlier versions of this article have either decided to offer trial accounts limited to a shorter time period, or they’ve switched to offering money-back guarantees instead. AVG Secure VPN Free Download System Requirements:

The chat support is not immediately available once you enter their website, but it can be easily accessed through their “contact us” page and heading to sale support.

Uninstalling Your New Software

Of course, we’ll stay on the lookout for the best 30-day free trial VPNs – and we’ll make sure to update this article as soon as we find any viable options. (49 per month). The trial version is available for seven days and includes the same features as the paid subscription. Its shady privacy policy leaves the question unanswered. There are also servers that allow downloading torrent files safely. Connecting to the VPN and switching servers is as easy as it gets, whether you’re on your computer, tablet, or phone.

It offers a plethora of features, with some features offering much more benefits than others. Other VPN products usually don’t offer a free trial and if they do, it’s just for a couple of days or requires a credit card. That’s not the case with AVG, so give it try by clicking on the button below. It's happening almost weekly. There are two things this VPN is good at – providing basic wi-fi protection and unblocking popular content like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. The following tests only showed the severe lack in speed for AVG Secure VPN. It’s slow, doesn’t provide enough features and compatibility. 49 per month (the price if pay for two years in advance).

You will be automatically charged once your trial period ends. AVG stores the user’s IP address when connecting and disconnecting to the VPN as well as the amount of data transmitted during the session. It typically offers freeware, earning revenues from advertisers and from users that upgrade to paid versions for access to more features. Does AVG Secure VPN Keep Logs? You can enable/disable auto-connect when connected to unsecured Wi-Fi or enable/disable Windows systray notifications.

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AVG Secure VPN is a secure tool for online browsing. Best for quick hotspot shield security. This file is for Mac and won't work on your iOS. The app allows selecting between numerous languages as well. For macOS, on the other hand, AVG Secure VPN can be installed on machines running Apple macOS 10. AVG’s infrastructure seems to be pretty good as we saw only a low impact on connection speeds during our testing. Read testing the VPN for IP leaks to know if there are any IP leaks. In this regard, I tested AVG Secure for IP leaks and speed.

It means Kill Switch is in-build. Pros and cons of the VPN in sum: You can click the switch to automatically connect to an optimized server location. On the surface, AVG Secure VPN seems like it’s going to provide topnotch service since they come with a few positives. Individuals should have no worries regarding their online activity as the software uses three different protocols: After this they will be notified of the trial’s end, and will need to purchase an annual subscription to continue using the VPN. AVG Secure VPN is the ultimate network software for your Windows operating systems.

99 annual price being the baseline default.


This article by Wired explains that AVG has the power to sell your browsing data to third parties. Well, when you connect VPN software for Windows it give you one of IP address instead of your own (your IP is the unique code that identifies your device). Our team performs checks each time a new file is uploaded and periodically reviews files to confirm or update their status. So you can watch your favourite shows, and subscription sites anytime, anywhere without any restrictions. The small number of P2P servers is a potential issue if they become too crowded during peak hours. To help you with that, I am going to provide information about AVG Secure VPN. Is AVG Secure VPN Compatible with My Device?

This file is for Android and won't work on your Mac. This VPN file is for iOS and won't work on your Android. You’ll quickly see why all the bright features of AVG Secure VPN are trumped by the negatives of the service. Find more info at https: There are two options:

AVG Secure VPN , however, is as light as VPN software can be while still being an impressive application. AVG Secure VPN has a community support page that answers whatever question you have about the service. Once the app is launched, you can manage your subscriptions and see their intended payment plan: The benefits of using a VPN application are obvious:

AVG TuneUp 2020 Unlimited Devices – 1 Year

For testing, I used their Taiwan server and ran the app through the following tests: In this regard, AVG Secure VPN is far from being trustworthy in terms of privacy. Troubleshooting tips, , fake services offered by hackers) as well as providers with questionable practices (i. Avast was a victim of hackers that compromised CCleaner. AVG Secure Search is also advertised to users of the free versions of AVG products. A virtual private network can hide your real IP address by rerouting your Internet traffic. Plus, out of those 29 cities 7 are located in the US.

When you connect you use the same IP address as other users. The privacy policy goes on to say that no details of your browsing activity are stored or monitored while using the VPN. As soon as you turn your VPN on for safe browsing, the software will offer you two options: Does AVG Secure VPN work with Netflix?

AVG Secure VPN & Proxy for iPhone & iPad helps you stay safer and protect your identity and information while connected to the internet.

Similar to the streaming servers, you can find all suitable P2P picks in a separate tab: The fastest server was in Germany, but we were surprised by Russia as that’s a location where we usually see a big impact. Without a VPN service, you could be vulnerable to cybercriminals, hackers, advertisers and even your internet service provider. The FAQ section is rather general, but at least provides some technical details about the product like the protocols and encryption used and minimum system requirements. This VPN file is for PC and won't work on your Android.