Avira Phantom VPN Review

Avira Phantom VPN Review

The three things the free version lacks are unlimited bandwidth, an internet kill switch, and tech support. TunePat Netflix Video Downloader 1. According to Avira, their VPN servers do not store any data. People who pay for Avira get the kill switch that automatically ends a browsing session if the VPN should become unavailable. However, if you only want to subscribe to the Phantom VPN, Avira’s privacy policy is quite attractive. ” It also tracks the total amount of data you use.

(China), and while the system confirmed the successful connection, the speed test revealed that our actual virtual location was in the U. In this section, you’ll learn about protocols, encryption, logging policy and other features offered by the provider. The monthly payment for 5 devices starts at $8. Only 500 MB will be protected. That’s barely enough to cover your work, home, and cell devices.

  • Besides, it works almost with all popular operating systems such as Windows, Android, iOS and Mac.
  • 00 per month, users also can get a yearly subscription for $62.
  • We have to say that we were surprised by how helpful and useful this VPN can be.
  • Note that your experience with a VPN will likely differ greatly from mine.
  • VPNs give you anonymity by replacing your real IP address with one of their own.

– Select new virtual location. We perform these checks in order to decide whether the service that’s been provided to you is as safe as advertised, and after we get security out of the way, we can start focusing on the speed aspect as well. Supposedly, Avira allowed downloading a torrent file of Ubuntu. Download information, to create VPN on Mac, you need to use a VPN service that provides access to its servers through which a safe VPN connection is established. But you will not get any technical support, if you have some problems with the server.

Speed tests will be carried out on Netflix’s fast.

Your Privacy With Avira Phantom VPN

P2P is allowed and not limited to specific servers. Supported protocols: As mentioned above, the only way you can launch the Avira Phantom VPN client on your computer is through the Avira application, which acts as a launcher, or an app manager of some sort, that also holds details about the devices you’re using their services on and the licenses you own. Anyone who chooses not to pay for Avira Phantom VPN will not have the advantage of an automatic kill switch that protects them in the event that their VPN service becomes unavailable. They say it enables them control the costs of providing VPN infrastructure and to continue providing Phantom VPN free of charge.

So, make sure to join us as we’re about to review Avira Phantom VPN Pro – from the inside out! (35) billed monthly, $3. Speed, 200+ | Server locations:. This is to protect you from cyber fraudsters, hackers, nosy neighbours and monitoring from government. It is safe to assume that Avira Phantom VPN does not support P2P activities. Avira 2020 Phantom Vpn Pro Kuyhaa - Avira 2020 Download And that's. If people want to have similar coverage without the data restrictions and a few helpful extras, then it’s wise to go with Phantom VPN Pro, which is the paid version of the service. In addition, those who provide an email address get 1GB of VPN service for free. The company provides OpenVPN protocol as well as AES 256-bit encryption.

Once the client is installed, it is very easy to use.

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The word “VPN” became very popular recently. The company offers a broad range of various products and Avira Phantom VPN is one of the most popular. Network speed, aside from telling you how to choose a VPN router, we are also going to give you a few product suggestions as well. Happily, Avira no longer automatically installs its former Client Dashboard software; this change streamlines the entire process nicely. If you want to use Avira free VPN download it on the official website for Windows or in Play Store of your portable gadget.

However, users are bound to see a drastic reduction in data transfer rates whenever they turn on this VPN.

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As you can see, this VPN comes with a nicely designed set of features – with numerous tools designed to prevent leaks and hide your identity. So how did Avira fare? Both versions can be downloaded from their respected app stores, and if you are a premium user, you can access the free tech support right from your mobile.

BBC iPlayer is blocked as well and we don’t expect much success on other streaming platforms either.

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They also have a blog site and social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and others. Instead, we have to swap emails back and forth over a multi-day period to get a simple answer that would only take two seconds to normally answer. We find Avira’s support page to be a bit of a mess. You can also contact email or phone support and get a helpful and prompt answer from Avira’s friendly staff. Paid plan users will get access to phone and mail support in multiple languages. Phantom VPN is easy to use but its interface could be smoother by automating some clicks. After swapping another round of emails, they came back with: You have two variants of working with Avira VPN for free:

We were glad to see DNS leak protection and a working kill switch. Limevpn pro, vPN Use Cases – Why You Should Consider a VPN? All of these websites were unblocked with ease, and we managed to stream HD content as well. It’s worth noting that Avira Phantom VPN’s free version comes without the fail-safe functionality.

It’s a well-known fact that many users are looking for the perfect VPN service, the one that can anonymize their protection (and keep it that way) without logging a lot of data about them (or none, if possible), while also giving them insane connection speeds, unlocking everything there is to unlock (bypassing geo-restriction and not only) and being a cheap service, to begin with. Are there any specific features that are especially practical for the industry you operate in? (38) billed annually. Best for general users, that would be either NordVPN or ExpressVPN. First of all, you are provided a means to enjoy the service for free.

  • Therefore, we can conclude that P2P may be an option, but not with all servers.
  • But this part is optional, so you can toggle your own settings inside the VPN client.
  • (99) a month, again billed monthly.
  • This is very good, as most VPN services limit contact support to email and ticket services.
  • If hiding your geographic location is critical, then having more servers from which to choose means better spoofing abilities as well.


Go there for details about competing products and how we tested them. Free users get no further help, but if you've paid for Phantom VPN Pro then you can get support via phone or email. What I also like about this service is that you can avoid censorship using different geographical locations, setting your Internet connection this way as you are in another place. Unfortunately, some of these install files you rely on can carry trojans and other malware. Another criterion that customers use to decide whether a VPN service is good for them is whether it features torrenting support. However, as you’d expect, you cannot have all the goodies in a free version, not when there is also a paid version in the market. Avira’s Phantom VPN has a basic design which only encrypts the data and changes your IP address. Jurisdiction – Is Avira Phantom located in a 5-eyes country?

We were told that they offer 39 server locations and that they can’t disclose any other information related to their server network. This means that individuals looking for complete online anonymity should probably find a VPN that comes from an exotic country with privacy-friendly laws. Hola free vpn proxy unblocker, pIA installs quickly and easily, so you can avoid the initial annoyance many VPN users have as they try to download the product. That’s literally all you need to know in order to use this VPN app on your Windows.

How can you use Avira Phantom VPN?

This makes the Avira server more than 10 times faster than the usual VPN provider. For an original download and upload speed of 9. DNS Leak Test: Not only have you created an Avira account, but you’ve also purchased a subscription for Avira Phantom VPN. The free version limits customers to just 500 MB per month.

Avira has developed custom software to help you get the most out of their Phantom VPN service. The speed reductions were worse here than those we saw with the US. Hola free vpn, however, this is where you’ll encounter a problem since VPNs usually require personal information along with your payment information, even to access their trial versions. It’s easy and time-efficient to download the client for any operating system. 17464 Free Download Portable Download. (17 per month at TunnelBear) offers an excellent browser plug-in to handle these issues, as well as its own password manager. Apparently, when running VPN software, surfing the net was much slower than surfing without VPN.

With a VPN, you can jump those invisible borders to see how the other half lives, or to continue watching your own shows while traveling.


Currently in their server network, only one country (Brazil) represents the whole of South America, while the whole of Africa and the Middle East is conspicuously missing. When in this app, you can switch server locations with the mere click of a button. It doesn’t work in China as the Chinese Central force has blocked it. Sophisticated users may note that there is a lack of choice when it comes to VPN protocols with this service. Netflix is wise to this scheme, however, and actively works to block users who connect via VPN. 98 Mbps with upload rates clocking in at 9. Luckily, Avira isn’t forcing you to install other software made by this company – at least not during the installation. Nordvpn (best vpn outside 14 eyes), this is the reason why many VPNs are incorporated in seemingly odd locations. Avira is a high quality VPN product.

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Nord VPN hides your IP address and all your personal information, that is why it is impossible to find your IP address. Your IP address looks like you're someone else, to help keep your identity and confidential activities (e. )Thus, the free service is likely not useful for large file downloads or streaming videos. If you’re not sure, you can still choose the monthly subscription and test the product first, which can be terminated immediately. Developers, this often means that they have a minimal amount of servers available, so all of their users have to share the same few. 59 Mbps and 9. The most significant differences between the Windows and Mac versions is the protocol used.

The slower speeds are incredibly frustrating, especially if you paid for the Pro version of the product.

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You can use Avira Phantom VPN to bypass geo-restrictions, stream all kinds of content wherever you are, access gaming servers, and safely connect to unknown or public networks. This is a military-grade encryption, and it is virtually impenetrable. TOP 20 Avira Phantom VPN Pro is one of the top 20 VPN Services products If you are interested in Avira Phantom VPN Pro it might also be sensible to check out other subcategories of VPN Services listed in our base of SaaS software reviews. This will allow you ample time to completely test out all of its features and take advantage of the free tech support that it includes to satisfy any questions you may have regarding it.