Best 5 VPNs for Chrome

Best 5 VPNs for Chrome

The extension has the ability to randomize the location reported by Google’s geo-location API and stop websites from acquiring your location. If a website you trust, such as Google or YouTube, can access this information without you even knowing, just imagine what a malicious site could find out. After that, your browsing activity will be fully encrypted and secure.

And since it offers more than 3,300 servers, you can easily jump from one to another and eliminate any trace of your whereabouts.

There are too many security and privacy risks involved while using such services. You can access unblocked content specific to a country by selecting a specific server. If you like to learn about changing your location while you are browsing the web, check out our articles on the best free proxy servers The Best Free Online Proxy Servers You Can Use Safely Looking for a proxy server to avoid internet blocks? Web browsers have come a very long way over the years from their very basic roots with the likes of the ability to add extensions and plugins making them so much better and advanced. The catch is that the free account will only net you 500MB of encrypted bandwidth a month. CyberGhost’s Chrome VPN is a free version of our VPN service. Sometimes this can be in the same country as you, even if the IP address is different, so you may want to manually choose a server instead if you want to hide that fact.

Here is a short summary of our top picks – you can read more below. The extension icon also shows you the number of open tabs as a badge counter. free fire stick vpn, offer great protection from Distributed Denial of Service (DD0S) attacks. It is a community-powered peer-to-peer VPN but it is possible to use it for free only if you contribute idle resources to the network. You also get an automatic VPN kill switch to protect you in the event of VPN connection failure. IP/DNS/WebRTC Leak Test: It differs from the normal VPN service because the traffic passes through the users instead of the server network making your IP hard track. Once your data reaches the VPN server, it's no longer encrypted. Browsec unblocks the geo-blocking and opens up the content from different stores of countries on Netflix or BBC.

  • NordVPN also has CyberSec feature available that can block dangerous websites and ads.
  • Specs of your device and browser.
  • The extension only protects Chrome traffic, but on the plus side, it automatically connects you via your Chrome browser once you’ve signed into a NordVPN account.

Server Location

Website tracking prevention. In general, we advise people to use a VPN as often, and as broadly as possible. When selecting a VPN extension for Chrome, most of the standard considerations apply along with a few more.

Such robust encryption demands some signification processing capabilities from your device. ExpressVPN is one such example. 📝 What are the top features I should look for in a VPN for Google Chrome? Read on to find out which ones they are. Elsewhere, Hotspot Shield continues its reign as one of the the fastest VPNs out there. 5 Accessibility 9. There is also a protection against WebRTC leaks. Subscribe for 1 or 2 years to get the best price.

Naturally, the service provides you with a Chrome extension as well, which is actually a lot more feature-packed than you would initially believe, even if it’s definitely not as good as the native app. ZenMate protects your privacy from the website analytics, banner ads, hackers and social media following. More than 100 are available around the world. That being said, you can get an extra 1GB if you tweet about TunnelBear. There is a dedicated extension for Chrome that you can add to surf the web safely under the protection of ExpressVPN. You can protect your privacy, Access Contents, apps and Encrypt connection anywhere on the World Wide Web with a simple click. Performance levels are also important, especially if you’re keen on using Chrome to access streaming services.

  • Install the extension, click on it and you’ll be asked to create an account.
  • Odds are you'll be leaving it blank.

Try Chrome VPN Extension, Now Risk Free

Just download the free Cisco AnyConnect Chrome OS app, enter the name of a TorGuard AnyConnect server into the app, and you're ready to get online. It leads to lesser speed and poor latency, which ruins the internet experience in some ways. Subscriptions start at $12.

It is, however, not invincible as far as security is concerned. Here is our detailed ExpressVPN review that you might want to read before you buy it. The best way to ensure this is to go through the privacy policy before installing the extension on your browser. Although browser extensions offer similar benefits to full-fledged VPN software, there are key differences. They have cut pricing by over 50% as the service continues to grow. A VPN extension is using the browser’s proxy settings, not the VPN technology. (3,884) for a year's worth of unlimited usage; which works out to roughly Rs. 16 a month when signing up for a year of VPN access.

Hotspot Shield VPN

Install the extension and then click on it. However, it is not that significant of an issue for European and North American users as much as it is for others. It has limited virtual locations but it works nicely without any issue.


To escape the tracking of ISPs and hackers on your web activities. It can unblock websites like Netflix, Hulu and a bunch of other popular websites. Save & Encrypted your info. Here is the response of one Reddit user suggesting all the reputable VPN services that provide VPN plugins for Chrome browser. Whether you are replying to emails or drafting your next article on Google Docs, Grammarly is an extension which can help you write better. The fact that it was chosen by over 650 million people says about its efficiency and popularity.

As you can see, the use of the VPN extension for Chrome provides you with a number of unmatched benefits, so it is time to choose a suitable example. When large numbers of free users crowd onto a single virtual location at once, the high server traffic can lead to sluggish connections and longer loading delays. ▶ Access Popular Websites Get around content restrictions and stream your favorite services as well as popular websites from all over the world. The best premium VPNs hire security experts to perform independent audits of their browser extensions, so you can be sure they’re secure. Germany, Netherlands, Romania, and United States Paid Server Locations:

5 Hola VPN

There's no free trial for ExpressVPN, but there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you're not entirely happy. Whenever you are on a website, all you need to is click on the Dark Reader extension icon and it will apply the dark theme to that website. A company representative said that despite its limitations, they recommend that Chromebook users install TunnelBear's Chrome extension instead. For support, Hotspot Shield does have live chat, but you have to log in with your account info to use it. Value for money 9 Ease of use 9 Accessibility 8 Supported devices 9 Covered countries 7 PROS: How does it work? You can get one month's Elite access for $12. This is quite easy to use, and you do not have to spend much time to understand all the features.

If you plan on testing it, we suggest using the doileak. Worse yet, using mobile apps on a computer might not be the first thing a consumer thinks to do. You’re all set! That’s why I love The Great Suspender so much as it allows me to open as many tabs as I want without using up all the resources on my laptop. Torguard software:, while the provider keeps no user logs of any kind, it doesn’t offer a cryptocurrency payment option. This is because Google is full of privacy and security flaws, as you might remember the May 2020 bug that forced Google to release an instant update. It is a powerful tool for one to hide their IP address and stay anonymous on the internet. There aren’t any ads either, which is noteworthy when comparing free VPNs. Nevertheless, it’s premium version is also available with improved features.

  • The extensions also can't protect your data if you're using an open Wi-Fi network in a cafe or an airport lounge.
  • The only drawback is you need to purchase it first.
  • Slightly annoying.
  • You can easily choose which location you want to connect to and then connect easily.


Unblocking power: Install the extension and you’re guided through a five-screen onboarding flow in the extension itself before you connect. We have specially written a page to explain what a VPN is.

The best way to secure your Chromebook's web traffic is to use an Android VPN app on your Chromebook.

VPN Browser Extensions Are Different from Chrome Incognito

There are settings you can tweak, such as location spoofing and WebRTC blocking, but for those who like to click and go, this is a great extension for you. It encrypts information sent and received over the Internet while securing your own data like passwords, messages, texts, and downloads. The VPN software is quite easy to use and it runs like a dream. Thankfully, the server list includes a US server, although it must be mentioned that the CyberGhost extension is definitely not able to unblock Netflix, or any other streaming platforms for that matter. As a general rule of thumb, we tend to advise users to avoid VPN Chrome extensions and they are normally not as effective as dedicated VPN clients. With 2500+ servers all over the world, VeePN ensures internet privacy and security for everyone.

  • You may use straight to your Google Chrome Browser easily.
  • It has servers over 22 countries and does not log any of your data.
  • The extension, believe it or not, lets you search inside a YouTube video.
  • You visited this page to know about the top VPN browser extensions for Chrome, so here they are.
  • The premium VPN services I endorse for Chrome are those that offer both VPN apps and VPN extensions.

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Not only that, but you can also mark servers as Favorites and quickly reach them again whenever you need them. Learn how hotspot shield’s patented technology keeps you safe online. The five that we recommend you take a look at can be found below: I don't want to go to a website where I have to type in the URL I wan to go to.

Plus, it offers plenty in terms of versatility and endless customization options through installing various Chrome extensions, so you can tune it to your exact preferences. Windscribe comes with some limitations, but this is awesome when you want to browse the web faster. Suffice to say, the exceptions are rarer, so take the power of ANY browser-based VPNs with a pinch of salt. The way every service is synced across the devices is just beautiful. Change your privacy-related settings – The extension may modify some default browser security settings. If you don’t mind the wait, torrenting works rather well with the free version of Windscribe. Moreover, geo-restrictions and censorship create enough problems towards content accessibility for users all over the world.

As you can see in the image above, you can easily find the PIA Chrome extension by going to the Chrome Web Store.

Why do you need a VPN on Chrome?

The services in this article are all among the best free VPN extensions for Chrome. The browser extension secures your private data with SSL encryption, and I didn’t detect any IP or DNS leaks in my testing. Windscribe only collects connection data necessary to enforce the limitations of the free version — it never logs anything that compromises your safety or security. Surfshark is a new entrant in the online privacy industry with just the right features for ironclad security. 850; or one year's access for $71. When you first click on it, you need to enter your login information.

Cyberghost VPN is capable of blocking 260 million tracking attempts, 210,000 nasty sites, and 150 million adverts with 850 servers in 30 countries. Chrome extensions are also open to several security issues as they don’t use OpenVPN, or an IPSec-encrypted VPN protocol (IKE, SSTP, or L2TP), both of which need you to install a VPN client on your device. Using this free VPN chrome won’t affect your internet speed. You probably know by now that I (we) do not recommend free VPN or proxy services. Hola VPN is easy to use and commits to providing faster and more open internet. Instead of eliminating ads and numerous dangers they bring, they come up with new ads that can be quite aggressive. To conclude, VPNs offer Chrome users many benefits: In this case, the Chrome extension is a bit more barren than you would expect, especially when it comes to additional features, but then again the extension is not meant for heavy use anyway.

  • From this VPN you can encrypt all online tasks, gets rid of pesky ads, unblock restrict websites.
  • The best free chrome VPN and the desktop offerings differ in one aspect which is that the TunnelBear encrypts the browser traffic whereas TunnelBear VPN for desktop encrypts all your data.
  • Mayhap, many of you have heard about this VPN or have used it, but if you are still unaware about Hotspot Shield, then you are being advised to use this chrome VPN because it is also free with incredible features.
  • The free version of Windscribe can’t unblock Netflix.
  • Can you expect reliable support from a free provider?
  • On the security front, Windscribe outdoes most free VPNs by offering all the privacy and security settings available in the premium version.
  • That is why Pushbullet is such a powerful service as it brings the same iOS and macOS synergy to your Android device with the help of its Chrome extension.


Also, I will present my favorites VPN for Chrome services. You are now protecting yourself against WebRTC leakages. Do i recommend windscribe?, the client also supports setting up your system as a secure wireless hotspot (if your network adapter supports this) or a proxy gateway. 75 a month with a 30 day money back guarantee.

With all the data collection activities of Google, a zero-log VPN is the best step you can take towards elevating your privacy. In this article, we’ll look at what makes the best VPN for Chrome. For example, there is an ad blocker built into the extension which is called CyberSec, which works well by the way. Just like ZenMate, a premium version of Hotspot shield is also available for download. You can easily unblock YouTube Video and can access any blocked Content Online or streaming services. If all else fails, the support team is available via email. Yet the leaks keep us from recommending the Chrome extension for those who need privacy protection. Especially when some Chromebooks still do not (or perhaps, never will) support Android apps.

Download VPN Unlimited Browser Extension - Best VPN for Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Edge

To turn on NordVPN on Chrome, you only have to click one button. There is no restriction for data usage for this extension. Follow us on facebook, raspberryPi as VPN server, I'd try it :). How to use a VPN with Chrome? The developers are accepting donations thu, you can access the donation page thru the settings menu.

It offers gigabit speeds and never stores logs. Though it provides a variety of paid products to users but its free Chrome VPN extension is entirely free for Chrome users. All three worked in my testing, and it's the most comprehensive and successful experience I had during my time working on this project. Some of its best features include: The main features of this extension are military-grade encryption, no logs policy, and other great benefits. Your web browsing activity will look like you’re back home even though you’re on the other side of the world. You can connect using one of many free Virtual Locations, or become Elite and access premium locations for quick and easy access. There is more to differ between the two methods other than the fact one only takes care of the online traffic on the browser while the other takes care of all of it.

We have seen that some VPNs provide Chrome extensions as well. Chrome extension from CyberGhost is absolutely free and it changes user’s IP addresses for any other available. Military-grade encryption, good desktop apps and a standalone Chrome extension make NordVPN a good recommendation. In addition to securing your connection, a VPN browser extension will mask your IP location and allow you to view geoblocked content and bypass censorship from anywhere in the world. You also need to consider browsing speed. Its free version offers a huge range of features with little compromise. This means you can use VPNs to access block sites, or so that the ISP doesn't throttle speeds when it detects a torrent being downloaded.

Why a Chrome VPN extension

So, if you are doing something on the internet which does not concern much with privacy, then you may find proxy services much appealing to change your server location. In addition to its Android app, PureVPN also includes instructions on how to get your Chromebook online using L2TP. Not only that, but in some cases, you also don’t get access to the full list of servers, which is definitely a bummer. I find it useful to have the name of the VPN service as well as some information about the specific server. Installing a VPN extension in your Chrome browser is very convenient in many cases, especially when you work a lot outdoors and you want to prevent people in the office or cafe where you work from being able to look at the data you send and receive. Not, anymore after reading the above points.

Thus, it protects your privacy and removes any concern relating to surveillance, account hijacking, and any other such privacy concerning activity. On the other hand, you can find a cookie blocker as well as tracker blocker in this VPN. There’s a Chrome extension but you need a subscription to use it. So after carefully testing a ton of Chrome Browser VPN extensions, I’ve shortlisted 6 VPN extensions that work flawlessly with Chrome browser. It makes taking and sharing screenshots of your browser a really easy task. IP leakage protection. Once connected to the VPN server all internet traffic will go through this VPN server.

It can be used easily with no login/ registration. As it turned out, Hola was actually using its users’ bandwidth and even selling its users’ private data. So how do we get around these restrictions? You'll need to follow the above instructions for each and every server you want to access with your Chromebook. Hola is a well-known free VPN extension for Google Chrome. License, free VPNs aren’t inherently bad—in fact, a handful of the best ones are free—but as with any service, be wary of signing up with a VPN that has no obvious way of making money. Its aim is to destroy the users’ browsing experience with ads.

The Best Free Proxy?

Instead, Chrome VPN extensions simply route the browser's web traffic through a proxy server. Some of them allow you to use their services only for a fixed duration, and then there are some which have a limit on the amount of data you can consume. Betternet limits you to one free US virtual location, so it can unblock some websites available in the US but nothing else. And it also transforms any public Wi-Fi into a secure Wi-Fi network. Most innovative companies, because VPNs can be used to circumvent state-sponsored Internet censorship, the legality of VPN use varies. They have amazing solutions to help users surf the internet more securely while protecting their privacy. It’s a market not just for physical products, but also for digital ones, and the kinds of one that no one ever thought would be something that can be traded. SetupVPN collects extensive logs about your online activity using “site analysis tools” to retrieve information from your browser including the pages you view, the links you click, your IP address, browser type and language, access times, and referring Web site addresses.

According to the report of Chrome Web Store, dotVPN has 500,000 users and a scoring rate of 4 stars. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited has a useful generator tool that you'll need to get online using L2TP, which I was able to do after following the company's documentation. Once you take care of the factors mentioned above, you can look for additional features on the extension, such as if it has adblocking capabilities, malware protection, etc. At times, they also act as proxies rather than complete VPN service. Hotspot shield – reliable protection and easy streaming, some of the safest VPNs also offer dedicated IPs, which never change and are more difficult to be recognized and blacklisted by services such as Netflix. In general, VPN extensions for Chrome are less powerful than their fully-featured counterparts (native desktop applications). In short, the core agenda to write this featured article is to assist our readers who are struggling in search of a free VPN extension for chrome without harming their systems.

Taking seconds to install, the TunnelBear Chrome VPN extension encrypts your browsing activity and allows you to choose what country you wish to appear you're from. On the other hand, you do lose access to other features, such as the kill switch, and a few others that are part of the native app. There are plenty of free ones available in Chrome web store, some of which are dodgy in terms of security and privacy leaving you and your devices vulnerable to cyber-attacks, while others aren’t really VPNs at all. It selects the closest server to your location and creates a VPN (or proxy, in the case of the extension) connection. 10, macOS and Windows 10. Well, it turns out that customer support representatives of some of these services claim that VPN services provide military-grade encryption on Chrome extension as well. They deeply integrate with the Web browser and route your traffic via their servers. It does not load the system greatly and can even speed up traffic to get search results faster.