BTGuard Review: a friendly BitTorrent vpn

BTGuard Review: a friendly BitTorrent vpn

However, most of the time, we’ll gladly pay a steep price for super quality. Even the discounts are not that generous, compared to other similar VPN services. To be honest, these are relatively good speeds and we were happy with those results. No known supercomputers have come remotely close to cracking it. Getting these warnings is also very unusual because ISPs do not report against you for downloading and uploading files on torrent. 95 which puts them in the expensive circle. You’d want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. This uncle is that creepy weird guy who wants to build a nuclear reactor in his basement or fly to the Moon in his repurposed fridge.

But we’re living in the 21st century.

Alternatively, you can go with OpenVPN’s GUI, which is seen as an easier method of setting up and using this VPN service. Other than a few FAQ articles in their knowledge base, BTGuard has no one to speak to. In addition, this VPN is saying that it doesn’t sell, trade, or rent your personal information to other companies.

That looks like a rip off compared to services who’ll charge three times less and still allow you to secure up to five devices.

Unblocking Netflix and other streaming platforms

Disable all local DNS lookups, Disable features that leak identifying information, Disable connections unsupported by the proxy. You also have to select the type of account you want (VPN or Proxy). Read the full hide. BTGuard is compatible with the following devices: When it comes towards the inclusion of this VPN Set in BTGuard VPN review, there are some useful things which BTGuard VPN brings with it. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned $9 on a VPN, look elsewhere for better alternatives – there are plenty. What is a VPN? BTGuard is like the crazy uncle of the VPN world.

But it’s not the case with BTGuard setup; the process is quite simpler. Most of its features come due to the fact it uses a third-party VPN software application. We found that the speeds were on a par with BTGuard’s average and setting it up was easy.

If you have installed any software on your PC before, setting up the VPN app will be easy. Hence, moving ahead, we are going to give you an In-Depth BTGuard VPN review. That might be enough for some.

  • Yet, it’s priced at or near the very top of the market.
  • I wrote out my questions and hit send, ready to clock how long it took to receive a response.
  • “Starting at now or at the season of get-together single data, we will see the light behind which data is being totaled”/”We will accumulate [… ] particular data with the goal of satisfying those reasons showed up by us”.
  • The privacy policy of bTGuard is short at under 250 words, and this one has gone a bit too far, although we’d normally say contracts that are shorter are greater.
  • It is obviously simple to utilize, which is moving news for all first-time clients and adolescents.
  • While I was able to log in with my credentials using the Members link, the login link on the right failed to recognize my credentials.


However, still, in this BTGuard VPN review, there are some things which worry’s me to some extent. And when it comes to these specialized VPNs, we’ll be talking about one in this article. In such a situation, a decent VPN service provider would guide the users on how to get its service to work. The best way is to first perform a test via the US server, then the UK server and then a server from another country (of your choice). Honestly, it’s a pretty basic offering when clicking the Support button. Users can then use this IP address in place of their real IP address. On the contrary, it comes with one of the most rudimentary UIs that can be frustrating to use after a while. 00 and more; BTGuard’s monthly package stands at $9.

It has lightning-fast speeds, servers in every Netflix location, and the ability to knock down the toughest geoblocks. Despite operating in the industry for years, BTGuard wasn’t able to offer a lot of features, at least not as much as we expected to see. The best free movie streaming sites, configure VPN directly in router and open up more platforms. Is it a reliable VPN service?

BTGuard VPN Speed Test

BTGuard VPN literally has nothing going for it in this category. Unsubscribe from SimonMCraft? However, we cannot do anything if you try to trick the system. First the wording of the no-logging claim on their landing page is: After connecting to one in Canada, we managed to get 10. According to official sources, BTGuard VPN does not keep any logs. Moving ahead in this BTGuard VPN review, the security and privacy play quite a crucial role. If you leave your VPN connection active, it's not as bad as it look though.

Just a proxy – nothing more, nothing less.

Privacy And Security Features

After all, you get what you’re (not) paying for. For instance, the BTGuard VPN also provides encryption for those people who have got their bandwidth throttled by their respective ISP. Ace seized another four popular pirate iptv domains. Yet, BTGuard is widely used among the torrenting community because it has BitTorrent proxy or VPN available for consumption. After all, if your connection becomes slow, streaming, torrenting, or gaming will probably bring you more frustration than joy.

Final Verdict

Other VPNs also attempt to inform their subscribers about updates to the platform. But the important point is that they are providing great service in the areas that mattered – speed and security. Basically, the longer you make the subscription for, the larger the discount. So BTGuard VPN average data channel encryption isn’t really under threat even if hackers try to hack a particular user. Here, you can get a glimpse of screenshots which are super helpful for the first time users. When it comes to the compatibility section, BTGuard is compatible with every major platform and OS. After all, they keep no logs, right?

As you can see, the torrent download speed was worse than our speedtest. It should also be noted that BTGuard offers a way for you to submit an official ticket. That said, some user may only want to use the service to anonymize their favorite torrent software and activity. As one would expect from a VPN service that doesn’t come with its own, standalone, dedicated app and relies on third-parties like OpenVPN to run its business, there’s literally nothing you can do in the “Settings” department. BTGuard’s VPN supports most common devices, and it’ll come as no surprise that the likes of Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux are supported. Does BT Guard allow BitTorrent?

Hence, coming down towards the BTGuard VPN, let us explore some of the most interesting things in relation to it.

Security And Privacy

If all else fails, speeds fall no lower than 70% of the best download speed subordinate upon the server specific. However, most VPN users want to know what they’ll get, and not just via advert-speaks, but by letting the service speaks for itself via a free trial. And the last server in Singapore. Sadly, we are not confident in the efforts made by BTGuard so far; if the service provider works hard on all of its weaknesses – which are more than its strengths – then our stance could possibly change. That is, if you’re using the latest version of OpenVPN app. 95 for 6 months, or $59. Hence, if you want to select your own server location, you can do the same during the initial setup process. Vpn lite without registration, vPN Gate is an education project based out of Japan. It is stuck on the same number of servers from the past 5 years.

In the past, there were rumors that BTGuard stored passwords and other personal information in text form which is a complete violation of their users’ trust. Needless to say, pretty damn useless. So you can give access to the same BTGuard account, for instance, to your husband or daughter without violating the terms. As you can probably imagine, the proxy IP address feature is an immensely important feature for users who want to protect their privacy and identity from hackers and spying agencies. Embed this program, private networking is growing in popularity, so our range of private networking software covers everything from hotspots to virtual and proxy routers. The worst thing about it is that you can only log back in on the site proper, btguard.

Best and Worst of BTGuard VPN

Not btGuard, they make it almost impossible to quit their service. It does offer some protection for your personal data, with more advanced options missing. The company operates servers in Canada, Netherlands, and Singapore. Ion on-demand IP rotation disperses web scraping activity over our network of anonymous IP addresses increasing your data collection speed. So right off the bat, we were skeptical. This also allows them keep no limitation on the connection speed. You have the choice to change your online identity to more than 80 countries with hundreds of VPN servers.

BTGuard supports Android through OpenVPN and PPTP third party tools. Simple download & install No records of usage stored 256-bit AES encryption BitTorrent anonymously with BTGuard. Browsing the website doesn't give us the feeling this will change any time soon. Note the word “usage”. Really, this relies on your propensity. The again, when it comes to privacy, BTGuard states that it doesn’t keep any records of usage.

For out and out privacy and security, users are at the hands of the company.

And this is why Mac users should make use of BTGuard for especially for torrenting. Sounds helpful, right? But we’ll wait will the conclusion section of this BTGuard VPN review to confirm that. You are, however, free to cancel anytime as stated in their plan offerings and that’s the biggest clue we’ve gotten from them so far. Moreover, they have a niche user base (mostly torrent users) residing within the territories covered by their network. I am wondering if you, microsoft’s browsers also will disable third-party toolbars you might have installed when you begin an InPrivate session. Strike 3 and 4 will keep notifying them of infringements.

Download Torrents Anonymously – The Wrap Up

Well, we did that to say the following line: As far as signing up is concerned, it is really easy set up a VPN. For users looking for a more long-term plan, they have a 3-month plan for $39. Except for a few times when the connection wasn’t established correctly and we had to reconnect, there was nothing to complain about. That’s great news because 256-bit encryption is simply beyond the scope of the current-day brute force attempts of breaking the code. Surprisingly enough, this isn’t a bad result and it could be said that BTGuard is a speedy VPN. There is also no custom client, a poor customer service with tardiness when it comes to responsiveness, not-so-robust encryption, and generally slow speeds and performance. Netflix blocking vpn users overseas, denies any policy change, even though all users go through the same website, netflix. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a review of BTGuard!

We briefly tested the download speeds from Europe and were able to pretty much max out our connection, with an occasional downswing. Find out how they fared in this BTGuard VPN review. The BT Guard service is highly priced, does not have a free trial, and have no provision to refund you if after you buy their service, you are unsatisfied with it. I mean, yes it is essential for every VPN Service provider to have the best customer support in any case. This is a minus to the BT Guard VPN service because many VPN users that will not want their privacy compromised by a VPN connection drop will not want to subscribe to the service. It uses OpenVPN, which is an open-source, free platform. The next second you go to the support tab, and that page won’t load.

Speed And Performance

We know what you’re thinking: This plan can only hide the users IP address but does not make provision for an encrypted connection. You can also find affordable and capable VPNs with an unlimited number of connections. But this is the one you want to read because it will hit all aspects of this VPN service provider. Or else, you can even use the Connect Button on different smartphones. Submit your review of BTGuard: Some speed tests in locations a few hundred miles from its server locations dropped almost 90 percent. BTGuard's website offers very few details on its VPN service, maybe because there's not much to talk about.

This type of anonymity is also very useful in protecting users from other peer-to-peer, or P2P, users on the same network.

Find out in the following chapter! We also run their installation files through VirusTotal. Is this the way to bolster the it services market amid the pandemic? In addition, you can even download the software from iTunes for iOS and MAC. This implies that some connection logs are being kept, so I would suggest that BTGuard really means that no usage logs are kept. AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard) with RSA-1028 handshake and perfect forward secrecy (PFS) courtesy of a Diffie-Hellman Exchange. The company’s official website doesn’t disclose the number of servers in their pool, but it’s not hard to figure out that it is a small number of servers going by the network coverage. You can either use PPTP (which is considered to be a less-than-desirable option) and OpenVPN, which is strong and secure enough.

Installing the app does not require any technical knowledge.

BTGuard Discounts

However, most of the time, simply going through the privacy policy of services that claim not to log users’ data do reveal that some of the services actually log a tonne. As you would be aware, the number of VPN servers operated by a VPN service plays a major role in determining the speeds you get to enjoy when using the service. Smart tv types: different, but the same, vPNs router software and hardware can all be configured with an easy to use dashboard, allowing you to decide which devices will go through a VPN and which will connect to the internet without a VPN. But does BTGuard keep connection logs? Most VPN providers consider PPTP such an insecure protocol that they no longer support it, but the BTGuard page doesn't mention any security issues, and if anything recommends PPTP as it's easier to set up.

While BTGuard allows you to download torrents anonymously, it still leaves your Internet traffic exposed an not encrypted when you are surfing the web. All of this means that the line of data privacy is blurred; don’t expect to stay 100% secure using BTGuard. We have tested this on Speedtest.

All around go to the Encryption page and download the thing, by then present it. Moving on, BTGuard doesn’t come with a standalone client, which forces you to choose between configuring a PPTP connection on your computer manually or rely on third-party solutions such as OpenVPN to be able to establish a BTGuard tunnel connection. However, this is not the case with BTGuard. At this point, BTGuard OpenVPN should now be active and running on your computer. This is a big big disadvantage because competing services are offering guarantee periods of up to 30 days.