SlickVPN Review: Great Security, No Logging, and Works With Netflix

SlickVPN Review: Great Security, No Logging, and Works With Netflix

The user interface of this service is pretty good, with all the options well laid out and easy to access. We do not store sensitive payment information on our servers, we only retain an internal reference code for order confirmation. We also provide users with dedicated IP addresses if needed. In this package, you get the following features. Torrenting may be a controversial subject for some but many users find it a convenient way of downloading files with heavier sizes, since you can pause and resume the downloads any time.

A kill switch may auto re-connect after a drop-out, auto-run on Windows start-up, or auto-connect when the VPN app launches. OpenVPN is the recommended VPN security protocol, with 256-bit encryption. There’s a speed test tab that allows you to ping/test servers individually or one after the other. I am pleasantly surprised that Netflix did not block me from streaming content while I was connected to a US-based NordVPN server when I tested it. Then it guides the user in a direction that would help the user fix the problem.

We say consistent.

Hands-On Testing

But even ignoring that, as of this writing, there is virtually zero technical information provided, only YouTube videos apparently intended for 10 year-old boys. In this case, a good solution would be to use the application or settings that allow you to enable the VPN on constantly open ports. 73 mbps Comp to Bench +278 ms 6.

By design one username can only establish one simultaneous connection.

Popularity Trend

Moreover, you will also get more than 250 anonymous IP Addresses. If you want your review to be accepted, please write a helpful, informative and unique review - either positive or negative. Here are a few of our most popular alerts. We support SSTP and SoftEther on most of the servers. We have special servers for P2P and are in datacenters that allow such traffic.

If a court successfully ordered one of our entities to start collecting customer information, we would absolve any entities in that court’s region. Sadly, that’s a shame. SlickVPN is one of the well-reputed VPN services out there and it operates from Florida, USA. NordVPN is probably the best VPN service available today. Do you keep ANY logs which would allow you to match an IP-address and a time stamp to a current or former user of your service? At the moment, we do not offer port forwarding and block outgoing ports SMTP25 and NetBIOS.

More importantly, America leads the five-eyes, an alliance of countries that spy on their citizens and share information. Recommended privacy setup, obviously, the majority of the best paid services for iOS devices don’t monitor or store your activities. You can get three months of their regular VPN for only $6. Comparing the prices with other services, I would say SlickVPN offers competitive pricing as you can enjoy a VPN protection for as low as $4. SlickVPN gave us access to Netflix, but not without difficulties.

Important To Know

We only share account information, such as email address, with our providers; and have a strict no log policy that prevents us from obtaining or sharing any customer VPN usage data internally or externally. Therefore, their complete legal situation is a bit of a mystery to us, but the majority of their operations definitely falls under the jurisdiction of the US legal system. From the initial view, the client is well designed. Secondly, you can send an e-mail. Merlin and Tomato use the same setup guide, which they provide, while DD-WRT uses OpenVPN. Everything you wanted to know about vpn, iTS SUPPOSED TO HIDE YOUR IP SO YOU CAN LOG INTO STUFF YOU'RE BANNED ON ? “TOR’s OBFSPROXY Scamblesuit” and “SSL” that mask your VPN connection from your ISP. When he connects, we subtract one.

Pricing – How much is SlickVPN? This speed is not as fast as the competitors have, but it is quite enough for performing most tasks, including fast torrenting. If you're concerned about DNS privacy on mobile, Surfshark also offers a standalone app Trust DNS from the Google Play Store. Amagicom AB, Swedish. In this day and age, online privacy is more of a concern on mobile devices than on Personal Computers.

Choice Of Countries

SlickVPN is another VPN you can try out to access US Netflix. Unfortunately, SlickVPN jurisdiction is not user-friendly. These leaks can also happen with WebRTC conflicts. On top of the OpenVPN, you can also choose one of the two anti DPI (Deep Package Inspection) protocols: Its feature set is pretty basic, and its server network is relatively small. Multiple device connectivity. Affiliate links help us produce good content. Another appealing aspect of their service is that connections naturally come in either OpenVPN or IPSec, depending on your device.

From our first look at SlickVPN, we were wondering why it’s not as popular as the bigger names in the VPN market. Between this and, “SlickVPN protects your PRIVACY and prevents ANYONE from monitoring, throttling, and buffering your online communications and internet activity. All limiting is done by active sessions to prevent one person from sharing an account with hundreds of people. We operate our own DNS servers to ensure DNS leak prevention. Few servers operated by the company were found totally meaningless. Once a server location has been chosen, you can use the dashboard screen to connect anytime.


We do have our own DNS servers, and all DNS requests go through those. Rerouting DNS information in this way could help you get past censorship walls and keep your telecom company out of your business. Join github today, wondering what a VPN is? SlickVPN does not have this feature.

We recommend using this feature for people who are adept at technology, and especially security protocols. How could this happen? Ensures that traffic is routed through the VPN such that if the VPN connection is unexpectedly terminated, the traffic will not route. Version, take it as a rule of thumb, when comparing a free VPN vs paid VPN, forever, the paid version would be faster, safer and more reliable. Eventually, just removed it from system. It all sound very promising at a first glance, and as they promote their product to be the “fastest VPN service”, we just had to poke around and see what’s what. Another major feature that comes with SlickVPN and is there to further protect its users’ privacy is the kill switch. SlickVPN is a U.

” While we have not received valid court orders, we periodically receive subpoenas from law enforcement agencies that we scrutinize for compliance and respond accordingly. Or whether it’s all overblown in the end. A UK server we tested did successfully stream Netflix. A NordVPN representative told me that all of its servers are dedicated, and none are virtual servers. We do take active steps to make sure payment details can’t be linked to account usage or IP assignments. 33 per month, but as normally it’s priced at $35. Still, in terms of Microsoft operating systems, you can establish connections on Windows 8 and 7.

Our speed tests gave back mixed results.

F-Secure Freedome: The Not-So-Good

99 overall, which is a big difference from the regular $75. It allows tracking of your location and your browsing activities. We take a look at the logging policies plus other privacy and security features of dozens of VPN providers. Tinygui4cv, straightforward utility designed to enable its users to effortlessly establish connections between their Macs and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) using a Cisco VPN device. We support a wide range of popular payment methods, including all major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Paypal, Credit Cards and Bank transfer.


All of this information is available in the company's privacy policy. SlickVPN’s terms and policies were not what I’d consider obtuse necessarily, but there were a few things to look out for. Bitdefender vpn review 2020, this is measured in milliseconds (ms) and a lower number is better. Let’s get started. An optional speed test checks upload and download servers to identify the best choice for you, and you can connect to whatever you need with a double-click. This includes all forms of credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency (e. )In the case of the latter, this means that if there is more than one server available for a location, you will connect to a randomly chosen one. To use Slick VPN on Android, you will have to configure the service manually. 0 stars rating based on the above analysis.

There is no such Swedish law that is applicable to us. SlickVPN is known for its dedication to security and anonymity. Social hour, this router is also very affordable and can be used quite easily. Last, the interface of the software is not too modern and fancy.

SlickVPN was launched in 2020 by Slick Networks, Inc.

Privacy and Security

Here are the best alternatives : You can pay for a month’s worth of usage at $10. Admin access to servers is not provided for any third party. The name of the company is PrivActually Ltd which operates out of Cyprus. Requires that the username and password be saved in the dashboard. Their main reason is state censorship.

The speeds are decent, the encryption is sufficient, and there are no P2P traffic blocks. We have already alluded to the fact that signing up with SlickVPN is pretty straightforward. Moreover, the difference between genuine and incorrect speed may reach up to dozens of times. Try another VPN, this isn't the one. However, two more terms should be met: SlickVPN offers members unlimited VPN access with servers located in 45 countries. As I have already said, SlickVPN has a setting that might increase confidentiality at first sight, but it turned out that it does not add but deprives a user’s anonymity. 49 per month and the possibility of free use.

It also uses the AES cipher. If it slows you down to next to nothing, it is not worth using. They do not have a live support system, which is quite disappointing. The provider mentions that it will respond within one business day. PayPal, Bitcoin, Credit & Debit cards, JCB, American Express, Diners Club International, Discover. SlickVPN is about average, which in this industry is not a glowing compliment. Asus rt-ac86u ac2900 dual band gigabit wifi gaming router. It will help you make an informed decision. The company offers the following Privacy features.