SlickVPN Users Reviews

SlickVPN Users Reviews

– we tested servers in several US cities and were able to achieve 62. (17 per month at TunnelBear) and ExpressVPN include this feature. But there's also a lot of work to do, and as the client hasn't seen an update in almost eighteen months, it seems unlikely SlickVPN has the resources to do it. Has a free browser extension, however, we don’t recommend the monthly rate. Simply select ‘Ok’ to establish connection. A recent update includes Hydra, a 'multi-hop' gateway through servers in Washington, DC - or other portal areas - which then routes your connection to a different portal from which it's continually funneled before connecting to the internet, further obfuscating your IP address. It offers the following payment options. The most important thing is that the VPN servers do not log info about users’ activity and personal data such as IP address, information about the browser, operating system, etc.

I also had no problems using it to access Netflix. They do not log any usage information from their VPN users. Moreover, there is the exclusive HYDRA Multi-Hop Feature that adds to the online security with an extra layer. Download free vpn latest version, there are free and premium versions available. This is excellent from your privacy point of view. The tutorials are detailed and provide step-by-step guides to get new users up and running.

A kill switch may auto re-connect after a drop-out, auto-run on Windows start-up, or auto-connect when the VPN app launches.

While this may seem like a lot, keep in mind that NordVPN and CyberGhost have over 5000 servers across the globe. Just slightly faster than ProtonVPN, but slower than ibVPN. 00 respectively.

Of course, if you don’t care where in the United States the SlickVPN client connects you to as long as you can watch US Netflix, then too, this setting would help you.


Check out this insanely long list of features on the Android app: In short, look elsewhere! Let’s get started. Vyprvpn services, lookout follows a freemium model and includes a 14-day free trial for users to evaluate the full product. Lots of diskspace network uplinks up to 20gbit for the cheapest price. SlickVPN claims that they have a zero logs policy and it’s worth noting that they also have a warrant canary.

A full-fledged VPN should be able to assist either with your work or leisure. Read our SlickVPN review to learn the verdict. Windscribe VPN, alternatively, lets you build your own plan to fit your budget. It is a time-wasting feature as well. From an overall perspective, SlickVPN offers many server locations and has a really robust VPN client. We didn’t find any big problems with the privacy policy page. That’s why they’re listed on this side of the table.

For payment options, SlickVPN offers PayPal, MC, AMEX, VISA, DISC, and Bitcoin. Payment data essential for the management of payments, cancellations and subscriptions. All that security stuff is useless if SlickVPN is storing your information and selling it to others. To ensure users’ privacy and security, it may be important to know how a VPN provider collects logs about users and their activity. Slick VPN is also proud to be the only VPN provider to offer a HYDRA Multi-Hop feature that will allow users to connect to multiple secure gateways simultaneously. As mentioned before, we would love for SlickVPN to introduce a live chat feature. We were able to get the Netflix US using the US location server but we were unable to get the BBC iPlayer using the UK location servers. They offer routers as well as software that are supported by just about every device like mobile phones, tabs, laptops, PCs and more and they work on any platform including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, and more.

  • SlickVPN has lots of features for a VPN service provider, although we wouldn’t call any of those features as advanced features.
  • Knowing how many devices you can use with a given VPN is an important consideration, as is the types of connections it allows.
  • Why the discrepancy?
  • SlickVPN offers customer support around the clock.


Nowadays, VPNs that support or are loyal to torrenting are running short. If it desired, it could examine every bit of information passing through its system. A system administrator is unlikely to be interested in SlickVPN. 01% UK Trial 1 296 ms 5. It’s not like you’re getting an amazingly-low deal, either. The browsing speed test results were average, fair, nothing out of the ordinary, and definitely NOT the fastest in the world, as SlickVPN claims: Overall, this is one of the stronger points of SlickVPN.

After running a VPN through leak tests, we also run their install files through VirusTotal.

Multidevice, decent software (I used to use slickvpn w/ viscosity with bad results). That means if your connection were to drop for any reason, your guard wouldn’t — the kill switch would sever any connection before anyone can see what you’re up to. This is uncommon for providers like SlickVPN, which allow torrenting on all the servers. Of course in this review, we plan on testing those claims. The tool is admired because it seems that the company offers exactly what today’s general users demand. Best for general users, processing is usually instant. One thing that we did like, and as advertised works, is the access to media streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. Fortunately, this is not enough to identify who you are, quite apart from cryptocurrency payments. The price is somewhat decent, not the lowest, but not exactly the highest either.

If you are familiar with the legend of Hercules and the Lernean Hydra (a monster with many snake heads), you know why they have used this name. 💲 free vs. paid vpn: are free vpns safe?, no usage limit for any connection that makes it fun to use. Merlin and Tomato use the same setup guide, which they provide, while DD-WRT uses OpenVPN. A few VPN providers (VyprVPN, TunnelBear, NordVPN and more) have put at least some of their systems through public audit, giving more reassurance that they're doing what they claim, and we hope other VPNs will decide to take the same approach.

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Furthermore, the company says it holds no information on user activity. Read on to learn about all the features. When they store this information, they have an avatar of your true identity, so if authorities wanted to find you, they could ask the VPN company to forfeit that information. Privacy and logging, with a VPN for Android, internet users will not only be able to secure their Android device, but they will be able to access any and all content online. Well, they mean that with SlickVPN you are free to connect the PC and tablet in your home to SlickVPN as well as your smartphone with its data network. In some countries, copyright rules are strictly enforced. I am pleasantly surprised that Netflix did not block me from streaming content while I was connected to a US-based NordVPN server when I tested it.

They offer a large variety of server locations (145 gateways in 45 countries) and give you the possibility to have 5 devices connected at the same time. Given that the monthly pricing for them is $10, users expect premium services and working Netflix servers. Here’s a complete list. Alternatively, consumers can download the OpenVPN app from iTunes and then setup SlickVPN. The IPsec speed requires more CPU in order to encrypt data. L2TP/IPsec simplified manual set up for iOS: They responded in about six hours.

Month Plan – Standard Plan

I have carried out a comparative analysis of prices and concluded that SlickVPN prices are average for the market. The company offers the following Privacy features. And you should expect to get in trouble the first time you are trying to set up a VPN service. And the other is bad news. Slick VPN also ranks on Torrent Freak’s 2020 list of VPNs that take your privacy seriously. Here you can also choose whether to connect via TCP or UDP, as well as choose your port number.

The client will automatically connect you to the server in that country that is closest to your current location which will usually be the one with the best ping value and speed. That means that SlickVPN does come under US jurisdiction. The US government agencies can even see through the Tor network. It used to be fairly easy to get around such blocks but even though they’re denying it, even once lax Netflix is cracking down on VPN users. When we first purchased SlickVPN, it just asked for an email address. Hence, you need not worry about that. ExpressVPN has three percent of its servers in locations other than where they are listed, and offers a list of those servers' true locations. Their help and support section offers great walkthrough guides for setting up your favorite devices to use the VPN.

On its 12-month plan, Surfshark is offering a 50% discount at $6 monthly ($72 a year). Hello and welcome to my review of SLICK VPN! Once you encounter an error, though, the otherwise smooth client starts “dragging its feet” and becomes somewhat unresponsive. Kudos to SlickVPN for the above average support. HMA VPN, on the other hand, claims to have servers in 190 countries, but only has physical hardware in 56 sites.

The Problem of the Unknown Publisher

You can easily bypass the local or geographic content barriers by using the SlickVPN service. It is difficult, however, to fully endorse the privacy practices of any given VPN company. This might come with side effects, so be advised not to change them unless and until you are very sure about the consequences.

This is the cheapest option available where you only have to pay $4 per month. Graphs show highest, lowest and average speeds for each server and location. I asked for a refund and was granted one very quickly without hassle or any lame attempts to get me to troubleshoot an issue, etc. For example they claim that HYDRA, a feature similar to how Tor works (multiple hops, random access through them) offers the most secure connection possible using extra hops on their internal network. This streamlined approach has become more important in recent years, as users try to keep their data private. For as low as $4 a month, SlickVPN provides users unrestricted access to the Internet, security at every step, and anonymity during the use of the VPN.

But you don’t have to worry as far as SlickVPN is concerned. The VPN’s website does record the website usage information along with cookies and IP addresses of the visitors. An analysis of the privacy policy showed that SlickVPN does not keep logs of their users’ activity. It offers unlimited bandwidth, anonymous torrenting, no logging, and 30-day money back guarantee. Surfshark's browser add-ons for Chrome and Firefox have also been independently audited by security research firm Cure 53.

Security And Privacy

Its challenge now is rebuilding trust, which takes longer than setting up new servers. It doesn’t help the fact that they don’t have live support, but more on this later. Overall, though, we like the feature. To use it for torrenting, a VPN should not only have a good speed. So VPN service providers aren’t a big deal for them provided they know who to look for. So let’s review what this VPN has on offer.

If you aren’t satisfied with SlickVPN’s services, you can request a full refund if you cancel your account within 30 days from purchasing its services.

Mobile Performance

OpenVPN; PPTP; and IPsec. DNS and IP checks were fine, and as mentioned above, the client does a good job of warning you whether you might be susceptible to a leak and pointing you in the right direction to fix it. Compare that to a few other VPNs and that total server number gets exposed. However, they should maybe exercise a little caution. I wouldn’t try to scare you off SlickVPN necessarily, however, in addition to the above, there is something not quite on the level going on between the heavy affiliate marketing model and outlandish claims on their website. After all, this is a great innovation!

No Leaks

But that is not all. After choosing a pricing plan and payment method you’re asked to enter an email address for the account to be registered to and a password to use to log in – and, provided you pay with BitCoin or PayPal, that’s it. If you enjoy using their VPN, you can sign up from just $4. Lisbon-2, Republic of Kosovo (1):

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While a company representative tells me that NordVPN has learned its lesson about disclosing security events, it will take some time to rebuild its damaged reputation. It uses protocols like OpenVPN and PPTP with 256-bit encryption. This way, if something does fall outside “legal” thresholds, they can simply have someone else get it for them. Hopefully, SlickVPN will fix this issue soon enough.

We don’t know how many servers SlickVPN exactly has, but we do know that it has servers at some of the most popular countries, including: The only reason to downgrade is if your device or network don’t allow for the stronger OpenVPN. 9 being released in December 2020. SlickVPN turns out to be an excellent VPN service, with slight downsides here and there. Especially when our leak tests show the connection is legit. Many/most of these offer OpenVPN, or special clients for IPSec. Only that SlickVPN has a complex legal situation as a VPN service provider. Although they do not have clients for other devices they do provide support for PPTP and L2TP/IPsec which is built into most mobile devices and supported by many routers.

  • SlickVPN is a feature-rich VPN service with plenty to offer.
  • This means that you can access websites that are restricted in your area without getting caught and you can blog and share to your heart’s content without putting yourself at risk to tracing.
  • This makes it even harder to trace your connection, and it lets you access hidden websites, though at greatly reduced speeds.
  • The more distant servers had some issues - Australia was very inconsistent at 10-30Mbps, Indonesia lethargic at 4-8Mbps - but even these were just about usable for browsing, and overall SlickVPN performed fairly well.
  • Statements like this are the reason I include a field on the comparison chart.
  • You are, of course, free to use whatever you like.
  • SlickVPN gave a mixed bag of results initially.

What Is a VPN?

They also offer an excellent selection for routers. Taking everything into account, the level of security offered is pretty good. By that, we mean that you can find most of the helpful information present on the site within a couple of clicks. No matter where you are, SlickVPN is nearby to keep you safe. As a result, at any point, the US government could demand that SlickVPN forfeit its information if it believes you are engaging in illegal activity. This reconnection will take place every time the IP is changed. We tested in a 256-bit OpenVPN encryption envirovment, and while connections were slower, they did not suffer as much we expected from such a high security safety protocol.

Unfortunately, those are the only payment methods available at the moment. 38 mbps Trial 2 293 ms 6. All of this is indeed pleasing. Overall though, we think that SlickVPN has produced a rather decent software product. Also, don’t even bother clicking the Help tab in the SlickVPN client. You can pay for a month’s worth of usage at $10. It uses the OpenVPN protocol by default.

Usage Patterns

Half a year costs $3. (Netflix while nursing a Thai beach party hangover). 99 overall, which is a big difference from the regular $75. We’re neutral about its customer support. There are also the options of PPTP and 128-bit IPSec. Simontok vpn 2020, netflix, HBO, Hulu, Showtime, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Sling TV. This is somewhat complicated, but it shows that they are clear and exceptionally straightforward, as to what they are. But the supporters of the conspiracy theory believe that this intervention could happen at any time.

Under the advanced tab, you may enter additional OpenVPN parameters, but we would not advise even going to the tab, unless you have knowledge on how to set them. It also has more configurable privacy add-ons than reputable services such as IPVanish. In any case, you enter email and payment details. A majority of users are not ever going to utilize that feature, but if you are inclined to do so, it gives you the option. It offers 5700+ locations in 60 countries, high-speed servers, Netflix and torrent support, obfuscation of the VPN protocol (that makes it suitable for China and other countries with VPN blocking) for $3.

The block access doesn’t automatically renew and you can add to it as you please.

As their USA server speeds were very quick and they claim they don’t block or throttle P2P, downloading might be one niche use case for the service, and really the only I can think of. Sitemap, port forwarding allows unsolicited connections through the NAT firewall on specific ports, making it possible for devices on the internet to initiate connections and access services on a local device. SlickVPN uses this email address to register and give you your new account. SlickVPN offers the following customer protection policies: Some providers charge more for their service, and some charge less. This has the advantage of speeding up the server selection process if, for example, you don’t care what geographic location you connect to but just want the fastest servers, or also if you don’t mind where in the continental United States you end up so long as you can watch US Netflix. Kiev-1 United Kingdom (15): For example, 8080, 8888.

Slick VPN Features

Payment can be made by BitCoin as well as by PayPal or credit card, with SlickVPN respectfully requesting nothing more than an email address and password for the former. The addition of a kill switch would have been perfect for privacy and anonymity. Provided that a worthy adversary is after you, you can’t really hide for long. CyberGhost, our third recommended option of the top three, costs around $65. Enable IP history – This will enable the IP history in the dashboard so that you can track the server locations that you have connected to.

It might have started as a slow service when it first entered the market, but now it is a reputable provider.

For DD-WRT however, there is a division between DD-WRT 2020 and previous versions, both cases are supported on OpenVPN. And one year will make your purse lighter by $2. More information on review badges here. Mobile compatibility – Slick supports iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. SlickVPN lists their address on their page at all times. Multiple device connectivity. Take some time today to appreciate something that requires the most amount of security and protection: Android, iOS, and Linux will have to connect to the SlickVPN network using standalone OpenVPN or other clients.

NordVPN on Other Platforms

Netflix support and Kill Switch feature could make the difference. When I finally did find config files, only being able to download config files one at a time felt ill-thought out. SlickVPN holds a lot of benefits to internet users such as: You can either choose core locations or closest locations, in order to facilitate your experience.

Your mileage will inevitably vary, depending on your location and the location of the gaming server to which you are connected.

SlickVPN is about average, which in this industry is not a glowing compliment. We are glad to see step by step setup guides for these other devices. Still, it states that it has authentication servers that log basic info, which is utilized for accounting and troubleshooting. Read more about geo-blocking. “SlickVPN protects your PRIVACY and prevents ANYONE from monitoring, throttling, and buffering your online communications and internet activity. ExpressVPN has a well-designed, polished-looking desktop app. The final option is the six-month package. So while their security system does make use of industry-standard protections, these protections are robust enough to keep you safe in the end.

SlickVPN made a decent first impression with an easy signup process and competent signup notification email system, but quickly started showing signs of trouble with their website over-marketing and poor organization.

We sent a query at 10: SlickVPN offers a good variety of features, and some are worth discussing in more detail. We will discuss the new features momentarily, but first, we will look at pricing. Create a group as noted by the green arrow, and name it whatever you wish. First, once you have registered, you can submit a ticket. What this means is that, while they have a No-Logging Policy, should the government demand that they want to see all traffic going through their VPN service, they have to turn over all the information.