HotSpot Shield Review 2020

HotSpot Shield Review 2020

The features will vary slightly from company to company, but one thing all of them will offer is additional security. Speeds were even more remarkable with the server that is about 700 km away from my home country. However, it still contains several passages that are confusing and worrying without additional context. 49 per month – billed $125.

How can we know it’s an Anchor Free server? This review was originally published June 20, 2020. This makes it a good option for individuals looking to enjoy clear, fluid streaming. International speed would be much lower than that. There are also apps available for Android phones and tablets.

  • This is why we’ve done a speed test of your Web connection, without Hotspot Shield involved.
  • The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with Hotspot Shield.
  • You are free to choose between the two (128 is a bit faster, but less secure).
  • It’s clear that the monthly plan is the most expensive option here.
  • The feature allows you to choose which apps you want to access through the VPN, and which ones you want to access directly through your regular internet connection.
  • In practice, this means that the L2TP and PPTP protocols are used.
  • The app’s code contains seven trackers, which is more than the average for a top VPN.

There is no ability to make anonymous payments or semi-anonymous payments using cash or cryptocurrencies like BitCoin. What’s surprising is that you can’t install it on routers, which has become one of the standard features of today’s VPNs. 64 is billed every 36 months. It is difficult to determine the scope of protection considering that Anchor Free provides on its website little information about the VPN they use and protocol. Any changes to text or our final review verdict will be noted at the top of this article. Best for extra features, if you want a full VPN subscription for any device, check our guide to the best VPN services The Best VPN Services We've compiled a list of what we consider to be the best Virtual Private Network (VPN) service providers, grouped by premium, free, and torrent-friendly. – which closes all unused apps from time to time. We have to say that after having reviewed dozens of VPN services, we believe that Hotspot Shield brings the most limited platform support yet – despite the fact that you can use it on 5 devices at the same time.

  • In order to visit the Hotspot Shield website if you are in China, you would need to use a different VPN or proxy service.
  • Unfortunately, spamming continues to pose a problem on the Internet, and hundreds of proxy sites on the Web provide blacklisted IP addresses for websites to hide behind.
  • This is our review of Hotspot Shield Elite VPN, based on real VPN testing results.
  • Finally, we’ve also checked the performance of a remote server – located in the USA.
  • However, if you specifically need access to a U.
  • Keep in mind there are many factors that your internet speed will depend on when using a VPN – time of day, location, internet service provider, software, hardware, VPN server location, and on and on.

Getting started with Hotspot Shield

5 Check Price Pros Simple, stylish design. There are no data logs or ads when using it. The client app will give a straightforward link that you’ll use to sign up for an elite free trial—something that’s not easy to come by on the website. Oddly enough, their United States servers inexplicably ran at speeds that were almost twice as slow as their competitors even though the company is based in San Francisco! The VPN collects information on the language in use, your device specs, your OS, your network and a few other details that are enough to make anyone concerned about online security and privacy quite uneasy. AnchorFree previously injected an ad linking back to a page on its own domain onto webpages visited by users.

They will create one for you, and you will now only need to add a password.

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We have to say that we’re impressed by that number, even though some top-rated alternatives offer from 3,000 up to 5,000+ servers. As you read this, you should remember that this VPN is still trusted by millions, and they continue to use it every day without any complaints. To find out more about how we make money and our editorial process, click here.

This is the kind of trade off you often face, between security and performance. Plus, users with minimal requirements can make good use of the free version. There is also software for computers that use Windows and MacOS (for Apple computers) as operating systems.

Secure your Wi-Fi router with Hotspot Shield VPN

It worked seamlessly and didn’t crash once. Although our real location and IP address in the US weren’t leaked, the browser extension was leaking multiple DNS addresses to the websites we visited. 2 seconds, which is not too bad and was right behind Windscribe and Speedify. For casual users, this means that Hotspot Shield’s encryption is more than secure enough to keep you safe. In a recent independent study, Hotspot Shield was ranked as the most transparent VPN service on the market. The company claims this is worthwhile, quoting speed increases of up to 2. Its real strength is that a Pango account includes a suite of other services to protect your identity online.

But it’s not the best option for a VPN. That is why it was interesting for me to find out if the support team is really so irresponsible. And the saying “if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product” holds true for most free VPNs. We’re happy to say that they follow the zero-logs policy, which means they will have very little to share with the government agencies.

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Fortunately, we found that Hotspot Shield doesn’t contain any viruses. In order to prevent this you should disable IPv6 on whatever device you’re using. According to Hotspot Shield, the advantage is that the connections are set up faster, uberhaubt faster, and that less data has to be sent back and forth. Moreover all the plans include the same features, such as: This implies that IP addresses are collected and stored at some point, and indeed, this is confirmed later in the policy overview.

It also charges significantly more than most of the competition, which makes it hard to argue as a good value. They've become increasingly popular over the past few years, and for good reason. Privacy software, check your IP Address If you now check your IP address again from the IP Info page, your location should show that you are now in the UK (or which ever country you have connected to). Streaming – Does Hotspot Shield Work with Netflix? This website features affiliate links. Split tunneling: Besides, 45-day money-back guarantee allows being paid back in case a user is dissatisfied with Hotspot Shield work. Considering the cost of the elite service - which is very similar to other services that provide exceptional support - this is a disappointment.

They offer incredible UX and fast speeds. Now, they have a live chat. This means that the US government can order Hotspot Shield VPN to give them your personal data. If you don’t know who is behind the company or where that company is based, how can you trust that they will protect your personal data? The same IP address that was tested above for its speed is also recorded in Google by SPAM cops for Spamming. 99 a month ($5. )More servers doesn't necessarily mean a service is better, but it does mean more chances to find a usable server. What user info is collected by Hotspot Shield?


You can see a better idea of their pricing. When it comes to torrenting, the situation is somewhat better. Yet millions of people continue to rely on Hotspot Shield. You can choose from four plans: In this case a proxy trace using a popular IP tracer shows that the server is actually an Anchor Free server: Installing a VPN on your device drastically improves your protection against malware such as ransomware, spyware, keyloggers, and rogue security software, to name a few. We have also tried connecting to Hotspot Shield Elite VPN’s other server locations. It all looks great and is very well presented.

  • Finally, there’s the 3-year plan which costs $2.
  • Security and confidentiality are the fundamental principles of VPN services.
  • 5 from 225 reviews.
  • These third-party ad servers or ad networks use technology to send, directly to your browser, the advertisements and links that appear on the Hotspot Shield.

User Reviews about Hotspot Shield VPN

Thankfully, if those are deal-breakers for you, you have some great alternatives to consider. However, after a recent filing from the CDT and a proceeding FTC investigation, I’ve begun to realize that the term “Ethically Ambiguous” is probably a more suitable description. Perhaps most notable is that a couple of tests showed speeds faster than the control. For this test, we used a Mac computer from Beijing, China.

However, how good is Hotspot Shield really? You can only purchase Hotspot Shield Elite in a single plan. It might be a good option for users in China. 08/month (if you pay for two years). There's no support for paying by Bitcoin, but you can use a range of other methods, including cards, PayPal, and (for extra anonymity) gift cards from hundreds of companies. Organizations that record SPAM and report it for blacklisting publish the results. The iOS app doesn’t include information about a money-back guarantee.

Is Hotspot Shield secure?

Visitors from China might have to access its website using another VPN or proxy service. While the Windows client always reconnects initially to whatever server you were using last, the Android app can be set up to connect to the fastest server for your current location. As usual, if your issue is more complex, you can head off to the support website for more in-depth guidance. VPN protocols: Many VPN companies that are based in the United States don't collect data, so that even if authorities come calling there's nothing to share. However, there is the option to use gift cards, including those from Target, Best Buy, and Starbucks.

To protect your system and device even after disconnecting from a VPN, remember to delete your history and cookies.

This however, doesn’t change Hotspot Shield’s base of operation, since the VPN is still based in California. Archives, the others appear never to have been named, and of course, many other providers were not tested. The tool also found 13 permissions, which grant the app access to view network and WiFi connections, retrieve running apps, and prevent the phone from sleeping, amongst others. While you should use a VPN as often as possible for maximum security, this feature means you don't need to remember to switch on the VPN.

0 update, however there’s an easy fix you can take to protect yourself. Their pricing is pretty straightforward. Instead of simply opening your browser at the Hotspot Shield support site, it displays key FAQs within the client interface (Can't Connect, Can Connect But Can't Browse, and so on.) Before we get into the details, here’s an at-a-glance look at key data and scores logged during my assessment of Hotspot Shield. You can rest assured that the information you send and receive will remain private and confidential. Firstly , you might have installed several VPN programs on your device’s platform that make it impossible for Hotspot Shield to operate well.

I found it increased latency by 3,145.

When you look at their privacy policy, it is impossible to tell if they view your IP address as personal data or not.

Hotspot Shield by AnchorFree VPN Review

In my opinion, there is no support to speak of and this is a take or leave it product. Maybe I was lucky, who knows? They can browse and surf to their hearts content without the risk of being charged. So, here’s a quick overview of what to expect. As you can see, it took the fastest VPN almost twice as long to reach the designated server as the reference, which was not connected to a VPN.

The average drop in download speed was 35%; the decrease in upload speed – 13%. Very few VPNs work reliably in China, so I was eager to find out if Hotspot Shield is one of them. I connected to several other servers and ran a few tests using the third party website, speedtest. You’ll also get a detailed report of your chat on your email, in case you want to revisit the conversation. For this review we also tested the paid version. ProtonVPN, too, has an impressive free VPN, though its speed is throttled. Explore, once you use the mobile app to sign up you’ll receive a free 7-day trial, and then you can use the same username and password to sign in on your Fire Stick app. To really disguise yourself online, you should route your traffic through the labyrinthine Tor network.

The abundance of third-party trackers used in the Android app and lack of transparency regarding Catapult Hydra is also concerning. But is Hotspot Shield as fast as the vendor claims? Network conditions can change on a dime, after all. While very few VPNs offer a Linux app, most provide tutorials for getting set up with Linux.

Customer Support

A quick test for DNS and IP leaks revealed that the VPN is airtight. What is the Hotspot Shield Pricing? You are able to delete devices from your subscription to change which five devices you want to use Hotspot Shield with at any time. I prefer the open-source OpenVPN protocol, which has been heavily vetted, or the new and secure IKEv2 protocol. That said, we were disappointed by the supported VPN protocols. Public IP addresses allow users to directly access the Internet. I then calculate a percent change between the two figures.

Differently said, no matter which of those you pick, you’ll always get the same feature set. The software supports users by enabling them to access regional or geo-locked content for a more open internet. Speedtest results without Hotspot Shield connection: Perhaps the best additions are the Auto Protect and Bypass lists, at least once you've found them (they're in Chrome's Hotspot Shield Settings page rather than the extension console).

For anyone who is genuinely concerned about their online privacy and security, the aforementioned facts should raise red flags. Canada’s streaming service worked perfectly for us. I’m not surprised they don’t offer phone support, because that is rare among VPN services.

In A Nutshell

This could change, but for now Hotspot Shield works with Netflix and other video streaming websites Free option: In 2020, a report surfaced pointing problematic connections of Hotspot Shield’s managers to US authorities. Watch this video to learn about what makes us the best vpn on the market. Take a look at the following table to learn more.

There are several factors why a VPN slows down your internet connection: Bear in mind that during server switching your VPN connection is likely to drop, and that is when a kill switch will help you. A map in the lower right shows a stylized view of the world and doubles as a VPN server selector. AnchorFree is openly associated with a number of third-party advertising companies who make Hotspot Shield free possible.

[4] Hotspot Shield was used to bypass government censorship during the Arab Spring protests in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya.

The day Netflix thought I was in Germany, I did manage to get one successful traceroute from a supposed connection in California to Vienna, Austria. Moreover, it is my opinion that this product is as popular as it is because customers are just not educated about the true nature of the product. One might wonder why Hotspot Shield VPN would have a server in China. The interface warns you when you're at 250MB, halfway through your daily allowance. See why millions of users trust Hotspot Shield for their mobile security - Get it today!


Hotspot’s premium subscription level, Elite, features unlimited connection bandwidth. In addition, China has been actively blocking VPN services and using a VPN in China is barely legal. We will answer this by taking a look at their server speeds, their privacy and logging policies, their security, their pricing, and their customer service. TunnelBear also has a limited free version, but it won't serve you ads if you opt to go that way. During our testing, speeds remain unchanged regardless of the server location or content we tried to reach.

Here’s how Hotspot Shield ranks.

It also spells out nearly every instance of information gathering carried out by the company, why the information is gathered, and how AnchorFree mitigates threats to user privacy. Unsecure connection. AnchorFree, the parent company behind Hotspot Shield, says that this information is collected only for analytic and troubleshooting purposes. Pango offers a seven-day trial of its premium service that reverts to a free Basic subscription after seven days. Any other data flowing from your computer to the internet won't have that benefit. They automatically receive the virtual IP Address assigned by AnchorFree when this happens. And a further report by Spam-IP. Unless you cancel, it will charge you again when the subscription period ends.

Although it's barely advertised on the website, Hotspot Shield also has a Firefox extension. IP concealment – Hide your IP, identity and location from the snooping tools and reach maximum level of security and confidentiality. How to choose the right vpn, windows 7 - 10 and Mac OS X 10. It guards your privacy by establishing a secure and encrypted connection. You can also access the list of virtual locations by clicking on your current location while connected to the VPN. This server and IP address has SPAM reports associated with it and recorded in Google search: Therefore, knowing the high regard Hotspot Shield has for fast speeds, I think they wouldn’t want to compromise their glorious reputation. This matters, I think, because how a service looks is probably going to inform how we feel about it.