VPN Services 101: Awesome Researched Results

VPN Services 101: Awesome Researched Results

CyberGhost also offers Netflix U. Our brand, ConsumersAdvocate. Up to the left, there is a hamburger menu, which, when expanded, displays Account, Settings, Like Us on Facebook, Help, and Quit. 10 best sites to watch movies for free, 95 monthly Ultimate VPN – . These apps and clients are, at least, easy to install and use. Millions of people around the world trust Hotspot Shield VPN for a secure surfing experience online, which is why we’ve made it our #1 VPN pick.

  • In particular, he alleges that they either downgrade or omit Hotspot Shield altogether because they can’t make any money by referring users to its free service.
  • So, in a way, your VPN can also increase the rate of your (throttled) connection!
  • I tested the US server using a New York test server on beta.
  • A kill switch is a software tool that will automatically shut down your internet if you lose connection to a VPN server.

99 per month, billed at $95. The VPN doesn’t store or log IP address beyond the duration of a VPN session. In our opinion, this is something that a premium-priced tool shouldn’t offer so aggressively. Moreover, the clients are simple, clean and easy to use, even for beginners. 45 days Website www. Here’s how their different pricing plans break down.

You can only use it with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. This includes Amazon FireOS media streamers, Linux, routers, Windows Phone, or any other platform. How to set up l2tp vpn on windows 10, for VPN Type, select L2TP/IPsec with pre-shared key and type in the pre-shared key below it. To help you decide if it’s worth throwing your money at, in my 2020 review, I’ve been thoroughly testing the Hotspot Shield VPN service. By default, HotSpot Shield is set to run when Windows starts, and it’s also set to prevent IP address leaks—an important thing for VPN apps. The kill switch will stop your internet connection in the event the VPN connection is lost. The obvious question is, if this VPN doesn't provide anonymity, how come so many people continue to use it and sing its praises? I also checked the Hotspot Shield Chrome extension on IP and DNS leaks. This VPN brings limited support.

The following are some of our favorite features of the Hotspot Shield VPN service. In reality it’s not completely different than every other VPN protocol out there. After installing and launching Hotspot Shield, you’ll be immediately connected to an ‘optimal’ server, which is the server that’s closest to your physical location. Hit the power button, and HotSpot Shield connects to the United States by default, or your most recent connection choice. 99 a month ($5. )My connection to Australia only got 3 percent faster, but still, it's faster. For US server testing we used a very fast 475Mbs connection. In addition, I set out to answer the following burning questions:

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN’s Software and App:

And also, there’s a Chrome extension that you can install. Bandwidth reduction appears when a lot of internet users are pulling at one server. It's also worth noting that my tests can't be viewed as the final word on speed. A baseline without any VPN connection was established before each individual service was tested. This basically means that Hotspot Shield comes with perfect forward secrecy that generates a new key for every online session and deletes it once your session is over. You can change your location with just a click of a button, and you can connect to the system and change your location as needed. 9 /10 Read more Average Speed * : With the UK as our virtual location, our average download speed was 62 Mbps.

Well, there are some security issues arise from the fact that WebRTC needs your private IP address. Free unlimited proxy - proxy master for telegram. Though it is more expensive than most other VPNs, Hotspot Shield makes a strong argument for its value with a suite of other privacy tools. In addition to storing your IP address, they collect information about the language you use, your operating system, the mobile or wireless network you’re using, the browser you are using, the apps you use, and the websites you visit. So are the Hotspot Shield servers able to keep those speed drops to a minimum? Governments, ISP’s, nosey neighbors, so long as Hotspot Shield upholds their logging policy, none of them can access any of your browsing history or network activity. Instead, it uses its proprietary Catapult Hydra protocol, which it claims provides superior performance and reliability. I am suffering it. Although there is nothing cheaper than a free VPN, most of the Hotspot Shield pricing plans are quite expensive:

Information collected when you use Hotspot Shield – Usage information (bandwidth usage, session duration), device information (device identifiers, device type and settings, browser type, operating system, network information, and application version), diagnostic information (device and app info, referring URLs, and timestamps), and location information (in order to connect you to the fastest server for your location). Some tests showed performance dropping as little as 1Mbps compared to non-VPN connections, one of the lowest overheads we've seen (the average is around 2. )If you want the full version it's the Hotspot Shield Premium name you're looking for.

  • The partnerships with nonprofits and third-party audits are a step in that direction.
  • Sadly, Hotspot Shield should not be your pick as it can’t unblock any of the world’s most popular streaming devices.
  • Furthermore, Hotspot Shield also provides you with useful information at a glance in that you’ll be able to see the new IP address and location you’ve been allocated to through the chosen VPN server.

Hotspot Shield Rating

They are a useful guide for the initial encounters with the software and with the VPN technology as a whole. AnchorFree’s Gorodyansky calls the allegations “an unfortunate misunderstanding,” but AnchorFree did revise its terms of service soon after. To use Hotspot Shield, you first need to sign up for an account. Once you log in to the app, it’ll automatically connect to the best and fastest server available—depending on your actual location. As indicated earlier, the server you choose to connect to has far-reaching consequences. Different factors were considered in this test.

When you activate your VPN, it creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and a server controlled by the VPN company. Again, it’s very clean and easy to follow. Diving deeper down in the privacy policy section, the company states that: Overall, Hotspot Shield’s security offering isn’t quite on the same level as the very best VPNs on the market.

We used it multiple times to ask a variety of questions, and we received an answer to our questions within a few seconds of placing the questions.

Hotspot Shield Cons:

I used Hotspot Shield on both mobile and desktop to ensure I got the whole user experience and to provide you with all you need to know about the service. The name says it all. The only thing left to do is to choose a payment method and submit your order. Here’s how Hotspot Shield ranks. While it’s possible AnchorFree is just trolling ExpressVPN by suggesting that it’s based in China, the risk is not imaginary. However, it doesn’t fully support IPv6 yet. The protocol is similar to OpenSSL, but is optimized to get the fastest connection speeds, especially over long distances.

That’s an impressive number of servers; only a handful of VPNs have more. They say it would take 14 billion years to decrypt AES-128 using the world’s current supercomputers. Psychology can explain why coronavirus drives us to panic buy, and how to stop doing it. I detected no IP leaks, no DNS leaks, and no WebRTC leaks.

  • Your firewall, combined with an updated antivirus and a VPN, provides a sturdy defense for your system and device against online attacks.
  • While VPNs always reduce the speed of the base connection somewhat, many VPNs will make this difference so small as to be negligible for all practical purposes.
  • I hadn’t bargained on a knife fight.


As soon as I wrote the topic of my problem, they offered me the articles on the topic that would hardly solve the issue. Neither the author nor ZDNet were compensated by the vendor for this independent, unbiased review. And once you submit your payment details, you get a 7-day free trial. As I have mentioned, Hotspot Shield uses its Catapult Hydra protocol, which is supposed to double the download speeds for large files.

A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through remote servers, protecting your data (like your browsing history, downloads, and chat messages) and masking your location. Both of those scores are right behind those from Windscribe, our top placer. The best picks regarding privacy would be ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and PureVPN, among others. 99, billed monthly and a 1-year plan, which is $7. Hide your location, as well as VPN software, Tor is now available for any user on the Internet. Sadly, however, Hotspot Shield doesn’t offer this feature.

Customer Support

Any user requests will be processed with the help of the support ticket. Psiphon 4.0, hello friends, if you are looking to download the Psiphon for your pc (windows 7, 8, 10) then you have reached the best platform. You are not going to be hit with any hidden fees and will able to use the VPN just a few seconds after you pay for it. 2 rating on the Google Play Store.

This is our review of Hotspot Shield Elite VPN, based on real VPN testing results. As you can see, Hotspot Shield fared pretty well in the speed tests. So, I had to cover a lot of ground to get to the truth. This looks and works in almost exactly the same way as the Chrome extension, with just one minor omission (it doesn't include an optional Sword Mode for feeding web trackers fake browsing information.) That might not bother some users, but those who are very privacy conscious should look elsewhere. The provider does not offer router support. Fast with a huge selection of servers, uS for 1 month to the US . You can then install the Hotspot Shield VPN client on your preferred device, and sign in using your new account details. This is an excellent security option since even if somebody manages to obtain your encryption key, it will be rendered useless the moment you finish your current session.

This time around, I’m pitting CyberGhost against Hotspot Shield.

Your data can be shared with business organizations, affiliates and third-party service providers, and potential new owners. To get a feel for the impact of using a VPN, I perform a series of tests using the Ookla SpeedTest website. Fastest yet smartest vpn, that’s why I write this simple guide to provide you with some free VPN services that can help to keep information secure from Amazon. On top of all that, the company offers a generous 45-day return policy. We also had excellent results on servers in Mexico, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, Auckland, and Hong Kong. This includes Hotspot Shield, a VPN platform with user base of over 650 million in 200 countries.

Hotspot Shield VPN: Speed and Security Tests

AnchorFree’s outspoken CEO, Gorodyansky, has his theory for why his company’s service doesn’t fare as well on these sites. The only additional features offered are IP Leak Protection and the Kill Switch. 500MB per day; U. Our real IP address and location in the UK remained hidden, which means the VPN was protecting our identity. We’ve allowed this VPN to select an ‘optimal’ server, which is located in one of our neighboring countries. You can switch countries from the little pop-up country menu under the name of the country you're currently browsing: In the past, customer support was much worse, and it used to take them forever to help out the users.

For example, when company ranking is subjective (meaning two companies are very close) our advertising partners may be ranked higher. Considering that Hotspot Shield has been on the market for a while now, we expect to see a full feature set. If you visit the official website, you’ll find information about this VPN’s compatibility with TOR (it works perfectly). It’s the same for website cookies. That’s why we’ve created our behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm™ that gathers customer reviews, comments and Hotspot Shield reviews across a wide range of social media sites. Surprisingly, not many options are found here.

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, like AnchorFree's Hotspot Shield, are critically important tools.


You can find our full leak testing results here. Our lowest speed was recorded on the Melbourne server, which managed to retain only 33. It works in China, and has a massive server network, top-notch security, and the ability to unblock plenty of popular streaming sites. If your primary concern is encrypting your browsing so that you can surf safely regardless of where you are, then Hotspot Shield is the right answer for you. Others make internet browsing sluggish.

We checked the service out with SpeedTest, TestMy and other websites to find out.

Compatibility with Streaming Services

Note that Hotspot Shield’s website is blocked in China, along with the sites of most other VPN providers. Server switching is unlimited, and it takes approximately 5-15 seconds to get connected to a different server. The disadvantage of using vpn, cyberGhost Great for VPN beginners. When you look at the stream speed in kilobytes per second, you will notice that Hotspot Shield Elite is only slightly slower than the reference speed, which was not connected to a VPN. However, all websites that you visit are retained when you’ve turned your VPN off. What’s more important is how they treat the private data of their users and where their HQ is. Let me know below. We ran the service through a series of speed tests to see exactly how stable the connection is. Server switching is possible only for Hotspot Shield Elite VPN subscribers.

Many VPN services support a range of protocols, from OpenVPN to P2P or BitTorrent. A VPN’s encryption is the layer of protection used to protect your online activities from prying eyes. Our VPN product will never store or log your IP address beyond the duration of your VPN session, and we always delete your IP address after you disconnect from the VPN. On top of that, in 2020, a security researcher found a vulnerability that leaked portions of user information, including their Wi-Fi network name and current country of location. The number shown below is the average result of all six connections.

All Star Hotspot Shield reviews

Some services offer more privacy features on top of VPN protection. Are there cheap kodi vpn services?, here you will find a “Channel” and a “Change Channel” button. Torrenting is another thing that most users do across the globe, and not only for piracy. In the best case, you want a nearby server that gives the best possible performance, and you also need remote servers for website unblocking.

But the router needs to be compatible with the VPN; currently, Hotspot Shield can’t be installed on a router.

VPNs could offer a workaround—although if they become too popular for that purpose, ISPs might try to crack down on VPNs themselves. Platforms, you can even see for yourself the number of times that they have handed over private information to different governments. But doing nothing. Oddly enough, we recorded the best results in New York, which augmented our original download speed by 4. Short-term tests can never tell you very much, but Hotspot Shield was unusually consistent, too, giving us better-than-average confidence in the accuracy of our results.

The new policy states: There are a bunch of privacy extras, starting with ad, cookie, tracker, malware and WebRTC blockers, along with a handy option to ignore any resources you're accessing which are hosted within your local network. You can find detailed instructions for disabling WebRTC in our guide to VPN leaks.

The Bottom Line

Better yet, use both Hotspot Shield's free offering and Windscribe's similarly generous counterpart, and you'll have 25GB per month of free VPN data to play with. 23 operating systems that run on your raspberry pi. However, once you have signed up for a Hotspot Shield Elite VPN account and installed its VPN software, you can use its VPN services from China directly without using other VPN or proxy services. The company is based in the US, so you would expect that their infrastructure there to be great. If you subscribe to Hotspot Shield Elite you are entitled to unlimited bandwidth, but remember this may be restricted by your ISP. All you have to do is click on the “Sign In” link at the top of the page.

This ensures that even high traffic demands are handled seamlessly, without compromising the optimal download speed.

HotSpot Shield prides itself on offering users privacy, anonymity, and trust. With a Virtual Private Network you can do so much more and enjoy a lot more benefits such as fast network speeds, access websites that are restricted in your location and enjoy the best security from online hackers and cyber spies who might be monitoring your online activities. Solving problems quickly and efficiently is not about Hotspot Shield. I tested both the Netherlands and UK from the UK test server in London. VPNs are not a new phenomenon. And the saying “if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product” holds true for most free VPNs.

  • Instead, start with a short-term option and see how the VPN works in your home.
  • The option that will get you the most for your money is the three-year subscription plan, billed at only $2.
  • Specifically, I want to know if a VPN is recording my IP address, as this information can be used to identify me.
  • However, if you specifically need access to a U.

Do we recommend Hotspot Shield?

Here are the full details: Allows up to 5 simultaneous connections. The IP address is not associated with your VPN browsing activity.

Windows Client

Your daily bandwidth cap is 500MB, you can use it only on one device at any given moment, and you are limited to the US location. CyberGhost is a great choice for VPN users looking for a provider that offers a better-than-average level of service. And anyways, with a limit of 500 MB per day, you would run out of data before you got through one episode of Stranger Things. While users may use it as their Netflix-connecting VPN of choice, they should be aware that the Netflix-VPN provider tug-o-war is in a constant state of flux.

3 users perform the tests, each located in different areas of the world.

The VPN will not associate any app or website you visit while using the VPN with your device or IP address. #2 hotspot shield elite, we don’t have to tell you about numerous dangers lurking behind every corner on the Web. The company boasts on more than 650 million downloads and counting. Which, for non-encryption geeks, is more than good enough to keep you safe. You are also free to select the country you wish to connect to—by clicking on the drop-down menu next to the name of the current server location.