Here's What I Know About Touch Vpn Review

Here's What I Know About Touch Vpn Review

However, did Touch VPN prove to be as good as it seems? Touch VPN changes your IP address, so your online identity is anonymous and your internet activity is inaccessible to prying eyes and businesses. Essentially, the VPN connected to the Netherlands instead of the location I chose. As for Android, the 4. Is it worth paying for?

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There’s no mention of Touch VPN using the advanced superfast HydraVPN protocol anywhere on its website. This is a simple app with one main function, but it does it very well. More hotspot shield 5.4.11 versions:, anchorFree™ was chosen as one of the most promising companies in the US by Forbes Magazine, as well as the fastest growing companies by Inc. As for accessing Netflix with any of the servers, I’m sorry to say but you can’t do that.

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Again this is very low. It’s supposed to protect your privacy and ensure your online security. We were hoping this new privacy policy might be a positive change, but we were wrong. While we can’t really expect them to offer 24/7 chat support (as is the standard of most top tier paid VPNs), we do expect them to at least be able to respond to our questions in our time of need.

  • This is why over 25% of internet users rely on a VPN.
  • You can be an Elite user through auto-renewable subscription.
  • So, if you were wondering does Touch VPN work, then yes, it does the job.
  • Thank you kindly for your support.
  • This feature should be an important factor to consider if you truly want to keep your information and identity safe.
  • Visiting IPLeak.

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Because of the encryption process, the data cannot be filtered. It’s definitely not competing with the big guns with thousands of servers. You can get your data reliably encrypted with just one touch. Opera vpn, if you're going to pay for a VPN we'd suggest getting a premium one like ExpressVPN, but if you're only interested in a free option then TunnelBear is a decent option. Yes, it is 100% free, but that comes at a cost: For some reason they removed all of their FAQ content on the homepage and didn’t bother fixing this section. So, it is evident that Touch VPN logs the user’s real IP address. Its privacy policy hasn’t been updated since 2020, its security protocols are outdated, and even its Twitter account has had no activity in the past few years.

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If torrenting is what you’re looking for, our top VPNs for torrenting shouldn’t disappoint. Very familiar. There’s not so much as an FAQ on their website, and everything they tell you is common knowledge to anyone who’s at all familiar to VPNs. The one in the UK had a couple of disconnections, while those in the US were almost impossible to use. Free OFFICIAL WEBSITE: You can even choose between UDP and TCP on the app. It doesn’t look very different from other VPN apps. TouchVPN has apps for Android and iOS that can be easily installed on your device with just a few clicks.

Netflix didn’t work on any servers, even the US which it claims works. You can quick-connect just by clicking the connect button. Installation only takes a few minutes. VPN In Touch is definitely an adequate product if you’re buying fundamental VPN with good security procedures.

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First let’s look at the technical aspects: This also means subscriptions are handled through them, rather than Touch. US, UK, Canada, Russia, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. You can download the software for free from the company’s site.

That being said, there are practical solutions that work well and that allow you to defeat geo-blocks and access more content. Checking the extension code reveals this whitelist of domains which will be accessed directly, and not passed through the VPN tunnel: On security fronts like IP, DNS and WebRTC leak protections, Touch VPN exceeded my expectations to a new plane. Therefore, you do not need to pay a single penny from your pocket. Another problem is Gmail access. How pia implemented openvpn on ios: new this week, 99/month, and like the Premium Plan, is billed annually. The right answer is both.

Available in Android, iOS, macOS, Google Chrome and in the Windows Store.

Pricing Review

They will need to look for other alternatives by researching our guide about best VPN for torrenting. There are significant differences in how apps for various OSs work. The rate at which data is transferred to the server from your device. Evade firewalls to unblock Facebook, watch YouTube, and circumvent VOIP limitations. Look no further than our best VPN for torrenting article.


Here, you will also find tips on how to use Touch VPN. It sets up a secure and encrypted server in another country so you can bypass geo-restrictions and unblock any website, wherever you are. As we just mentioned, privacy and security are what any VPN aims to provide.

The company has a hostile jurisdiction and its logging policy doesn’t stand up to criticism. That’s there on the opening screen too. Obviously you’re not always going to get the highest-quality video, but no matter how bad the resolution gets you’re still probably not going to experience any interruptions.

Touch VPN for Chrome

Touch VPN is available on just about everything—Android, iOS, the Windows Store, Mac OS, and Chrome. These facts taken together make Touch VPN sketchy at best. Cruelly, they seem to aim their audience at complete beginners who would be easily fooled. The only difference is that here, there’s no Apps Control function and the only protocols to choose from are Hydra VPN and IPsec.

This is why keeping your DNS information private is crucial if you want true privacy while surfing the web. To the average users on the internet, these features may not seem like much. TouchVPN is not the most popular provider out there but it definitely has some client base thanks to the fact that it is a free service. It claims to be slower too. Before you do nonetheless, have a look at our VPN in Touch review to get the low-down everywhere it offers. No functioning website.

  • This app provides you with a great level of security for the best protection.
  • TouchVPN is one of the highest VPN services according to the opinions of their users.
  • It’s unlikely that Touch VPN can compete with paid services like NordVPN and Private Internet Access.
  • In the era where the government has been banned all the biggest torrent sites, it is entirely understandable for you to want your VPN to let you torrent.
  • It only has 25 servers around the world, in about 30 countries.

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VPN and Proxy can both conceal user identity through re-routing your internet traffic. Several of these websites can be used for tracking, and as Touch VPN doesn't have a privacy policy we can trust, there's no way to be sure what it might be doing. What we were thinking is that, if they were able to unblock Netflix, things would still seem quite good. We did have success accessing the restricted content in Europe, but the US and Asia didn’t seem to do that well. Keep an eye on the activity of the Android app because with the default system settings it can stop or shut down entirely while the device is in sleep mode. Touch VPN is absolutely free and doesn’t require a single cent to use. For some reason, however, their Chrome extension has a sign in button. Reviews, easy to set up and start using. Only time will tell.

Touch VPN – is the best solution for you!

There are a few scraps of information on the various app pages. Slow email-based customer support TORRENTING: The results were even worse. Unblock any website and stay secure with Touch VPN. F-secure, multi-layer protection for endpoints – GravityZone Business Security uses a variety of techniques to keep your devices safe. You can surf the Internet protected and safe. You can try emailing [email protected] and see if you get any response! To determine your internet’s speed, browse to your favorite search engine and search for “speed test. This IP address is from the Netherlands (the rectangle in the center of the pic).

Like we said, there’s no real help page and the FAQ section on their website is abysmal.

Encryption and Protocols

But it also has an option to get rid of them and even more. On their website, it says the company Northghost provides the service but upon checking the Microsoft store version, another company named AnchorFree Inc. The server then points your browser to the right IP address. Touch VPN collects three types of data: Just as many other apps, Touch VPN – Unlimited Proxy contains ads. Still, with paid VPNs offering torrenting support and managing to operate despite the risks, it’s disappointing to see the lack of support here.

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Netflix and other popular streaming platforms are implementing new restrictions every month. Ping (or latency): If you are a Linux user, you can’t expect to get anything from Touch VPN. Touch VPN Inc. But hold on, there’s more. You can download Touch VPN for iOS from Apple App Store by following this link. Privatevpn, the servers are always available and speedy. Here’s a summary of other reviews.

Well, we can confirm that nothing good has come of this–in fact, their website seemed even more broken. If you’re interested in ensuring online anonymity, security, and privacy, and if you want to stream shows on Netflix or use torrenting sites, Touch VPN is not for you. But we also came across the name Northghost a few times during our research. Best mini drone with camera you can buy. All you need to do is download the correct file for your device.

99 and year subscription – $29. We tested the service and we bring you our impressions in this TouchVPN review. They're annoying, though we've seen worse. After noticing this problem, they’ve found it impossible to reconnect to it.