The Best VPN, According to Our Readers: Private Internet Access

The Best VPN, According to Our Readers: Private Internet Access

These providers offer fast servers around the world, reliable apps, and a dedication to privacy: Requires your personal info when signing up, doesn’t respond to request for refunds. Other essential security features include an internet kill switch, DNS Leak Protection, IPv6 Leak Protection, and WebRTC leak protection.

This was a comparably small incident—affecting just one of NordVPN's servers, for example—but it has served as a wake-up call to the industry and customers. They feature multiple connection protocols, don’t discriminate against traffic types or port usage, don’t monitor your activities, and only log a few things. Does surfshark have a vpn app for android or ios?, first of all, you should purchase a VPN plan according to your needs. It supports OS X, Windows, and Ubuntu (although it wouldn't be too hard to stretch that to other distributions), along with iOS and Android, and it offer configuration utilities so you can set you home router to connect to them as well.

You will be limited to just one device on the service at a time and can only choose between three server locations, but the unlimited data makes up for all that.

33 a month (when you purchase a multi-year plan) it's not a hard sell for anyone who might be strapped for cash. Ahead of most of the competition, it posted its first public security-audit report in 2020. NordVPN NordVPN is hands down the best VPN if you’re after maximum privacy at all times. In the simplest terms, a VPN creates a secure, encrypted connection—which can be thought of as a tunnel—between your computer and a server operated by the VPN service. When we tested other aspects of IVPN's performance, it also satisfied our requirements. 95 USD per year, $69. Succeed in your task, and you’ll come away from the process with a lot more confidence in the VPN service you ultimately pick (if you even go for one at all).

  • It may sound like something out of an 80s action film, but Hotspot's 'Catapult Hydra' protocol is one of its MVP features and helps the service perform at an extraordinary speed - even when we tested some of the farthest out server locations.
  • IPVanish takes an interesting approach to privacy and security.


They limit the number of times you can change servers and changes your username and password each time you do. While it hides your IP address, a VPN is not a true anonymization service. You can browse as much as you want, as long as you want. Also noteworthy is AirVPN, specifically for its high-level data encryption, compliance with data security best practices (which means even they don't know what you're doing), complete and total net neutrality, and the fact that you can pay with bitcoin, if you wish. The IOS app works flawlessly and the windows app is okay.

It is one of the biggest reasons why PureVPN is one of the bests and at the top of industry in 2020! If you’re giving another company free access to your data, you owe it to yourself to know as much about the process as possible—and then a little bit more. Do you feel like you’re missing out on Netflix or Hulu? Honorable mentions: I’ve seen plenty of reviews that are just speed tests masquerading as helpful advice. As far as what our readers are actually willing to spend, we found in our poll that 65 percent of respondents expect VPNs to be free, whereas only 10 percent expected them to cost $10 or more.

  • It emerged in late 2020 that NordVPN, TorGuard, and VikingVPN servers had been breached the previous year.
  • As far as what our readers are actually willing to spend, we found in our poll that 65 percent of respondents expect VPNs to be free, whereas only 10 percent expect them to cost $10 or more.
  • You can choose where you’d prefer to connect, which again is perfect for getting around location restrictions, and their encryption makes sure your traffic is safe from prying eyes.
  • Remember, you don't need to connect to a far-flung VPN server in order to gain security benefits.

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CEO and co-founder Ryan Dochuk answered all of our questions about the company’s security practices, audits, transparency reports, completed improvements, and plans for the future. Easily connect your wireless devices like Smart TV, ATV, Playstation, Xbox etc to VanishedVPN with this mini router. PIA has made the list every time Torrentfreak looked into privacy protecting VPN providers, and picked up an Editors Choice award from PCMag. They are officially recommended by system administrators at Reddit and their service offers a No Logging policy. Any one of these can be an important measurement depending on your needs, but we tend to view the download speed as the most important.

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If you want complete privacy, then VyprVPN is the way to go. VPNs differ from web proxies because VPNs encrypt and redirect all of your computer’s outgoing network connections, whereas proxies will only usually redirect particular protocols within an application. No logging of any data. ExpressVPN is now offering a reader exclusive: In this tech category, Lifehacker helps users to know more about different products and services, which include PureVPN’s review in 2020 on Lifehacker. Others are more transparent. They also have more apps to offer for all your devices than NordVPN. Requires a phone number.

While you're connected to a VPN, all your network traffic passes through this protected tunnel, and no one—not even your ISP—can see your traffic until it exits the tunnel from the VPN server and enters the public internet.


They are one of the most trusted VPN providers and are officially recommended by the System Administrators of Reddit. Here are some of the ones you thought were the best, in no specific order: PureVPN, the VPN giant commenced its operations back in 2020 with the aim of providing users with an unmatched internet experience that primarily focuses on exceptional streaming and unblocking experience. They’re also based in Switzerland, which means pro-privacy laws. If you are really paranoid with your privacy, then go with VyprVPN. “A ‘kill switch’ goes by many names, but the term describes VPN software that shuts off all network traffic in and out of your computer if the encrypted connection fails. Another often overlooked feature is their Proxied servers option which lets you selectively choose which traffic goes through the VPN while most other VPNs only have a fully routed option. ExpressVPN enjoys a solid reputation and is recommended by many friends and experts.

You often find “Best VPN” lists populated with different picks—and plenty of referral links if you sign up for a featured service—and since no basic security criteria or feature set have been codified, different sources will often come to different conclusions on the same products. Lifehacker often has affiliate partnerships, so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase. That's great, but don't assume it's anywhere near as good as standalone antivirus. To comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, VPNs doing business in Europe must allow customers to receive a copy of, correct, or delete their own data. Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android Platforms Supported : You can purchase their $5 per month plan, and then follow these instructions to set up OpenVPN. Because all the data sent and received from your browser is encrypted when you use a VPN service. Hides your IP address.

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Very little feedback about errors. On top of that, it often doesn't work—we couldn't access Netflix over any of the services we tried, and of the four streams we loaded on BBC iPlayer, only two worked a few days later. After all, we live in an age of digital consumption. Their proprietary features such as CleanWeb enhance your privacy ten-fold. Even though it’s hard to place trust in a VPN overall, TunnelBear exceeded our expectations regarding signals of trust, offering a transparency report, a comprehensive security audit, and a clear and easy-to-understand terms of service and privacy policy.

They deploy the solid 256-bit AES encryption and support OpenVPN protocol.

Many of the best routers on the market support OpenVPN out of the box, and even if they don’t, the DD-WRT or Tomato firmwares do, so if you can install those on your router, you’ll be all set. It’s also fast with impressive 830+ server locations, which makes it an excellent choice for P2P file-sharing, online gaming, and HD streaming. Official website: ExpressVPN keeps no logs or DNS queries, and even though it’s beyond the 14 Eyes, its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands is somewhat of a gray zone. Everyone needs a VPN service they can trust, that is not only reliable but also affordable while providing benefits such as unwanted marketing blocking, protect your online identity and data, and overcoming blocks censorship. We also visited the sites of Target, Yelp, Cloudflare, and Akamai to check if our VPN IP addresses prevented us from accessing common sites that sometimes blacklist suspicious IP addresses.

  • Instead of searching many sites for the information that can help you make a buying decision, you can review everything you need in one location.
  • As you scroll down the page below the pricing information, you can find a complete description of a product’s functionality.

10 Best Totally FREE VPNs in 2020

NordVPN costs a lot less than ExpressVPN when you go with the Yearly or the 2 year plan. This increases your privacy ten-fold. Rusvpn - free vpn service, these five certainly not the only Chrome VPN extensions that we found, but ones that seem to be the most popular, with generally positive reviews, which helped us to make our shortlist. The sites making these recommendations are, in almost every case, paid by the services they review and recommend. VPNs are a hot topic these days, and our readers made it abundantly clear that Private Internet Access should be your first stop for protecting your private browsing data. If it doesn’t download there, here’s another link to this file:

I’d also read through users’ experiences with various VPNs over at /r/VPN, just to make sure I didn’t miss any problems a service’s users have reported. It runs on several ports including TCP port 443 (HTTPS), replacing an instance of OpenVPN Blowfish 128-bit we used with port TCP/443. Some servers are distant so they might have high latency which effects the speed and ping of the VPN. That's purely out of necessity, since most of our readers use Windows (although this writer is currently using a MacBook Air). The only situation where I would recommend one would be if you were accessing sensitive data that you wanted to encrypt between you and the network. I also did not enjoy my interactions with their customer service representatives.

One of PureVPN’s biggest strengths is that it will unblock just about every streaming service known to humankind. How do you know, for example, that "starbucks_wifi_real" is actually the Wi-Fi network for the coffee shop? And the router—and everything protected by it—uses just one of your licenses. PureVPN can do this because (slightly confusingly) it offers two kinds of “dedicated IP address. A VPN is also a service that will only become more important as our more of our devices become connected.

  • All your internet traffic is routed through an encrypted tunnel, so your data is secure and your IP address and entire internet connection is hidden from prying eyes.
  • It also leads to shoddy products (and numerous scams) flooding the market.
  • You can request a return by selecting a reason that you no longer want a product.


Premium allows up to five simultaneous connections and costs $80/year if billed annually or $155. You can report a problem by phone at any hour of the day or night, or you may submit a claim online. Instead of using the VPN app from the company from which you've purchased a subscription, you can download the standalone OpenVPN app. Customer service is responsive. LegendaryActivity: If it is relatively new and without a reliable history, you’d have to trust the provider a great deal in order to use such a service.