25 Best Free VPN Services that are 100% FREE, Secured

25 Best Free VPN Services that are 100% FREE, Secured

It’s handy in that it’s provided as a single block of data that you can use at any time, but TunnelBear’s maximum of 1. Each of the free VPNs in this guide were all selected because they provide a free service that is secure and trustworthy in every way - including all the software they provide. This app claims to be free. Ipvanish vpn settings and options, it flaunts a decent range of 20+ servers that iPhone users can utilize to hide their IP address and attain some anonymity on the web. 50+ | IP addresses:

95 per month, depending on the length of the subscription. This app uses advanced filtering processes to protect while surfing and keeps your identity safe. In terms of security, Windscribe uses AES-256 cipher with SHA512 auth and a 4096-bit RSA key, and generate OpenVPN, IKEv2 and SOCKS configs for all your devices.

Linux users will often have a harder time setting up a VPN connection than Windows or Mac users.

Japan aseinet. Will a free VPN keep me safe on public networks? It offers one of the best money-back guarantee we've seen for VPN services, a full 45 days. As well as limiting your data, a free Windscribe account restricts you to servers in only the US, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, and Switzerland. Can I sign up to a free VPN anonymously? That being said, there is a limited server network to work with, and it’s based in the US, which isn’t the best for those concerned about privacy. The rating of the service.

And the two-year plan is now $4. There’s also a portable version for windows machines. The app is straightforward to use but has a lot of performance issues.

We wouldn't rely on it for absolute security and it's hardly feature-packed, but Opera's integrated VPN an excellent extra security measure if you're going to use the web whilst connected to a local network that you don't trust. However, this is where you’ll encounter a problem since VPNs usually require personal information along with your payment information, even to access their trial versions. With a large number of online servers, using a safe and strong internet connection is just with one click. This entry has been updated to reflect the security issue that was disclosed by NordVPN in October 2020. So with some seriously impressive features, it was always unlikely that it would be free. For example, some VPNs have special servers for P2P file transferring or Netflix that are only available in the paid version. The provider offers fast, well-protected connections, using government-level encryption.

  • Our VPN client protects and empowers you in the connected world by encrypting all data and hiding your online footsteps.
  • The more geographically distant a VPN endpoint is for you, the slower you can expect your connection to be.
  • They do have servers in Canada so the service can still be used by Canadians.
  • Yes, your ISP can see your browsing history if you don’t use a VPN and can sometimes sell it to third-parties such as advertisers, which is something we’ll talk about in more detail a bit later.
  • We took a 2-week dive into the world of virtual private networks, free and paid, to select best free VPN services.
  • We’ve rounded up the best free VPN services for Android you can get, all of which are also available on other platforms.


Tunnelbear allows you to dip your hand into the honey for free if you use under 500 MB of data per month. In other words, you’re free to use as much data as you want every month. Everyone is increasingly aware of online privacy issues and this – along with the urgent need to watch the U.

1,500+ | Server locations: Use VPN in the form of browser extensions. Offers a completely Free VPN service. This app is simple, free of any additional charges, and easy to use. Offering a solid free service is a great way to get some positive attention, and the market is fairly crowded. The entire data passing between your device and the VPN server is encrypted. That means you don’t have to install a VPN app on every single device you use anymore. It is the only VPN on our Top 10 list that doesn’t even require an email.

Number of server locations: Let you enjoy a protected privacy system and network. Great features are available such as AES-256 default encryption, OpenVPN, L2TP over IPSec with 256-bit AES encryption, anti-virus, 200 IP addresses, a kill switch, P2P, and they accept Bitcoin. They also have a strict no-logs policy, so there’s no record of your online travels. A good strategy would be testing out a few and seeing how speeds are for you personally as well as making sure you like the interface. Firstly, these free VPN providers can sell all of your data (search history, online purchases, frequently visited websites, etc.) So the question you might be asking yourself right now is – why do people use VPNs? 💰 How do free VPNs make money?

This way your passwords and personal data are safe.

Peculiarities and quirks of VPN apps for Android

95 per month after that, although a three-year plan works for $5. Not that Windscribe’s security is lacking, but it could be better. Neither your ISP nor special services see what you really do on the Internet. The few extra dollars it costs are worth it. It generally has a smaller memory footprint, and because of that, it also requires less processing power than a traditional VPN. [infographics] cyber security stats of 21st century cost of data breaches. It doesn't place restrictions on browsing habits, so users benefit from unlimited traffic and bandwidth. You can select your region from the general choices of Americas, Europe, or Asia.

It provides top-notch browsing security and keeps your privacy intact just as you need. Most free VPNs limit the servers you can use, meaning you have fewer options (if any) to spoof your location. 60 three-year plan.

In a nutshell, it does what a VPN should, without the unnecessary frills that sometimes populate other services. Opinion, if your kid is still in the stuffed animal phase, try ordering a new stuffed animal (or get one down from the attic that you had as a kid and you’ve been saving to give to them) and have it come to visit/live with you guys! 85/month 1 year plan: PureVPN does not log connection information.

A study among over 300 free VPN applications has shown that many of them don’t work properly or don’t treat your data well.

Best Free VPNs Quick View

Even though it is awesome that Windscribe is in Canada and even though they say they don’t log activity – the government can force them to hand over customer data. The VPNs we will discuss from here on out are completely free. 2GB/month limit for free users. There are absolutely no data caps or bandwidth restrictions. It can successfully unblock Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, and other services, too.


The free version cannot provide access to BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu or other streaming services. Some VPN services are free only for some days, after which they stop working. When you use the browser, the VPN function hides your identity for anonymous browsing – this is especially useful over public WiFi networks. It is available 24/7 throughout the whole year. There are two major downfalls with a free VPNs, that might not be worth the few dollars a month you’d be saving by opting out of a paid subscription. Leaving the session is just as easy with the disconnect button available on the screen. Using VPN helps to resolve several tasks.

Canada vpn458263329. ProtonVPN No traffic limits but only 3 countries available. Explore our ProtonVPN review to see the full results of our research and testing.

However, users from other countries should have no problem signing up. 95 per month for coverage for three devices after this. When a user is ready to get a subscription, $4 basic or $8 best offer with full features is totally worth it. Simply download the app to your device, and you’re ready to go. For example, split tunneling is easier to find on Android, so the best free VPNs for Android are worse on iPhone. Even with its free version, TunnelBear allows you to choose from all of their 23 servers.

Surfshark (83% Off)

No log keeping. As a result, Nord remains on this list as a recommended vendor. Although we’re generally fans of NordVPN’s mobile app, we had to hunt around for a reliably quick European endpoint, eventually manually selecting one in the Netherlands to boost a 10. But while all of these qualities can help you get online and do more things, you should still keep yourself under control when online. IPVanish is owned by J2 Global, the parent company of Ziff Davis, Mashable’s publisher. Infamously, Facebook's Onavo VPN for mobile devices captured huge amounts of data about its users' activities. Speed may be questionable for some providers as well, especially ProtonVPN, which will reduce your speed when there are a lot of users online. The majority of customers are satisfied by the provider’s performance not only in terms of streaming but also safe torrenting, block bypassing, etc.

Your online activity stays safe and anonymous with Speedify’s unique ChaCha encryption cipher and strict no-logs policy. You can take advantage of this VPN’s free trial by signing up for a time-limited account. Aside from ProtonVPN’s free service, we have also reviewed the premium (paid) version of this provider. Requires a credit card to be activated.

This will minimize latency and should improve overall performance. This in-depth guide provides a summary of all my Netflix VPN test results, which are updated every month. Usually one can expect a free product to have some corners cut and that is indeed the case for all VPN providers. Now let’s take a look at VPNs that are not working well with Netflix. Look for VPN services that offer a "dedicated IP address," "dedicated IP" or "static IP. "If, for some crazy reason, you don't like what NordVPN has to offer, ExpressVPN is a great runner up.

Many people can get around region restrictions by using a VPN service to route your traffic through another country.

Kaspersky Secure Connection Free

Number of IP addresses: All of them are the best VPN apps for Android and totally free. Views, avast believe in offering a transparent VPN service that has not nasty bits of code that will be able to manipulate your data. It has fewer endpoint locations – 16 territories to NordVPN's 60 – but they're a good selection, with Japan as the latest addition, and connection speeds are consistently fast.

Tunnelbear VPN

Basically, a free VPN provider could be doing the exact thing it should be protecting you from. All traffic is encrypted using TLS 1. It takes more steps than regular VPN providers to ensure your identity is safe at all times. In my opinion, the Malaysian service Hide. Moreover, in order to get 1000 Mb instead of 500, you should tweet it.

It’s certainly tempting to use a free VPN. Most importantly, their URL shifting nature provides you content from all over the world, especially the kind that isn’t available in your region. But, this is not true of every free provider. Therefore this list will continue to change as Netflix and VPNs evolve with these changes. 5 | Supported protocols: Hence, the reason we are going to dive into the list of 25+ Free VPN services that are actually free w/o many stories. It offers 500MB of data per day or around 15GB per month.

Setting up the VPN is easy, although you do have to make an account. A great VPN service should be easy to use and understand, and shouldn't throw up too many barriers, even when you're using free software. This VPN is stable, fast, and has servers in nearly 100 countries. Nvidia's faster, better dlss 2.0 could be a game-changer, there are common questions regarding cheap VPNs that every subscriber asks. Zone also offers dedicated IP addresses, which also work great for streaming Netflix. 5GB by promoting TunnelBear on Twitter. We accept individual reviews that are informative and non promotional. You won’t be able to access geoblocked content from any other countries, like BBC iPlayer.

Every other vendor does, but HotSpot Shield limits its protocol support to L2TP/IPSec and something it calls Hydra, an enhancement of the transport protocol.

Best VPNs For The Philippines: Stay Anonymous In The Philippines

They’re the safest and fastest we’ve tested. Again, not mind-blowing, but it’s better than nothing. Even if you only have one type of internet connection, the firm claims its turbocharging technology will still help speed things up. Regular updates solve the bugs and inconvenience faced by the users. It will never log information about your connection, IP address, session bandwidth or other identifying information.

Japan public-vpn-112. Its user-friendly, dedicated apps offer one-click connect, so you can get started without a hassle. Speedify offers 2GB of free data per month and can only be used on one device.

ProtonVPN Free

ProtonVPN comes from the same team behind the privacy-centric email service ProtonMail. The catch is that the mobile-data use might eat up your carrier's allocation if it's capped monthly. Here are a few VPNs that I have found to not work well with Netflix:

All you need to do is to download the application from its official website, and your 7-day trial will automatically begin once you try to connect to a secure server. Why choose the free VPN download from Avira? 99/month paid yearly.

As such, the most suitable free VPN depends on your personal wants and needs.

  • Should you want to go for a free VPN service, then make sure to choose one of the providers we have listed.
  • Let’s also stress one more time that we only tested free VPN versions, and here’s the table with core parameters to start things off.
  • TunnelBear has an as-yet-unproven no-logging policy, but it also bans any kind of torrent use across all its endpoints to avoid getting caught up in any legal requirements to keep logs.
  • Why use a VPN client?
  • Another not so pleasant drawback is that not only free trial is limited but even a paid subscription, as it seems.
  • ExpressVPN also gives you access to Kodi.
  • Even though there are still a few VPNs that work with Netflix, the vast majority do not work well, even if they claim to be good “Netflix VPNs”.


SurfEasy is a Canadian-based free VPN from the same organization responsible for the Opera web browser, and indeed it’s bundled within Opera as an integrated VPN. A lot of free VPN services are also owned by Chinese companies, which might cause you to have some suspicions about their intentions and the level of safety of the VPNs. ExpressVPN has jurisdiction in the British Virgin Islands which is a place that doesn’t have any data retention laws, meaning your online movements always remain private. The free version of proXPN uses OpenVPN connectivity to creates a secure, and highly encrypted tunnel through which your online communications passes to and fro. Now for the hidden costs in regards to convenience.

You can choose to anchor yourself to one of 70-odd countries if you pay for the Elite version of Hotspot, and this should enable you to access just about anything you want; in the free version, you're limited to locations that Hotspot Shield chooses for you and put up with ads. This provider has some limitations, but is still a perfectly good free VPN. Music to the ears of those that prioritise privacy. Smart server selection helps it connect to the servers faster and find a stable server for you. Here's an easy step-by-step guide to setting up an L2TP or IKEv2 connection. However, it supports torrenting for both free and paid users. The provider offers a VPN with no data caps and no logs. Zone is that you can get an instant three day trial without entering any payment information.

Which platforms do free VPNs support?

Aside from Netflix, NordVPN also does very well unblocking other streaming services, such as BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more. Four reasons to use a vpn, this is especially handy for travelers and for those using public Wi-Fi networks, such as web surfers at hotels, airports, and coffee shops. In practice, the following restrictions are taken place (moreover, as a rule, they are combined or happen all at once): So, you can enjoy their service easily. ExpressVPN’s client for Android performed well in our latest test, even providing a slight boost to take our 10Mbit/s reference speed up to 11Mbit/s, although some other services, such as TunnelBear, provide more dramatic improvements, as does Cloudflare Warp, which explicitly focuses on performance over security. How to choose a VPN service?

Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are also available.

Hotspot Shield

Make a preliminary list of services. The company's one-year subscription plan costs is for $6. Not every VPN is designed to provide privacy and not every VPN is what it claims to be. Windscribe offers a desktop app and browser extension. The free services are limited to just 500MB of data each month, but you can always post a tweet about them on Twitter and you will be provided with an extra 1GB. Number of servers: If you are a light user and want to torrent a few files and watch some content restricted in your location, the following are some great options. While that yearly price is lower than most other contenders, the month-to-month price of $11.

Free users get access to 11 endpoints in some of the more useful places around the world, while paying subscribers get access to 50 countries and extra endpoint servers in those 11 core locations.

ProtonVPN has a clear no-logging policy and solid security features. We do not track or record your internet activity, and therefore, we are unable to disclose this information to third parties. 1 stars out of 5 from over 1. While smartphone and tablet users have access to 7-day free trial without limits, there’s neither a free version nor a trial for standard desktop application. This means that, even though the VPN connection is free, speeds are still very decent. Old hardware, and that price is 0 per year for 10 devices. You can also get a yearly subscription for unlimited data.

ProtonVPN – Unlimited Data and Servers in Three Countries

Japan vpn224269533. Thailand vpn514679922. Theoretically, you can use it for free, but in fact, you are forced to pay some dollars for a full-featured version because you just can’t do anything serious due to the low speed or a cutdown feature set. On the other hand, lots of free users also help to give a company legitimacy; especially if they’re dropping down five-star reviews like it’s going out of fashion. Proton VPN – Top-notch security features that go above and beyond protecting your online activity. Based in Romania, where there are robust data privacy regulations, CyberGhost promises a no-logging service, although this hasn't been independently verified either through legal action or an independent audit.