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The latest addition is a Windows Store app for Windows 10. However, the numbers are sufficient to ensure that users do not cram up on the same server, battling for the same bandwidth. 0 is more streamlined to help you get online faster. When connected to Belgium server: VPN Unlimited was considered a mediocre choice in VPNs. With this free app, you can transfer all types of photos and videos between your iOS and Mac devices through Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, people who rely on VPN Unlimited to offer them online anonymity may be enjoying a false sense of security. Once the ping test is complete, you’ll see how many milliseconds each location takes to get back to you.

All that can be a bit overwhelming to a first-time user. Actually, I had no problems. KeepSolid's more customized files automatically include your credentials, ensuring you'll never have to enter a login on any device. The following is my test report for KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, which is done independently. Along with common VPN servers, the software features 3 streaming servers - for Netflix[11], BBC iPlayer, and Hulu, respectively.

  • They should only realy have TCP and UDP as an option on regular OpenVPN.
  • Having a server in the same country makes the VPN service immediate and much faster than when connected to a VPN server across the border.
  • Kill-Switch or not, AV-TEST results showed that VPN Unlimited successfully protects against all the common forms of IP Address leaks.
  • Other services simply limit the number of simultaneous connections and don’t profile the exact devices being connected.

With no kill switch, your data could be exposed until you noticed the connection had dropped; now, you're only vulnerable for a few seconds at most. You can download VPN Unlimited Android free on Google Play. Netflix has been preventing VPN users from accessing its website from unknown IPs. 99 per month, and 10 devices costs $5. You can opt for 1, 5 or 10 extra devices. If you only use a VPN to protect your activities on public wireless hotspots, for instance, you could automatically turn the VPN off at home, or anywhere else you're sure you're safe.

US averages of the 5 different speed tests were: After examining all benefits of VPN Unlimited, I divided them into two sections: Overall it was a joy to use, apart from the connection times. All we can say, the speed VPN Unlimited offers varies from server to server.

99 (about $76), which brings it down to a downright cheap cost of $2.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Overview

Supported platforms also cover pretty much all operating systems, so that more users can avail of the technology. These streaming servers are named according to the purpose they serve. This concludes the VPN Unlimited review.

Reliable Option For Bypassing Censorship

This is all access, so you can fully test it out before you commit. But my vpn says they don’t log data…right?!, most VPN services will provide various methods to secure your identity while you’re connected as a way to guarantee you’ll stay safe and anonymous. However, this is applicable only to those users who use their extras such as personal servers. Its speeds are serviceable and should work well under most circumstances, but our testing shows there are faster VPNs available. It is aimed at those users who only use VPN services when they are on a short journey away from home. We were also able to connect to the UK version of Netflix, and even got the BBC iPlayer to work. Users can be more productive as KeepSolid VPN allows the application to be used simultaneously by up to five different devices.

Make the web faster more private and more secure.

Speed Test

They have published an article on their blog, explaining why they considered some of the criticism to currently be at variance with the facts, while also recognizing some of it. I also tested the VPN Unlimited US Netflix server, which is in California. I tested for speed by connecting to 2 different servers i. Unfortunately, you can’t choose your port unless you use VPN Unlimited’s stealth protocols, which will slow down your connection. There are also a number of blue dots on the map showing all the various country locations that VPN offers. CNET hasn't reviewed it, which is why you won't find it on the otherwise comprehensive list of the best VPN services for 2020. NordVPN provides reliable unblocking power for a large number of streaming services, including BBC iPlayer, Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+ and many others.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Coupon

That’s great, because the ability to access streaming video services is one of the most concerning issues for VPN customers. VPN Unlimited’s 1-month subscription fee will cost about the same as an iTunes movie purchase for a film that’s been out for awhile. That's an unusual and irritating restriction to place on paying subscribers. Recently, VPN Unlimited addressed this deficit in their service by adding a kill switch feature. Torrenting allowed: IDG The default view of VPN Unlimited. The usual response time is never longer than an hour.

However, this isn’t really a problem because it is much better to have access to the US catalog anyway. Skype for business, shady VPN providers overpromise and underprotect. The current version of the service won’t blow you away but it does offer almost everything you need out of a VPN. There is also the right panel which allows a user to see all the available VPN servers and on top of that there is a search box which is pretty handy as well. NordVPN offers government-level AES-256 encryption protection through the OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols.

  • You want to secure your connection while using public networks You want the ability to torrent online without worrying about potential legal fallout Unfortunately, VPN Unlimited isn’t much use for potential customers who fall into the second category.
  • Unfortunately, for all the pluses above, there are also lots of issues, including some that pertain to service fundamentals.
  • Alternative VPN Choices for You From $3.
  • Being based in the US is not ideal for a privacy service.
  • However, it’s important to note in the example above, I was testing for leaks with an active and stable connection.

What do you get with VPN Unlimited?

0 for Mac and Windows. Again, not great but it isn’t the worst. 33 over five years - you get the idea. For our testing, we use the Speedtest.

Now let’s see the results. Of particular note is TunnelBear, which is extremely easy to set up and use. These servers include Canada-Ontario, France, Luxembourg, California, and US-California 1. We’re talking about Spotflux VPN and FrootVPN which also offer some very affordable packages. Unfortunately, I was not able to stream shows from Netflix while connected to a KeepSolid VPN Unlimited server in the US. 99/yr with a 7-day money back guarantee OFFICIAL WEBSITE:


We hoped to see the kill switch prevent any traffic passing outside of the VPN, but again, our real IP address was exposed for a few seconds. Opera vpn, while the US version of Netflix is highest in demand by far, we’ve also made up lists of the best VPNs for a few other popular countries:. “We use third-party service providers globally to store and transfer personal data. This is essentially an OpenVPN option that disguises your traffic as regular HTTPS web traffic instead of a VPN, which is useful on networks where VPNs are blocked. ” You can buy these, or any of VPN Unlimited’s other plans, with PayPal, credit cards, Amazon Pay, Bitcoin, and Payment Wall.

What is a VPN service? Step it up to 10 devices, and you're looking at $14. If you plan to use this more five years or more then that one-off lifetime pricing option could save you a lot of money in the long run. Privacy was also a bit of a let down as there is no chat of zero logging as with some VPN providers.

To get a sense of the impact using a particular VPN will have on internet speeds, I perform a series of tests with Ookla's speed test tool to find a percent change between performance with and without a VPN. We do hope that this bug will be fixed with the updated version of the software, and that it won’t take the developers long to take actions. As if that clear things up. VPN Unlimited isn’t even remotely competitive in this department. You can zoom in and out with this map, for instance. Users can sign up in their country and use the service when they go abroad.

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Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are available, and the service can be set up on compatible routers. The mobile app works in much the same way, allowing the user to quickly connect to an optimized server, or choose from the full list. This is a positive aspect about the provider, as OpenVPN is the strongest protocol currently available. Will it reveal your personal data to a third party or not? The standard. But depending on your luck and your ability to regularly visit their site to check for discounts, you may be able to sign up for the infinity plan for less than $130.

Here “sharing is caring” won’t work, and the consequence would be a slow connection because of multiple users. Here are some of the features you should look out for:. But you will not have trouble logging into Netflix and watching your favorite shows, with VPN Unlimited. All its plans include the same features. The good news is that VPN Unlimited is above par when it comes to streaming. Couple that with the fact that the service is based in the United States, and anyone looking to use a VPN as a shield against the potential legal ramifications of using BitTorrent may want to keep looking. That’s okay, but it seems to be about the best that VPN Unlimited can muster. 99 for 1 month, $7.

Next we ran our tests on a VPN Unlimited United States server: This user has a Mac app for this VPN service but when connected with Popcorn Time app, it doesn’t work. You can getdirectly from its website for a range of prices depending on length of subscription and number of devices allowed. Expressvpn – utmost safety and quality, 95 per month Basic plan starts at . 50 per month and your own private IP address from $8. These leaks are occurring despite the presence of robust encryption.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Pricing Plan

The installation will start automatically. The yearly and 3 year prices are also high. KeepSolid does provide servers in some regions known for internet censorship, such as China, Turkey, and Vietnam, it has ceased operations in Russia. For the most demanding users, VPN Unlimited offers free additional extensions which include Personal Server, Personal IP, and even the ability to set VPN on your WiFi Router.

In addition to the basics, VPN Unlimited also has a technology they call KeepSolid Wise. Likewise, VPN Unlimited has good European options, with city-level options in UK, France and Germany. You can use KeepSolid Wise protocol on your desired devices like Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS 9 or later stress-free. This is a neat feature available on the service for PC. This is measured in milliseconds (ms) and a lower number is better. That’s great, since Apple forces developers to jump through extra hoops to include OpenVPN in apps. That's quite nice, but hey it's nothing big i guess, but not every VPN provider doing something that is used as a way to milk money from users (by buying more device slots). If a kinder, friendlier VPN is what you’re looking for, definitely consider TunnelBear.

It also has just above average speeds, kill switches on 3 platforms, and great technical security.


This technology is difficult to detect and block. In 2020, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited was awarded PCMag Editors’ Choice. Go to Network and Sharing Center > Disable Ethernet from “view your active networks” > Go to “network adapter settings” > Enable it again. That includes all the usual like OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2, and PPTP but also uses the more recent WireGuard as part of the deal. 62 every three years or $151. Apple carplay more dangerous than texting while driving: study. They maintain over 300 servers around the world, although most of them are found in Europe and the United States. You can experience this feature on your Android and iOS devices too. In fact, not one score was below 20Mbps and the U.

Increasingly Limited

To be honest, most of these services are fairly easy to get around on any VPN with the exception of Hulu and Netflix. As you can already imagine, this package is aimed at those users who are serious about sticking to a particular VPN service and not just run away after the initial trial period expires. Does the provider save logs of their customers’ online activities?

If you want to add a new device, just click on Manage tab, scroll the page and find the section “Devices”. When I look at the competition, it’s pretty clear that VPN Unlimited could stand a visual refresh. The speeds were also quite poor at around 4 Mbps: Protocol support covers everything important (OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2, PPTP) at ‘top secret’ level 256-bit encryption. I would, however, like to see KeepSolid add the ability to choose specific servers. But if you need access to servers in less well-covered places there are better VPN services out there to do the job.

VPN Unlimited Price and “lifetime subscription”

I can't use connections outside the US because I use Pandora and it's not available out the US. However, our review score is not based on that, as offers of this kind are transient. There's a further protocol bonus in the company's own KeepSolid Wise, which redirects traffic through the TCP 443 and UDP 33434 ports to theoretically make it more difficult to detect and block. You can also test each server by clicking Ping Test in the upper left corner of the server panel. Just install, log in, and click to have all traffic to that browser secured.

However, when I put complain about wrong download option that is placed on their website, they directed me to e-mail the suggestion.

Security Features: Highly secure encryption, and VPN protocols

Download speeds were good for US and European connections, reasonable for most of the rest of the world, and KeepSolid successfully unblocked Netflix and iPlayer. Even though VPN Unlimited has its drawbacks, it tries its best to support its clients. While we have not had to use it, VPN Unlimited’s support gets good ratings from users. KeepSolid, on the other hand, allots each user five (or ten) slots that are assigned to specific devices. 50 per month for 1 year, $4. Linksys wrt3200acm for expressvpn, 11n are Wireless N. – Does it leak IP, DNS, & WebRTC? How many active servers are available to connect to across all countries, regardless of their physical location.

Do we recommend VPN Unlimited?

If you want a faster VPN, ExpressVPN and NordVPN both did well in testing. There are also some advanced features (we’ve talked about them earlier in the review) which put VPN Unlimited from KeepSolid in a league of its own. Thus, customers can expect solid support from this provider. You seem to have CSS turned off. Even if a user has all of the security and privacy settings enabled on their system, leaks can still occur.

Looking just at the top 10 VPNs we have reviewed, the average listed monthly price stands at $10. Africa’s averages were: We tested all major streaming services in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. By default, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited recommends the best server based on your current location. It would be nice to have more time to test the service to be sure it works for you, especially if you are thinking about investing in a multi-year subscription. Locations are organized alphabetically, each one with a Workload icon to help you make the best choice. You may wonder, why do I need it?