VPN Unlimited Review 2020: Decent Option for Netflix Lovers!

VPN Unlimited Review 2020: Decent Option for Netflix Lovers!

It has a respectable number of servers, but not the highest. Without your real IP address, data-hungry website advertisers will have a harder time tracking you across the web. Based on my results, however, it’s fair to say that TorGuard VPN is the fastest VPN, as it had the best results in both latency and upload testing, and solid upload speed test results to boot. VPN Unlimited has changed its pricing scheme substantially since we last reviewed the service. These cost $21. Once the ping test is complete, you’ll see how many milliseconds each location takes to get back to you. Unfortunately, you can’t adjust any of the underlying OpenVPN settings, which is not good news for VPN expert users who want to manually adjust ports.

The provider can be used on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Apple TV, and Linux.

The provider supplies fast connections, excellent app support and good customer support. Once you choose a VPN connection, the map changes to show your real IP vs. VPN Unlimited was created fairly recently in 2020, the flagship in KeepSolid’s wide range of products. KeepSolid has endpoints in 54 countries, including specialised servers designed to allow you to watch streaming video services undetected. You can also select “Optimal” and let the app choose the best server based on your current location.

They are focused on privacy protection. Unfortunately, you can’t choose your port unless you use VPN Unlimited’s stealth protocols, which will slow down your connection. PCMag recommends using a VPN as often as you can, and especially when your PC is connected to a public Wi-Fi network.

So start off, know that VPN Unlimited from KeepSolid offers news users about six subscription packages.

Product Details

It may cause malfunction, and failure of the network if the latest version gets installed in the older version of the operating system. Unless you have a very specialized need that only VPN Unlimited can fill, we think you will be happier with one of the other products out there. Be aware that this is only a subset of the full options KeepSolid gives you.

Your VPN should be as fast as possible. For 10 years, australia has been in a climate-policy abyss, it’s a very dated protocol that uses weak encryption and due to security issues should be considered compromised. With that said, of course, the sole purpose behind using a VPN service is to secure all your traffic not just the one going through your web browser, so you might want to stay away from the browser extension if you’re concerned about this “whole” issue. Also, the revamped Team plan allows you to belong to unlimited number of teams and manage your own team at the same time. With a baseline connection speed of 1 Gbps without the VPN active, we saw that reduced to just 69. The price varies according to a number of devices (5 or 10) and the period of time you are going to use a service. KeepSolid’s official business address is 3220 Arlington Ave, Suite 5A New York, NY, though the bulk of its work force is in the Ukraine—this is not unusual for tech companies that are founded outside the U. There are also corresponding plans that support up to 10 devices costing 50% more at each tier. As you can probably figure out yourself, this is for the people who are a really serious about signing up for a good VPN service and are ready to show some commitment to the VPN service.

  • When they discover someone who is using one of these services, they may interfere with or prevent the user from accessing the Internet.
  • The installation process was not difficult at all.
  • It’s a common practice for free VPN services to log your personal information and then sell it to advertisers and marketers to pay for the services that you are using.
  • For those people, KeepSolid only retains device name (or "device code"), email, and social media information if you provide it.

Very Nice Apps

I like having VPN Unlimited on hand for those times when I connect to public Wi-Fi, and I definitely like this insanely low one-and-done pricing. This last point can be a little disconcerting. Unfortunately, the VPN Doesn’t have middle ground offers. Kill-Switch or not, AV-TEST results showed that VPN Unlimited successfully protects against all the common forms of IP Address leaks. Without additional features, your IP, and your server would be shared by other users also. 1 out of 10 Visit Site Read review From $2. Additionally, there is the possibility that VPN Unlimited uses virtual servers. Establish connection using your voice or Spotlight Search.

These streaming servers are named according to the purpose they serve.

Does VPN Unlimited leak user data?

In addition, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited also supports a 7-day money back guarantee, which means you can try it for free for 14 days. They also thought there weren’t many settings, and these were a bit disorganised. For more details, check out the KeepSolid Privacy Policy. Products, it will prompt you for a password, and then prompt you again to confirm the password. IP Leak test for the server in the USA is successful. Both the Windows and Mac OS apps support a number of different VPN protocols: But on the positive side, you’ll know exactly how much you want to pay for a specific package and how often will the company behind VPN Unlimited will charge you. KeepSolid’s service is pretty good.

In this section we look thoroughly into all the privacy and security aspects of VPN Unlimited. However, holding it back is the overall lack of servers, which are housed in fewer countries than competitors, and furthermore, the limitation that a mere 5 of the KeepSolid VPN servers are designated to handle torrent traffic. A VPN proxy & SmartDNS service praised all over the World for its speed and support. Actually, a zero logs privacy policy is one of the first aspects while choosing a trustworthy VPN service. KeepSolid does provide servers in some regions known for internet censorship, such as China, Turkey, and Vietnam, it has ceased operations in Russia. Firefox and Chrome browser extensions are available. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited’s Android client supported: This means it is not subject to any specific data retention laws.

36 Mbps when connected to a US server in Miami, 76 Mbps when connected to a server in Japan, and 90 Mbps when connected to a server in Canada. There is not too much information about the company or people behind these products. Get a vpn, in fact, it goes one step further in terms of protecting your data, being a double VPN. The standard technology to prevent IP Address leaks when the connection to the VPN is lost is called a Kill-Switch.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited – Customer Support

Speed is decent, but varies depending on country. (78/month) up front. KeepSolid Wise TCP: VPN VPN Unlimited Based in USA Logs Connection logs Price $2. On top of this, they say they offer a 7 day money-back guarantee.

The iOS VPN app gives users the choice of IKEv2, OpenVPN, and KeepSolid Wise (TCP and UDP) protocols. There is more information that you must know before purchasing the application. Overall most rated it as good but not excellent, however one said was poor. Unfortunately, many of these “no logging” policies aren’t as straightforward as the companies would like consumers to believe. The developers showed some great common sense by placing the VPN connection on and off toggle switch at the top of the screen which makes the app intuitive to use overall. Despite advertising a strict no-logging policy, a careful reading of their privacy policy does raise some concerns. It would show as it the connection is on, but in reality, the device is not connected to VPN. Security is strong no matter where you're going since this crams in a lot of protocols.

Subscribing to the VPN is also easy, and the software is simple to access and install without any issues. Favorites have their own tab for easy access. Works on mobile and desktop as well as browser ad-ons. The truth is today there are many countries that adhere to strict Internet censorship.

  • I bought through StackSocial and can vouch it is hassle-free, fast.
  • For advanced users looking for an extra layer of security, VPN Unlimited provides personal static IPs and even personal servers, which are excellent options for Internet banking, securing your mailbox worldwide, avoiding blacklists, and ensure optimal speeds at all times.
  • For five devices, you'll pay $9.
  • 7% -77% -68% -71.
  • The tests were all performed using their custom VPN client running on a Windows 10 system.
  • And I can say without a doubt that the VPN provides customers with useful and friendly customer support!
  • The main screen shows a map of the world and available VPN servers.

IOS app

We also couldn’t find any leaks or viruses. However, it is also worth bearing in mind that VPN Unlimited only permits torrenting on five servers: The speeds are still affordable. Brightness, so what options are there to choose from? All VPN subscriptions for teams support up to 20 accounts and 100 simultaneous connections.

With this feature, if you know someone who wishes to purchase a VPN client, you could share the account, and make it more cost effective.

You can use KeepSolid Wise protocol on your desired devices like Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS 9 or later stress-free. VPN Unlimited was considered a mediocre choice in VPNs. The first was a login failure after installing the Windows Store version of the software. KeepSolid has a more contrarian view. Maybe noticed. We have had reports that our VPN service and domain vpnunlimitedapp. A dedicated VPN server. Their support agent did tell us that VPN Unlimited users cannot access Netflix UK.

  • Find its uninstaller, it is usually named uninstall.
  • Don’t download KeepSolid VPN Lite and expect a rich set of features because you’ll be disappointed if you do.
  • This is why these services are used by journalists and political activists operating in countries with restrictive internet controls.
  • Email and web browsing?

Ease of Use

NordVPN would be a good one to check out, as would ExpressVPN. ” This is further clarified under the End User Agreement where they state: The bad side is, once you connect with a device, it gets saved (bound) to account and you can delete/unbound device once/week. Vyprvpn, we tested VPNs on these main factors:. “We use third-party service providers globally to store and transfer personal data. You can, however, save some money if you purchase one year ($5/month) or three years ($2. )I’ll explore this feature in greater depth in a future review. Those in more restrictive countries will want to enable their “KeepSolid Wise” feature to avoid deep packet inspection (DPI) and firewall restrictions.

One thing that we would like to suggest here is this that does not download the client directly from the website if you are using an older version of any Operating System.

Its recommended US server got us access to the service right away, and when we tried a handful of other US servers, they worked, too.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited on macOS

VPN Unlimited from KeepSolid is considered to be one of the very best VPN services that are available in the market today. To summarize, the VPN Unlimited kill switch feature exposes your real IP address when you: To top it off, it’s based in the US, which is one of the worst places a VPN can be privacy-wise. While VPN Unlimited hasn't had any major service-wide improvements since our last review, there are some important additions in some areas. Unlike some of the competition, you're not forced to manually close the connection before you can select another location. For example, if you have the VPN for 7 years that would work at the same as the 3 year price. If you need to share the benefits of VPN with a large team, either you can install it in the router or if that isn’t possible, you have the option of increasing the number of devices from five (which is standard) to ten by paying the price accordingly. That’s pretty unlimited to us.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Regardless of which VPN service you sign up for, that is a huge latency increase which should be worked on right away by the developers behind the VPN service. All these actions actually helped, and we had no leaks detected. Since we first reviewed KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, the company has winnowed down its service in terms of features and pricing. This is an approach we would like to see more VPN services take. Actually, I had no problems. Netflix does not want VPN users to bypass region-locked content and access that content from other countries. I'll simply say this particular developer has been around for many years and offers a variety of products, not just this one. Clicking on the current server brings up a list of every available server, including simple visual indicators to show the quality of connection that you will experience on each one.

For example, when I asked them where exactly the t’s and c’s of their 7 day money-back guarantee were in their policy, they just kept saying ‘it’s in the policy’ (deliberately not answering the question), or going on about the free trial (irrelevant). Below you can see VPN Unlimited average download speeds for the last six months. This service is available for free on iOS 10, Android, Windows, and Linux devices. Servers are in alphabetical country order, with cities shown too. Yes, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is completely safe to use. Nearby servers in Europe offered decent speeds, although nowhere close to my baseline speed. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited | Free VPN for Android 6.

There are a few cheaper providers - Private Internet Access is just $3. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited provides Ultimate security, VPN servers for streaming and torrenting, Professional customer support, Features for extra reliability, Prices as as low as $2. Connect from up to 5 devices on a single account. Again the default protocol is IKEv2. Other reasons we like cyberghost, on the other hand, there are certainly things that your child can do with a VPN that could land them in trouble with the law. This means that KeepSolid never stores or logs these categories of personal data after the end of your session in our VPN Services – we delete such personal data after your session ends. While VPN Unlimited has not worked well with Netflix in the past, it did work when tested for this review. As for me, it is a big drawback of a provider.

When users are able to connect, there are multiple reports of the connection being lost on a frustratingly frequent basis.

Contact Details

Other VPN services bundle malicious site protection, protection against malicious downloads, and even ad blocking in with their VPNs. To extend the amount of slots, you are to click “Get more slots” button. Minimal interference, this opens its install page on the Google Play store. The first plan is the Vacation plan which is the cheapest of the lot. We provide 400+ server in over 70 locations, so you that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and allows top performance speed, connection stability, and data security. You need just to choose a folder you want to download the software. But anyone who has ever installed anything on his desktop machine should be able to do that without much effort or time. Once app is opened, there is nice GUI presented, easy to use, notification bar of VPN to quickly connect and disconnect (the notification bar VPN connect feature is really fast, but it varies, sometimes it takes really long despite having a fast internet speed).

All best VPNs have this option, as otherwise if you switch servers or your connection to the VPN is interrupted, your data will be exposed. Max was my support guy, and I must say, he was very patient with me. By default, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited recommends the best server based on your current location. My tests showed that KeepSolid VPN Unlimited increased latency by 3,150 percent—surprisingly, not the worst score for this category. Next up is the Economy plan which requires the user to sign up for VPN Unlimited from KeepSolid for a month long period. Stability, the combination of encryption and a different IP address means total privacy when it comes to browsing. Some of their logging seems to relate to an attempt to provide better performance for users. New users can understand and access all the features fairly quickly as the interface does a great job of explaining each element of the app and its function. Here are our speed test results when using VPN Unlimited: