~ Keezel Brings VPN Internet to All Travelers

~ Keezel Brings VPN Internet to All Travelers

We will not share your identity with our VPN partners, unless forced to do so under national or international laws and regulations. That’s only asking for complications to crop up. If you put Keezel’s new device in your pocket, you won’t have to make that sacrifice. The best of the new dvd releases of 2020, this is where you can find plenty of questions and answers regarding using VPNs. It can also form connections with other Keezels.

Keezel is affiliated with a variety of well-known VPN providers and automatically determines the best connection when you connect to the Internet.

Here you will find a list of factors that I will be using to perform Keezel review: Keezel is battery powered with a 7000mah battery that is said to last 10 hours on Wi-Fi while having a rear facing port for charging your devices; it offers 802. Keezel is primarily designed for securing potentially sketchy Wi-Fi hotspots that you may encounter on the go. Of course, you could always try Express VPN – Best VPN for Android too. (During this small window of time when you are not protected many things can take place likea) Software phoning home to check and auto download latest version and definitionsb) Emails auto downloaded to your desktop email clientc) Auto-syncing between your computer and to the cloud/homeHowever, if you have a portable VPN router you’ll be isolated from the public WiFi network before the VPN gets connected. It also means you don’t have to worry about noise being made by fans. 6 Star ratings.

When you buy Keezel, you simply turn it on and connect to its Wi-Fi. 1 $139 for 12 months As you can see from the comparison table, you’re apparently paying extra for the portability of these devices. The device is a slippery half-egg shape, with a USB micro port and a single LED at one end, and a USB A port at the other. 4Ghz and 5GHz.

It uses its second Wi-Fi interface to emulate a client connecting to the hotel's network infrastructure, then sets up a VPN connection over that and back to a server or service of your choice. Browsers, works on WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTE, and all other mobile networks. Clearly, Keezel has a heavy focus on security. With this, you get 1 Keezel device that protects 5+ connected gadgets.

Before I connected to its US server my internet speed was 33 Mbps.

What Challenges Does Keezel Have?

When you flip on the Keezel, it works by creating its own separate wireless network. And if you want continuous use, you can simply keep the micro USB charging port connected to your power outlet. Feel secure, knowing that Keezel has got your back. However, contributions can gain you two years of service or even a lifetime of service at a variety of discounts.

This is probably the result of new VPN detection systems rather than an issue on Keezel’s end, but it’s something to consider, since you can’t manually configure any VPN settings should you find an alternative provider that better suits your needs. Protect all your devices at the same time The Keezel protects all your devices at the same time with no additional setup, including media streaming & Internet of Things gadgets. Performance is slightly hindered when using the Keezel, an issue I only really noticed when streaming content otherwise web browsing, emailing and social apps worked without issue. With a slow processor, speeds will be much weaker, and you can see from our table that these routers have much slower processors than even a $100 router. 0 VPN Portable Router? And in the digital age, those risks aren’t only things like pickpocketing.

That includes attacks from hackers, protecting you from spying, and preventing ransomware from taking over.

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Keezel is a great choice for people who are frequently on the go, providing safe and secure access to the Internet regardless of location. Hence, you are isolated from the net in this manner as compared to having a normal VPN service and protected from MITM attacks when your VPN is not connected. The network speed also can’t accommodate HD streaming. Rather than leave your entire home network at risk of some hacker finding your lightbulb and using it as a staging post for an attack, you could to use Keezel to isolate it from other devices on your home network, co-founder Friso Schmid said. However, if you only have one device that you use frequently, then it’s probably worth opting for a VPN subscription which uses an app. The product also features ad blocking and anti-phishing filters. With a traditional VPN, you search around for the best VPN, sign up, pay up, and then pick your server/ geo.

Apart from it, one is given an opportunity to make use of real-time support service to get the answers to all the necessary questions in the shortest possible time. Keezel, on the other hand, protects your devices' communications with it from eavesdropping using WPA2. Any data that you send from your devices is sent to Keezel over an encrypted WiFi connection and heads off to the Internet inside a secure tunnel. Interested in Keezel?

  • After a highly successful Indiegogo campaign the developers managed to collect $700,000 for development, which was proven to be more than enough get the project rolling.
  • This flagship product, a portable, VPN-powered WiFi encryption device, turned from idea into puck-shaped reality via an Indiegogo campaign that raised over $1M and created a community of 5000+ users before it was even in production.
  • 11ac, Muller said, because the dual-core ARM chip at the heart of the device wouldn't be able to keep up.
  • 8 inches, and weighs a little more than one pound.
  • Thus, it has a feature of power bank.
  • It eliminates the tediousness of connecting up multiple devices while simultaneously keeping them all secure at no extra hassle.

Client account procedure for Keezel

13 to 35-year-olds are the most proactive age group in taking security measures for their online privacy. My netflix vpn is not working, a the actual owner. They can track the apps you open, and websites you visit. Speeds are generally very good too, but as I mentioned before, connection times can be a bit slower than other VPN solutions.

Do I Recommend Keezel?

That way, the Keezel connects to whatever public Wi-Fi networks are around you. 0 device is available for $199. We will accept investments in excess of the target amount up to $535,000. One of the ones I stayed in recently had both options. It’s not just the size that makes Keezel stand out; Keezel uses strong 256-bit encryption to secure your Internet connection without the need to install or configure any software on your devices.

That USB port has a couple of other interesting uses, too: Then the Keezel would link up with the phone, then I would go to "Keezel/" in the URL line of the browser and show me the Keezel connection and list the available wifi networks. PureVPN, Le VPN and ProXPN. Keezel is a palm-sized VPN hub. With a sleek and discreet design, Keezel device is easy to set up and ensures all users enjoy the benefits of a VPN. You can’t pick which partner your connection goes through, just which country the server is in. If I were thrilled with my original Keezel, I might consider it.

Technical Data

There is also a number of interesting stretch goals for the campaign, which include access to home networks and more, so if this catches your interest then you should keep an eye on the campaign page. It’s slower and doesn’t offer the location-shifting options that the paid tier does, but the security is every bit as good. By far, the best selling feature of the Keezel is the simplicity in its user interface. And having Keezel also adds layers of protections that may or may not be provided by the network you’re joining. Does your confidentiality bother you? 1 or type Keezel\. Some of these VPN boxes like Anonabox use adaptations of open source firmware that has been heavily changed and modified.

The company also sells premium versions including access to its VPN service for a year ($129), two years ($169) or a lifetime subscription ($429). I’ve been using the Keezel on and off while traveling for work for the past couple of months, so here are my thoughts. In either case, you get the full advantages of running a modern wireless network in the Keezel 2. This data consists of name, address, email etc, customer information that is needed for delivery purpose as Keezel is a physical device. Opting for this Keezel package you acquire infinite protection while accessing the World Wide Web on any number of your devices. Also, it protects your browsing activities from malware and annoying pop-up ads. Another thing to keep I mind is that Keezel provides continuous software updates for their router. Linux, how to Setup a VPN on iPhone Using App? How much does Keezel cost?

But for its price, portability and ease of use, the Keezel is remarkably powerful device.


This is certainly worth it if you’d like to take advantage of a superior number of VPN locations around the globe and enjoy HD streaming speeds. You can even connect your 4G dongle. Of course, setting things up isn’t totally smooth and seamless. For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. You often use devices like AppleTV, Chromecast and Sonos. It’s a clever setup, and one that should keep your devices and data safe in places like coffee shops, airports, and libraries.

Though the fact this device is made with a battery really emphasizes its portable nature. You’ll have to charge the huge battery early in advance since it can take up to 7 hours charging if completely drained. Keezel’s VPN router is supposed to be a cybersecurity device that makes an active effort to protect users from malware and other malicious programs. At one end, it has a USB micro port, plus a LED. Keezel features partnerships with well-known VPN providers such as PureVPN, LeVPN and ProXPN to ensure your custom private network remains fast and reliable. The longterm subscription costs are good value compared with the competition too. Moreover, Keezel separates customers’ personal details from data usage, which offers you an extra layer of security.

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Secondly, their max speed is about 25Mbps (due to the use of a less powerful ARM CPU) and with its overhead it suffers a greater speed drop so they are not meant for heavy downloading, fast speed, online gaming etc. In addition, it protects your browsing activities from malware and annoying popup ads. Connecting the VPN to a new network is as easy as choosing a network and entering a password. The one thing the Keezel can’t do its make its own Internet, as it doesn’t have a built-in LTE modem. The people who are likely to benefit the most from Keezel are people who travel frequently, as well as power and business users.

It’s much like your own personal secure network. In the end, restaurant Wi-Fi and the pre-production Keezel didn't play well together, so I wasn't able to connect my laptop to the Keezel. First, we should look at how long Keezel can maintain one of these networks on its battery supply. A browser extension, a VPN mobile app on your phone/tablet–or an easy to use software app on your computer. Keezel recently upgraded its design with a new Wi-Fi chip that covers the 5 GHz band, so it now supports 802. Follow us on Facebook, Google+, RSS, Twitter and YouTube.

It comes with 1 year warranty. The new Keezel 2. The hub pays dividends when connecting to unfamiliar networks thereafter, as all of your other devices automatically connect to the Keezel when you turn it on and all you have to do is configure the Keezel once to connect to the public Wi-Fi. This text is machine translated.

Best VPN Reviews

For those who really want to keep their communications and web interactions private, or access the resources without restriction no matter where they are, there are many popular VPN service offerings. It also helps to speed up your internet connection so that streaming becomes AWESOME no lags or buffers. If the answer is no, then you’d be far better off opting for a VPN subscription instead. It has the RJ45 plug in one end and a USB connector in the other end that hooks up to the Keezel. With the right price, it will likely have many more potential buyers. Normally, the device is free to use, but after paying $100, you’ll only get limited speeds and locations to choose from.

It’s a bit like the travel routers made by companies like TP-Link and D-Link (and pretty much every other networking OEM out there).

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Who would you rather trust–some new corporation with untested firmware or the tried and true open source VPN firmware that has become the standard in the VPN consumer market? Anyone on an unsecured, password-free network can hack you, and, extreme as it sounds, the network owner could monitor your goings-on. It’s not creating a personal network for you. Keezel doesn't operate the VPN service directly. As a go-between user and the VPN service, it creates greater anonymity for users, unlike using the VPN service directly. Although it’s something you can grasp in your hand, its 8,000 mAH battery makes it quite big. Having studies Keezel prices and server network, one might be wondering: This will bridge the gap in the market and ensure a safe internet for everyone.

I’m testing another travel router that does have OpenVPN capability, that costs under $50. Keezel eliminates these dangers by serving as an intermediary between your devices and the Wi-Fi, encrypting your data in the process using Virtual Private Networking. While this often is very convenient for regulars and travelers alike, public hotspots are often very insecure.

Before we discuss the PROS and CONS of the two(2) devices let’s discuss some issues the OTG user faces when surfing at public WiFi hotspotsI do not own a portable VPN router for now so I can only review their specs, gather info from net reviews and put up answers by the VPN router providers. Dns leak test, it is good for streaming, has a stable connectivity, offers fast speeds, and has excellent efficiency for bypassing geo-restrictions. Streaming – Does it work with Netflix? I’ve had my Keezel about a year. Instead, you’ll log into the Keezel device. With a 24-hour battery capacity and built-in 8000 mAh Power Bank Keezel is ideal for traveling. It allows you to use multiple devices at once, is simple to set up and configure, and offers portable charging as well. The company selected its three VPN providers on the basis of their quality of service and their promise not to keep logs, Muller said.

The Internet is Broken

Thankfully, there are many ways in which you can keep yourself protected online and keep attackers at bay. Powered by an internal rechargeable 8000mAh battery, the VPN device comes with a 1-year Premium VPN service plan. Protonvpn free version, in the event that you encounter any problems when using the VPN service, you may contact their customer support via email or use the knowledge base to resolve the problem. All you need is WiFi As long as there is a WiFi network available that the Keezel can use for internet access, there’s nothing else you need to get a secured connection and surf a safer web away from prying eyes and busybodies. Instead, it aggregates three services, connecting users to the best one for their area and adding a layer of anonymity to the process. Instead of creating a personal network for you, it encrypts existing, unsecured Wi-Fi to protect you from lurking hackers (don't scoff, it happens). What can eavesdroppers see? In the past, you needed an enormous carrying case for your music CDs, but now you can pack thousands of songs in a tiny hard disk.

Tariffs and prices of Keezel

You can plug in a USB-to-Ethernet adapter to protect your use of wired connections, or a 4G dongle allowing you to connect over a VPN from pretty much anywhere. There's one to connect your devices over Wi-Fi (it uses WPA2 for security), and the other connects to one of three VPN services: And that processor is powerful enough to produce a decent amount of heat. That’s a lot more options than any regular VPN app, though given the lack of a plug socket it’s definitely not intended for home use in that way. But any improvement is a good improvement, right?

I was surprised to see Keezel was able to unblock Netflix with its premium service because it had many US servers.

Protect Your Data

It’s supposed to be able to deliver around 20 hours on a regular basis. Many of us travel, some within the country others around the world. Other devices, like your Sonos system, your AppleTV, or your Chromecast, on which you can’t install VPN software, can connect to the Keezel. All you need to know about rigid packaging, iPVanish is a superb US-based VPN that is known to provide a superb, well rounded service. Flexible solutions. I went hands-on with Keezel to see if it lived up to the company's claims. The portable device provides its own private hotspot over every public WLAN and forms a secure tunnel in the Internet, i. Keezel is a device that can connect to any device that has a Wi-Fi. In this case, it’s important to look at how they’ve managed to keep their travel router powered.

Do People Really Need Keezel?

As soon as the device is delivered, there is a handy guide that helps to configure the Keezel+ (phone apps are expected soon). The service offers various payment methods for your convenience: Thus, a VPN for North Korea or China is a must. Threats of tracking, monitoring, and data theft have seen an increasing number of the general public head for the reassurance of a VPN provider, but managing multiple phones and computers can be a hassle. Consider this, if you’re going with the free plan you only have to spend $199 for a lifetime. This provides one extra layer of security.

Le VPN is excited to announce a new partnership with Keezel, which will see Le VPN and Keezel to provide an all-in-one VPN device. Ivacy partner with gamersorigin, if you often download TV shows and movies, or even software via BitTorrent; you really should use a VPN. Perhaps I’ll have to start bringing a Chromecast with me for hotel room TVs. In such a way, it is possible to choose one of 4 Keezel packages: From there, your laptop, phone or tablet latches on to the secure network you've named. This time the team of bestVPNrating has prepared for you the Keezel review.

0 VPN Portable Router isn’t going to be the right solution for everybody. For $99, you get the slick-looking oval gadget, powered by a dual core ARM processor (using the V7 architecture) that has two wireless controllers. 0 is made with a dual core CPU. One more peculiar feature of Keezel that makes thousands of netizens from every corner of the world opt for this security tool is its compatibility. Keezel might be your answer. You would literally be accessing the content from your Keezel at home.

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Capable of up to 40 Mb/s throughput, the dual-band Portable VPN Security Device features a single button that powers it on, while Wi-Fi network configuration is performed over the web browser on a connected device, such as a phone or a laptop. The integrated battery has saved my iPhone on a number of occasions, and while it doesn't charge quick it's definitely a nice touch. However, considering that it also serves as your phone’s power backup, it reduces the number of devices you need to carry around. Better than a VPN. Keezel is more than just a VPN. I checked out Keezels' Indiegogo-funded prototype puck in a restaurant near the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, to see how it worked in the wild.

Internet traffic that goes through a Keezel device remains secure. It does not have a live chat, but rather you can leave them a message along with your email address and they would reply within 24 hours. Keezel is targeted at travelers, business associates, or those who love to hang out around cafes, hotels, and more. On first glance, you see an oval gadget with a sleek design. It’s often only for billing purposes. Also why not check out: However, Wi-Fi connections can sometimes be slow to connect to devices and occasionally drop out just after powering on.

To take full advantage of everything this device has to offer, you need to subscribe to their premium VPN service. It works about 20% of the time. With the Keez you just connect. To make the most of it, you have to provide your own VPN. Very interesting device.

My only real complaint with the Keezel is connecting to public networks and swapping over to new VPN locations can be sluggish.

About the Company

To use it, all you have to do is turn it on, connect to Keezel’s Wi-Fi, and then you can change the country Keezel connects to, should you want to visit websites that aren’t accessible where you are. Charge your devices The Keezel’s 8000mAh battery can come in very handy when your phone is running on empty, you just connect your phone via USB cable to it and you’ve got yourself a powerbank. It would’ve been nice if they’d designed this around some kind of one-button Bluetooth installation, but it’s not so complex that the average person can’t handle it. In the near future, you can bid farewell to passwords and client software, as your secure VPN network will be ready thanks to Keezel and le VPN. However, a VPN is still required to protect you when surfing at unsecured public WiFi hotspots. Keezel is fresh idea of brought to fruition thanks to the wonders of crowdfunding. Those include businesses wanting a simple way to secure employees' remote connections, even when they are using personal devices, and as a quick way to set up point-to-point VPNs (although this requires two Keezels, one for each end of the connection.)

At the top right, we have more settings. Then I went on a trip and it took me a while to set it up again. It uses 256-bit encryption that is the industry’s best encryption standard. One phone would hook up to the Keezel and motel wifi right away, and the other I had to click on the hotel wifi listed on the Keezel/ page. Keezel is compatible with basically anything that can support a wireless connection. And it means you’re protected even if the network you’re using isn’t. Keezel, InvizBox Go, Anonabox, Betterspot, Flter, Tiny Hardware Firewall Client etc are some and not all are available for purchase now. Do I Recommend Keezel?

The oval device will cost you $100, and since it was born out of a successful Indiegogo campaign, choosing the perks available there will give you free premium service for the first year. We can give you a resounding “no”. They sell this data to other companies and you have no choice who sees this information.

Trip Types

Just like the rest, Basic subscription protects 5+ devices but lacks global VPN locations. If there is authentication, it's often only for billing purposes, and performed by a captive portal after the traffic has gone over the air in the clear. Though amusingly, the battery weight makes up the majority of the weight of this device. These are all softwares/extensions that don’t require a box in your backpack that work in any coffee shop or public Wi-Fi spaces.

Being connected to one of the VPN servers provided by Keezel, one will not experience the situation when social media platforms, streaming websites or news portals. This situation is a real life nightmare and sometimes it is impossible to get your money and credit score back. Best vpn for popcorn time: fastestvpn, once you sign-up to a Best VPN for Popcorn Time, you will be allocated with a new IP address (depending on the server location you have selected). The basic package begins at $179 which allows you unlimited usage of the VPN service. It is critical for VPN users and as a result, many companies have started realizing. And then your other devices connect to the Keezel. In the box, you’ll find the Keezel itself, which is rather nicely designed — it’s neither too bulky nor heavy. It is possible to acquire something even more beneficial than a free Virtual Private Network subscription.

It also connects to devices that can’t install VPN software, like Google’s Chromecast, or your AppleTV.

While you can’t pick which partner your connection goes through, you can choose the country that the server is in. This portable bauble calls itself “the world’s first portable online freedom device. You may recognize VPN, or Virtual Private Network, as the technology used by businesses everywhere to keep their internet activities safe and in-house, away from prying eyes or competitors. The protection of your privacy and the security remain consist, but are less VPN server locations are available as well as a reduced speed.

I purchased a hook up device for motels that only have the RJ45 internet connection.