The Best VPN Chrome Extensions 2020 (3 Paid & 3 Free)

The Best VPN Chrome Extensions 2020 (3 Paid & 3 Free)

Your antivirus is blocking the VPN? Sign in and click ‘connect. Among its many features, you can find a huge network of servers optimized for specific purposes, an automatic kill switch in case of connection interruptions, a double encryption option, and proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox. NordVPN extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store, and it will appear next to other Chrome extensions.

As far as Best VPN for Chrome Extensions is concerned, the opinions of the user seemed to skew heavily in favor of two services i. 2 was archived from the Chrome Web Store without any modifications. Another step NordVPN took to increase trust is joining the VPN Trust Initiative, an effort that includes ExpressVPN, Golden Frog (of VyperVPN fame), SaferVPN, Surfshark, Strong VPN, and IP Vanish. If it infringes your copyright, please contact us for removal. As you can see in the image below, the PIA browser extension passes the test.

In this piece, we’ll take you through all there is to know about NordVPN, and how to set it up on Chrome.

Server CA certificate: The procedure is rather simple on all available VPNs, so you should have an easy time switching back and forth between the available servers. To bring that to the browser extension scene, what that means is that when using SOCKS and HTTP, there is zero encryptions. Case studies, you can also launch this console via Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative tools. You can also set a few favourite locations for your convenience. In the connection security department, Surfshark delivers highly-encrypted connections and is the only provider in this top 5 to offer kill switch protection for its Android app.

Installing malware on them is devilishly tricky, and wiping them to start over from scratch is a snap.

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In fact, most Chrome extensions cannot function as real VPNs at all. In addition to protecting you from third-party observation, a VPN also opens up content that you might not normally have access to. However, pilling up the cache and cookies will lead, more times than not, to slowdowns of the browser. Shielding against ads and malware. Click on the ”Clear Data” button. For example, one NordVPN server in the Ukraine is known as "ua5. "As far as Chrome VPN extensions go, ZenMate is pretty good.

Enter your NordVPN Username and Password and press Sign in. Unfortunately, video streaming is the killer feature for most Chrome VPN extensions, and we can't really recommend the PIA Chrome extension for the casual video streamer. Just install one from the Chrome Extensions Webstore and it will appear alongside your omnibox wherever you're logged into Chrome. 75 a month with a 30 day money back guarantee. Select the server location from the Server list. As I researched it, I found that even most VPN companies didn't have the right information about how VPNs worked on Chromebooks. The only competitor that nears its services is ExpressVPN, and it is slightly pricier. If you were given a token or website address that generates a , generate it and enter it here.

  • NordVPN is ostensibly based in Panama, and it appears there are a few employees who actually live there, according to LinkedIn listings.
  • Just click “Auto Connect” and enjoy a private viewing of pages.

Is NordVPN Browser Extension safe?

Last week BleepingComputer reported that multiple VPN providers were hacked and a user was able to gain full root access to one of their servers. The company also provides an Android app. There are no settings and nothing to play with, other than an on/off switch and a selection of four server locations: Additionally, P2P is allowed, and many users appreciate NordVPN’s “double-hop” service, which routes your VPN connection through two different servers in order to make tracking more difficult. Don’t worry, we’ve got the right solution for you.

You can also choose a dedicated IP address. If you do not get a reply (e. )Our browser extension encrypts your HTTP traffic with the Transport Layer Security (TLS v1. )However, Google has confirmed to me that Android VPN apps do, in fact, secure everything on you Chromebook. The one thing that the PIA extension doesn't do well is stream content from overseas. Remove all proxy-related privacy extensions and restart Chrome.

NordVPN has it all: excellent performance, and a solid set of features that will appeal to both novices and power users. Still, we'd like to see more transparency from the company.

The low price they charge for their high level of service will make it attractive to users on a budget. Avoid at all costs! NordVPN Chrome offers download and upload speeds that exceed 50Mbps at all times. IDG Landing page for the VPN Trust Initiative. Its UI and UX are geared to put all features within easy accessibility. If you see replies from the ping above this indicates your connection is working and your issue is likely DNS related, continue to the "resolving DNS issues" section below. Nevertheless, NordVPN’s excellent service can’t be ignored. Fire tv streaming, and more, stores no internet activity logs and stream HD video reliably. 49 a month with a 2-year subscription.


Free users are also limited to VPN servers in only 10 countries, as opposed to the nearly 60 countries paid users get. You communicate with a real human being who quickly helps you out with any problems. This procedure differentiates on various solutions, so we advise you to check up your VPN‘s support website for a detailed insight. All things aside, Google Chrome has long smashed through Microsoft’s IE (or Edge, nowadays) monopoly and whisked past Firefox to lead as the most popular Internet Browser today.

A major selling point of Chromebooks is their security.

Chrome VPN Proxy Review

But in recent times, security vulnerabilities in its infrastructure has become more and more common. With such a commanding user base, it makes sense that many developers will concentrate their efforts on this platform, and indeed they have done so. OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec. Disconnect from the VPN and follow the steps in How to reset your DNS settings. Operates a network with over 3,000 servers in 94 countries Cons: NordVPN does this in four excellent ways: Thanks to their 30-day money-back guarantee, you are able to try out the full, premium version of NordVPN and get a refund if you later learn that it is not suitable for you.

The company has special servers for you. Click ‘Confirm,’ and the extension will be added. While using a VPN’s Chrome browser extension with your Chromebook is convenient, keep in mind that the extension only protects your browser session, leaving the rest of your online activities open to monitoring. The recent scandal by Cambridge Analytica is a testament of the fact that just how much your data is worth and the importance of protecting it from undue use.

Once your data reaches the VPN server, it's no longer encrypted.

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Except for the fact that it's now possible to run Android apps on many newer Chromebooks. Of course, that defeats the purpose of using a VPN browser extension for Chrome. That said, using Netflix with a VPN can be difficult, because the company works hard to block VPNs. This VPN app can run on all of your devices simultaneously so you only need one VPN to unblock everything and is one of very few VPN’s that have their own extension for chrome. What’s not to like with a VPN service that requires no payment, no subscription account, and only a few clicks to install? Also, try using LAN instead of Wi-Fi. Open the Google Chrome menu.

After signing in or up, click on the VPN Apps icon located on the upper right part of the web page. After that, you’ll need a SaferVPN subscription to access the 34 server locations available. How to watch ‘one day at a time’ online – live... Aside from the Google Chrome extension, a full version of the VPN is available for devices running Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS operating systems. Otherwise, leave it at. These should look like URLs. All plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee and the Chrome Extension can be downloaded from here.

Plus it works on multiple devices, and offers top-notch support via live chat and email. Everyone, from an amateur to a pro, can easily switch to any one of the 148 servers located in 94 countries while being secured with a kill switch, AES 256 Encryption, DNS leak protection, WebRTC block and a zero logs policy. You get 5 simultaneous connections per account, unlimited bandwidth, P2P support, live chat support around the clock, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. With some newer Chromebooks, you’ll find it very easy to reach the Google Play Store. By connecting both at once, data is passed through two VPN servers, doubling the encryption and preventing attackers from correlating traffic and tracing it back to the user. Follow these steps to reconfigure DNS on your PC: As you can see in the image above, you can easily find the PIA Chrome extension by going to the Chrome Web Store.

  • Depending on which statistics you believe, as of now it stands at between 59.
  • Click the red “add to Chrome” icon to install the extension.
  • Be the first to know the next time NordVPN goes down.
  • Since most devices today including laptops, smartphones and tablets often have many apps installed on them that make use of network traffic, merely securing your browser-based traffic isn’t nearly enough to stay anonymous.
  • In addition, people can bypass geo-restrictions, which makes it easier to use services like Netflix where unavailable.
  • Once a user connects to one of the remote encrypted proxy servers, their online activities are encrypted, and their Chrome browser is assigned with the IP address of that particular server making it look like they are in another country.
  • If you decide not to get the WebRTC extension, you will reveal your real IP address to any website you visit.

Keep It All Safe

Only the 1-month plan doesn’t include any discount, which is why we can’t recommend it. I ran a series of leak tests and performance benchmarks. You can install Android apps on your Chromebook, and there are tens of thousands of those. The users of the NordVPN are also protected from a variety of cyber threats through its CyberSec feature. On the surface, it seems that using a VPN plugin is the better choice. You’ll then get a prompt that the VPN has been added to Chrome. I sincerely recommend you to only opt for the paid ones if you want superior experience on your Chromebook or you will be left ruing your disappointingly under-resourced and under-equipped Free VPN connection. They do not encrypt your traffic between your computer and proxy servers, they can change the information you send and also change the information that is returned to you without your knowledge, they can also read everything you do on the proxy.

To ensure a full privacy do NOT check the box Bypass proxy server for local addresses. Even though NordVPN stated that this hack did not cause any damage, some were not convinced and felt that it may have been possible for an attacker to decrypt some of the traffic at the time of the attack. Otherwise, leave it blank. I’ll be upfront with you: To use HackerOne, enable JavaScript in your browser and refresh this page. Uncheck the ”Use the proxy server for your LAN” box.

How to Unblock Sites at School

If you would like to use NordVPN with your other Google devices, such as your Chromecast, you can! It’s nothing to worry about though. When using a VPN, all the traffic, including the DNS, should pass through the VPN’s network. On the other hand, it also has malware and tracking codes if you wanted other reasons to stay away from the Chrome extension of this service.

Countries are using greater surveillance measures to track Covid-19. What are they tracking?

Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox. The second it’s downloaded, all user’s online communications are instantly encrypted, and their IP address is hidden, meaning that their Internet activities are now invisible to hackers or any other third-party snoopers. Irrespective of the app used, NordVPN offers the same top-shelf level of security. They are simply not worth the risk they entail. Speeds on the extension are fair to middling, still, could be worse.

Download the NordVPN extension for Chrome, where all you need to do is install the extension, log in, and pick the server you want. This system runs on Google Chrome OS and is a good substitute for more popular OS like Windows and Mac. StrongVPN Simple chrome extension lets you change your IP address. Activate the VPN account. Anonymity for the people running a company that is supposed to be all about trust just doesn’t sit well with us. Its speeds are inconsistent though, and it doesn’t offer split tunneling.

We used them on PCs running Windows 7 and Windows 10, a MacBook Pro running macOS 10. But, despite the developers trying to tighten the screws in recent years, they still bungled up by leaving a small opening to allow anyone to install an extension without it being featured on the Chrome Web store. Other vpns that are blocked with netflix in 2020, schools impose a variety of restrictions and blocking certain websites is one of them. The provider delivers comprehensive global server coverage and top-notch Chromebook support. ” At the top of the settings page, click on “About Chrome OS. NordVPN has 1079+ servers in 61 countries with 6 simultaneous connections. NordVPN Chrome extension is designed for ease of use.

Private Eyes

Clicking on it will take you to Chrome web store. This usually needs to be done via your browser settings. As far as Paid VPNs are concerned, you can feel assured to leverage good value in every aspect in comparison to their free counterparts. Testing revealed good streaming and download speeds Cons: Overall, I favour ExpressVPN’s extension because it’s backed by the company’s full VPN service.

Medium-quality Virtual Private Network extensions cannot guarantee that your device will not remain vulnerable. When you first click on it, you need to enter your login information. The first step is to import a CA certificate to your Chromebook VPN if it uses one. Launch the app, enter your account credentials (username and password), and you’re good to go!

We'll show you how to enable this VPN right from your browser

While IPVanish’s connections do offer military-grade encryption, they lack a kill switch option. Especially when the service has a poorly understood parent company based on the other side of the globe from NordVPN headquarters. How to hide photos on your iphone (updated for 2020), you need a VPN that works in China. Go there for details about competing products and how we tested them.

VPNs: Confusing on Chrome

Getting started with the proxy encryption Once you download the NordVPN extension from the Chrome Web Store or the Mozilla Firefox Add-ons page, it sits quietly next to your other extensions, waiting for you to connect. A CyberGhost representative told me the issue is under investigation, and recommends users look to its Android app or its Chrome browser extension. There are servers optimized for fast streaming, torrenting, and secure browsing. The extension acts as an app that helps you access the company’s services. Manually configuring a VPN connection on a Chromebook is also possible. It is aimed at small and medium businesses, remote teams and freelancers, who need to access work resources securely. IDG NordVPN with an active connection.

If you have any questions then leave a comment and we will get back to you. Method #4: connect fire tv to a vpn-enabled physical wifi router. At the point when the extension is activated, it sets up an association with SSL and finds the most secure renditions of the sites you visit. PIA is based in the US, so is not a provider for the more NSA-phobic out there. It’s easy to do and doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

IPVanish’s self-owned and -operated server farms prevent third parties from accessing your data.

Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

” and exit the pop up window to save your settings. You can also use a VPN to spoof your location. With a VPN, you get to enjoy many other benefits as well, like safe torrenting and unblocking geo-restricted streaming sites. After all, they’re almost always free and comparatively easy to install. For that reason, we’re creating a new category and calling NordVPN “the best full-featured VPN.

There are also plenty of protocols to choose from including OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP, and SOCKS5. You need protection and privacy even on a Chromebook and since, not many VPNs don’t offer dedicated apps for the platform still, you need to install a VPN on this OS through the manual setup process. On this page, click on the blue-colored ‘Add to Chrome’ icon. The next step is actually using the VPN service on Chrome.

You need to download the standalone app for this. Most geo-blocking apps such as Netflix US, Hulu US or BBC’s iPlayer won’t work unless you sign up for a premium account. This means that they only affect traffic passing through the browser itself.

The new plan includes penetration testing, a bug bounty program, the new infrastructure audit, vendor assessments, and the aforementioned diskless servers.

  • If you want to unblock YouTube on chrome then you will want to use a VPN.
  • So popular is the Panama-based company that no other company has as many servers.

Our Top Picks

Sign in, and you are one click away from using the Internet securely. Chromebook VPN support comes in the form of setup instructions for L2TP, a Chrome add-on, and an Android app. Its bandwidth offering is quite generous as there is no cap on it, so you can use it as a good sidekick on your Chromebook for times when your paid service goes down. Once you’re connected, it’s also possible that your free provider will put a monthly data cap on your VPN usage, and maybe even throttle your connection speeds. What about using tor with a vpn?, finally, we showed you some decent free alternatives in case you’re not looking for a heavy-duty privacy solution. Follow the steps below to unblock restricted sites in google chrome: It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Worse still, some providers may sell user logs and IP addresses to third parties, which defeats the purpose of a VPN in the first place. Follow the relevant instructions on theOpenDNS setup page.

A VPN can also aid you in accessing content you might not usually have access to, such as geo-blocked content from streaming services, websites and other services. You can use a Chrome browser extension, use an Android app, or manually configure the client in Chrome OS to use the VPN of your choice. If you're using a corporate Google account, however, you may not be able to activate Google Play without approval from your system administrator. To completely protect all your network traffic, you need a VPN app. Don’t forget to turn on the Automatic Kill-switch and DNS kill-switch features anytime you use NordVPN on Chrome.

The best Chrome VPN

5,500+ Number of country locations: It is a network of servers, similar to a VPN, where it sends your communications through 3 servers to reach your destination. Just like the others, you can access it by going to the Chrome Web Store.

NordVPN Extension Prices and Plans

Read on for all the answers from our experts. This is a feature perhaps only present in NordVPN. As a Chromebook user, you’re susceptible to the same online perils as are users of other devices. It is fully compatible with recent stable versions of the web browser and should install fine as well when you run Firefox ESR. In other words, complete privacy is its specialty. Most likely, you will never have any issues with your Andorid app, but if one does come up, there’s the complication that you’re running the software on a different platform than it was designed for. According to a statement from NordVPN they will be restricting SSH access to their IP addresses and that remote management would require a restart, which wipes the data in RAM. Surfshark ( .99/mo ) – (fastest android vpn app), if you opt in for 2 years, you’ll get it at a monthly cost of . Your hostfile is blocking access Best Recommendation for an Easy Fix The easiest and most efficient way to solve your problem and have all the websites unblocked is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) like NordVPN.

The HTTPS Everywhere is the best extension for secure web surfing.


Download and Commence Installation Hit the Internet with a Protective Shield opening up all the corners of the Web! LAN settings option. I’ve said this over and again before when it comes to VPN providers and I’ll repeat it here again now: A VPN is a privacy software app that creates a secure and encrypted tunnel between your device (and chrome) and the internet. We recommend that you stay away from it until the time HotSpot Shield manages to patch its service up and regains its years of trustworthiness back again.

A true VPN will encrypt all of the traffic travelling to and from your entire device.

The trick is that the OpenVPN instructions involve delving into the Linux guts of your Chrome OS machine, which may be beyond you, and was certainly beyond me. Read our full review of ExpressVPN. If not, an error message will swiftly inform you that something is wrong. Click on the Chrome Menu, which is in the top-right corner of the browser window and then press Settings.