VPN Reviews 2020

VPN Reviews 2020

This feature ensures that your real identity won't leak out through your torrents. You’ll need a separate password to use it, which you can generate on the Client Control Panel. AES-256 cipher with SHA384 authentication. A kill switch blocks all the outgoing/incoming traffic when the VPN connection drops and the VPN is trying to connect again. While every VPN will lower performance, these PIA results were at the point where even regular web browsing was considerably slower, not to mention the impact on torrenting or streaming. VPNs can use a number of different security protocols and methods to keep your connection safe from hackers and would-be thieves. PIA has eliminated installation steps and fully automated the entire process. With the help of these services, you can setup this VPN on any of your preferred devices.

First, I tested nearby PIA servers in Western Europe. However, you can step up your data encryption to 256-bit, which is the industry standard, and will give you a very secure connection (it will slow everything down a bit, though). Speeds will vary based on time of day and how crowded a specific server at the moment, but in general I was extremely impressed with PIA’s performance. This will allow PIA users to bypass firewalls and/or conceal their VPN use in countries where they are frowned upon. This is a vast improvement on its previous 7-day trial period and is a big thumbs up to the new owner, Kape Technologies. Now, it’s time to take a look at how PIA looks like, and how easy it is to use. This allows an end user on an encrypted network (like a coffee shop) to connect to a remote location, secure that connection and send only encrypted data. The provider was established in 2020 and is owned by the parent company London Trust Media.

That's a significant drop, but we would expect that when connecting to the other side of the world, and even this worst-case scenario is still fast enough for most web tasks.

You can be online in 5 quick steps. While this is acceptable, it’s not the most secure option. PIA VPN offers dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android as well as browser extensions.

There are no restrictions at all. There are custom apps for all main platforms: Sadly, the same can’t be said for services such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video. Looking for alternatives? It’s worth noting that one of my PCs automatically restarted after installation, but this was not the case on my second PC.

PIA accepts different kinds of payment methods: However, you can also choose SHA256. Wide platform support includes apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux, browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, and there are detailed setup tutorials for routers and many other device types. (If you’re European or North American and your goals are to 1) torrent; 2) stream Netflix US; 3) protect yourself from cybercriminals whilst sipping a Starbucks latte – PIA is for you. HideIPVPN, however, had a significantly smaller impact on upload and download speeds. It all simply just works. That’s more than enough opportunity to keep Private Internet Access off your balance sheet. It would be nice to see a malware filter as well, but it’s hard to complain considering how affordable this VPN service is.

, the parent company of PIA, is based in Denver, CO.

Customer Service: Email-based ticket system

In order to ensure you’re always protected, PIA will update your list of malicious domains regularly. Anonymity, this means that someone can pinch your password, but still be unable to log in because they don’t have this second piece of information, so your data is much safer. Where the VPN really starts to shine, is on the yearly subscription plan. But, as we wrote before, it may sometimes need some switching between servers to find the right host for your browsing activities.

PIA VPN doesn’t leak your IP, DNS and WebRTC information. Performance can be inconsistent, but it’s nothing a quick server switch won’t be able to solve in most cases. PIA gives you a couple of ways to set this up: You may be willing to unite both TOR and VPN if there are no contradictions between the tools. The provider’s apps are lightweight and don’t grab too much of your device’s precious resources. NordVPN and ProtonVPN have already deployed Tor integrations. Obviously, the best way to avoid this kind of life-destroying risk is to not download copyrighted content. Simple and smooth, installation file was over 60mb though.

PIA’s transparency and the fact that they do not store logs gives us confidence that the VPN is secure. In the past year, none of these legal processes have led to any data being produced by the company. It uses encryption, authentication and certification methods from the OpenSSL library to form an impenetrable armour around your traffic data. But you can minimize this problem by choosing to connect to a VPN server close to your physical location, or physically close to the Internet resource you want to use. PIA offers encryption strength up to 256-Bit AES encryption, which is the same protocol used by the U. In other words, we’re going to see if PIA is capable of hiding our true IP, and we’ll see if it can fool the websites that we visit.


In comparison to a rival like ExpressVPN that has servers in over 94 countries, this is quite disappointing. What about Netflix? Plus, NordVPN makes for a low-price alternative for users looking for a bargain. Mullvad, i only recommend VPNs that use 128-bit encryption or higher. Subscribers can toggle through many different cipher strengths for OpenVPN, giving them the power to make the security of the VPN tougher or weaker (to get better performance). I can switch encryption types, add malware protection, activate a kill switch, or request port forwarding. What’s a hash exactly?

  • And also, you can use it with no limitations in terms of data, server switches, and bandwidth.
  • 63 Mbps for uploads.
  • For more information about these security features, check out my VPN Security Features article.
  • This is useful for bypassing geographical restrictions that have been set in place by a user’s government or by a specific website.
  • Let’s also not forget to mention that you can connect to specific cities within certain countries such as the USA, Canada, Germany, the UK, and Australia.
  • The application opens with a large “on” button and a recommended location, nothing else.

Speed and Speed Tests (A+)

The PIA Settings screen is a change from the old version, where everything was crammed into one long list of settings. Our test servers test VPN IP addresses in Hong Kong, Australia, the UK, and the US for max speeds and average download speeds. Sounds ideal to me.

In this case, Private Internet Access is based in the US and operates under US legal jurisdiction. Privacy at one click, 5 million malicious, phishing and spam sites from infecting your device. These are extremely reasonable numbers, particularly when you compare the pricing of this provider with the pricing of its rivals. However, VPN users who are looking for an optimal way to open access to geo-blocked streaming content are advised to look elsewhere for their online protection.

26 Mbps for downloads and 9.

The fact is today internet users who take their privacy on the Net seriously, try to opt for a VPN that is based in a good privacy jurisdiction. A command line app for Windows, Linux and Mac enables automating VPN operations from scripts. A kill switch is available, and this client provides obfuscation in the same way as its Windows counterpart. AES-128 (GCM) Data Authentication: Also, they offer some of the lowest plans in the industry, which is a big factor as well. While there are reports that it was able to unblock BBC iPlayer a year ago, it, unfortunately, couldn’t get past their restrictions during our recent test. When it comes to other platforms, the procedure is very simple as well. And does the quality suffer due to the low cost of the subscription?

IP leaks, DNS leaks, and WebRTC leaks.

Private Internet Access Review

That’s a whole month of VPN for less than the cost of a single premium cup of coffee, which is pretty amazing in our books. One drawback was with the refund, which took about two weeks! However, while the provider can actually be requested to give up its data by the government, there won’t actually be any data to give up since it claims to keep zero logs. When signing up, the system will generate a username for you, and there’s no way to change it. The company assures that it keeps no traffic logs when users are connected to the VPN. We’ll talk more about what data Private Internet Access actually stores in a bit. Nonetheless, since most of the servers are in locations where online censorship and regulation aren’t big problems, it’s unlikely users will feel the need to have access to a larger pool of locations in PIA’s network. It also has not contracted industry studies, as AnchorFree Private Internet Access has, nor has it responded to the Center for Democracy and Technologies' survey.

The Mt. Gox/PIA Connection

Almost every single VPN provider out there claims that they don’t log user data, but you can rest assured that PIA’s claims are true. However, it must be remembered that if you’re in a country with strict laws against torrenting, the wiser decision would be to stick to more secure protocols like OpenVPN even if it results in slightly slower speeds. Trust.zone – fast vpn w/ small server network (.88/mo), no, it doesn’t. Getting this working could be easier than you think. This stray data packet may open a window for your ISP to monitor your activity or for even other interested parties that you were cloaked from. Mixed customer support reviews: PIA works great in unblocking Netflix US.

You want to be sure that your VPN never exposes that information on the Internet. NordVPN and PIA have a couple of different features. You can even put it on your mobile devices. However, you may choose any from the server list.

Value (Performance vs. Price)

PIA supports DD-WRT, Tomato, and PfSense routers if you prefer to set up the VPN in your router instead of each individual device in your home or office. Perhaps you’ve come across this Private Internet Access review thanks to a Google search or maybe you’ve been browsing through some of the other reviews I’ve done. The company offers clients for Android, Chrome, Firefox, iOS, Linux, Opera, macOS, Windows. 33 per month while the 6-months plan will go $5. Here is the collapsed version displaying basic connection info:

In this way, users will have no trouble using the application whether on computer, smartphone, or tablet. There’s a VPN kill switch that can be set to automatically cut off all internet traffic if the VPN is disconnected, the PIA MACE tool that blocks ad trackers, custom DNS, port forwarding on endpoints that support it, an option to block LAN traffic and an extremely flexible range of customisable settings for your VPN connection, including your preferred encryption settings. If you can't get or stay connected, that may be effective, and the Private Internet Access client makes it quick and easy to try this out.

The company also provides browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. More importantly, evaluators also hinge their evaluations on the geographical location of those servers. While PIA VPN acts as a proxy for Chromebooks, that means no obfuscated servers or ways to change encryption protocols. There are various ways of getting help except they don’t have a live chat. The USA also doesn’t require VPNs based in the USA to record everything users do online. One of the more popular options in the VPN space is Private Internet Access. They include troubleshooting guides, instructions on how to connect certain devices, and frequently asked questions. That’s important to note, as that location may not be the one closest to you.

Compatible with Netflix

95 for uploads. On a positive side, they also provide a separate Twitter account dedicated to customer service. Your search history, this VPN is not available as an app. CyberGhost was founded in 2020 in Romania, and it currently secures the online activity of over 20 million users across the globe.

Responses over email were slow, with long gaps between answers to questions. Free and cheap VPN services especially raise some questions in terms of security and reliability. While the practical upshot is the same—your traffic appears to be coming from the country you select—consumers may have legal concerns about where their data is actually going. PIA has reliable security features.

If you are looking to stream on twitch or do video calls then expect your connection to drop once in awhile.

Private Internet Access on Other Platforms

If you try out a VPN and the service doesn't work for you, it shouldn't matter if you had a refund three years ago - you ought to have the same money-back rights as everybody else. To understand why this was upsetting to many PIA users, we’ll just take a quick look at Mark Karpeles. Naturally, there are some negative comments about the service too. Fastestvpn: a lifetime of top-notch vpn access for , it hides the IP address of its users and keeps them secure when on public Wi-Fi. Financial data, business data, or torrent files.

As with most VPN’s, you can’t switch servers on the fly. Along with OpenVPN, IPSEC, L2TP, PPTP and Socks5 Proxy setting. Their apps offer additional protections, such as kill switch, DNS leak and IP leak protections, as well as their proprietary MACE protection, which blocks the domains for ads, trackers and malware. Nothing can penetrate a VPN's encrypted tunnel, so no one snooping on your local network (be it at home or at the office) can see what you're up to. If you want your review to be accepted, please write a helpful, informative and unique review - either positive or negative. 26 Mbps and upload speed was 24.

NordVPN review: breaking boundaries at enormous speeds

Today I’m reviewing Private Internet Access, a U. Manual configuration is also supported with OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, and SOCKS5 Proxy. For comparison’s sake, we did the same for ExpressVPN, which I also happened to have installed, and without a VPN as a control group. However, it should be noted that 256-bit encryption can noticeably slow down your connection as it uses up more data. Since latency and download speed can – and often do – vary widely from one VPN to the next, one of the first things I do when trying a new VPN is going over to www. It means that every time I want to install the software on a different device, I have to pull up that initial email to find my login information.

Despite this, if you do have any trouble using the VPN, you can rely on either the email (ticket system) or the live chat system. When they did, they began blocking those IP addresses, preventing VPN users from accessing their favorite content. Hammer vpn globe settings, a hacker may use this information to try to access your sensitive information or steal your passwords. The company also allows potential customers to try the product for seven days with a risk-free money-back guarantee.

To avoid DNS spoofing/poisoning of the DNS cache, PIA VPN users also have access to a private DNS server. With more than 3,000 servers in more than 30 countries, this provider delivers very stable network in 2020. First, I connected to the service in New York City to see if the provider is good for unblocking Netflix. 95 (about $53), which works out to a monthly cost of $2. It is no more effective for bypassing DNS blocking than regular PIA DNS servers. Server locations, my time with NordVPN ranged from rigorous performance testing to day-to-day usage to find out how it stacks up against the crowded field of competitors. To put it in simple terms, the HNS is a blockchain alternative for the Domain Name System (DNS).

Strict ‘No Logging’ Policy

The first pricing tier of ProtonVPN only costs $4. There's the same basic streamlined interface, list of locations, and Connect button. You can always create a new, custom password by accessing your account. Standard proxy servers provide the same kind of location-shifting ability as a VPN, but without the encryption.

Private Internet Access Pros and Cons

Is it a paid or a free VPN? S, Private Internet Access is subject to the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes alliances. Secondly, if a service has a wide server park. This kind of control gives you full power over deciding whether you want to prioritize performance over security or vice versa. Their one-year plan comes out to just $3.

  • With popular streaming sites like Netflix constantly cracking down on VPN use, there’s no guarantee that most VPNs will be able to access geoblocked streaming content.
  • 25 per year, which works out at $2.

Updated and user-friendly VPN apps

Using a no-log private DNS daemon, PIA ensures DNS requests are made safely for your total protection. However, the long-term plans are where PIA beats the competition. Plus, when used on mobile devices, MACE can reduce battery drain. Protocols determine how data is transmitted across a network. As you can see from the image above, Private Internet Access has passed the test in the best possible way. If access to US Netflix is an important consideration in your choice of VPN, check out our article on this Netflix VPN ban workaround or see our roundup of the best VPNs for Netflix. Complete sensitive research without interference, i’ve done this. Download speed after connecting a VPN was 11. Obfuscation hides the fact that you’re using a VPN by making the connection look like standard HTTP encryption.