4 Best VPN & Proxy Extensions for Chrome in 2020

4 Best VPN & Proxy Extensions for Chrome in 2020

Let us know via the comments section below. That means it has to deal with the Five Eyes online surveillance program since Canada is a part of that alliance. Windscribe has excellent device compatibility. ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs of your activity except the information needed to maintain your subscription, which can’t be tied back to you. Click ‘Add to Opera’ button. Enable this feature to never see those things again.

We also loved the actual speeds, suitable for streaming.

Are you interested? That means, if you live in India and you want to watch Netflix US, you can certainly do that without any problem. It allows you to browse the web without censorship and watch videos with least buffering. Our general feeling is that this VPN service has come into existence as a result of a well thought out plan. This is often done in a heavy-handed, thoughtless way.

The user has the options to run the browser extension and desktop applications individually but it offers best result when one uses both of them together.


ExpressVPN is excellent for geo-spoofing, so you gain access to any foreign or restricted site you want. Windscribe VPN for Chrome is a very powerful online security and privacy solution for the Chrome browser. The 7 best android dictation apps for easy speech-to-text. Those vulnerabilities include man-in-the-middle attacks, worms, keyloggers, and remote management tools.

  • 99 per month if you want to buy a monthly plan.
  • Brand new more comprehensive browser extensions support city-level location selection, block malware and phishing sites, and add a host of privacy boosting extras, including WebRTC blocking, location API spoofing and website notification blocking.

ExpressVPN’s Key Features

Chrome OS supports the two most popular VPN flavors: The service has 383 servers all over the globe and guarantees a really decent speed with no need to pay money or be limited in time or data amount. Because it only uses these logs for troubleshooting purposes and erases them every few hours, it in no way exposes your secure identity. 256-bit AES Privacy:

That’s where a VPN comes in. Unlock content -------------------------- Windscribe VPN masks your IP address. ” ExpressVPN will present you with the username and password for those protocols, as well as a list of server addresses that support them. Of course, the family members have to live in the same house as the user. For example, you could have some locations use OpenVPN UDP for speed, and others use TCP for reliability. As it somehow manages to provide an isolated internet connection.

  • Even if you are in the free version, there are advanced features like ad-blocking and secure whitelisting.
  • The world’s most popular browser, Google Chrome, has a wealth of VPN services that are accessible via their add-ons extensions.
  • It means that ExpressVPN just keeps the logs of servers and the dates of users connect with them and that doesn’t impact the security.
  • The VPN uses the 256-bit AES encryption to stop the interference of ISPs and hackers.
  • This vpn service is one of the only providers to offer a prolonged free service, offering everyone at least 10gb of encrypted traffic per month for only your email in exchange (which they don’t sell to advertisers).
  • Most of the topics that the blog covers belong to issues such as security and privacy and other related news items.
  • Like all VPN extensions, it works more as a proxy than a true VPN, but it does what's needed to keep you secure.


The services here also offer premier security features such as data encryption and no-logs policies so that your personal details and browsing habits are kept private. Slow speeds can leave you waiting and waiting for pages to load. They even have their own subreddit too, so you can discuss queries with other users. These five VPN tunnel extensions can all be downloaded safely and for free from the Chrome Web Store. With a VPN, you’re not only protecting your identity and accessing new libraries of content around the world, but you’re also patching the one small hole in the Chrome OS security package. In other words, relatively speaking, the user is pretty much spoiled for choice. We recently came across a new security report that suggest things are even worse when it comes to Chrome VPN extensions.

Best For Streaming

The app has a Smart Location feature that will automatically choose the best server. Moving forward, after the user has correctly entered all the required information, the website would take the user to the official Windscribe VPN user portal. The main of them is a limit of bandwidth – only 500Mb of data can be used for free each month. This one took 20 hours for a response. I timed the process and it clocked in at 9. The web browser extensions play the role of providing users with more usability. The custom-tailored servers for Netflix is really nice too.

That means that no-one else can see what data you’re sending and receiving, and no-one can follow you around the web, block you from certain sites, or know what you’ve been doing. Additionally, a VPN masks your IP and, with a proxy server, you can view geo-blocked content with ease. They told me that their service does work with Chromebooks but it is not officially supported. The features are easy to get along with and include DNS leak prevention and a kill switch which are quick to enable. I’ve carefully tested 37 and ranked the best free VPNs for Google Chrome according to speed, security, quality, and compatibility.

99 per month, and include their full services and features, including all security protection.

Our VPN Experts

The service will prevent you from annoying ads, malware, cookies, and WebRTC. The tool uses strong AES 256-bit encryption and performs annual, independent security audits for better user experience. The account dashboard is your next stop. No requirement of payment for a VPN to take that in use. This lightweight and immensely popular Chrome extension opens up the internet for you, while keeping your browsing habits away from prying eyes.

It has in the past abused its access to user devices to launch botnet attacks.

You can mitigate this DNS leak problem by disabling the predictive service from Chrome‘s Settings. My last blog showed how, with L2TP, the VPN user needs to enter five different items of data to get connected. On the other hand, experienced VPN users are also likely to enjoy the wide array of options and customization settings that this VPN client offers. Reliably unblocks geo-restricted content and has great privacy credentials. As a VPN service, Windscribe operates out of Canada. Airtight security is essential in a VPN for Google Chrome.

Install the extension, click on it and you’ll be asked to create an account.

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The tools that we have mentioned are very reliable. While they function similarly, they only encrypt the data coming from the Chrome browser. Betternet is supported by ads, which means it shares some of your data with third-party advertisers. They constructed these pipes, they can shut them off and on and regulate their flow, and they can also read the meter every month and send you the bill. There are so many fakes and scams out there. These now look and behave more like this VPN’s native applications, unlocking plenty of advanced options. As mentioned before, in this review we will mainly talk about the performance numbers of the premium service. That said, if you use the app's default IKEv2 protocol this isn't an issue, as connection times plummet to an average 3-5 seconds.

Windscribe Free VPN and Adblock For Chrome

You'll burn through that data if you do anything like streaming via Netflix, so it's not recommended for that. Best gaming vpn for pubg, a slow connection not only makes gameplay incredibly frustrating, it can also be the difference between completing a mission successfully or not. Though it is slow. Click ‘Install’ button in the Extensions Manager.

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Up to 100MB/s but you’re more likely to get speeds of 10-15MB/s Pricing: This VPN uses OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP protocols and does not keep logs. Other than that, your activity is not tracked by the tool, as assured by the developer.

There should be no way around it. Ethan payne, when it comes to additional features, it’s smart to get CyberGhost just for the streaming alone as it’s more than capable of unblocking Netflix and other streaming services. What about Windscribe on Mobile? Many are completely free too. Simply as a way to bypass geolocks however, the extension works more than well enough with good performance reported across the board.

None of the VPNs on this list collect any data about what you do while you’re using the VPNs.

Config Generators

Seeing as we’re complete masochists, we sent yet another follow-up question. 49 per month if you sign up for 3 years. However, when it comes to the mobile app, they’ve clearly done a lot of work. 6% of people use Google Chrome, followed by 10. It free, unlimited and has versions available for Windows Phone, OS X, iOS, and Windows. I definitely noticed buffering delays during my test.

One could get the same with Opera VPN, but CyberGhost's video quality is much better. This VPN is way different from any other VPNs as it doesn’t follow the standard rules. Our research shows that the Windscribe web browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome are simply fantastic and useful additions which successfully manage to complement the official desktop VPN client of Windscribe VPN. Read our full review of ExpressVPN. All you need to sign up is an email address and you can enjoy 500MB of data per month.

The Most Important Factors When We Review a VPN for Chrome

It also typically allows for the use of Netflix and other streaming services, all at a good speed. (Links"), scans that page for ad beacons and third-party trackers, and gives you a privacy score. "Turbo VPN, DotVPN, Hola … None of these browser plugins are real VPNs.

However, you can take advantage of all these benefits only if you make a payment for a month of use and ask for a refund within 31 days.

Didn’t really answer our question. Has a freemium plan. The interface has a similar look and feel, with a country and city list and an On/Off button.

Top Windows

When you start browsing, CyberGhost’s Google Chrome extension encrypts your data with 256-bit AES encryption. Another freemium option in the list, DotVPN allows you to connect to certain locations, free of cost. Indeed, hackers can intercept the data, too, even if the wifi network isn't rogue. Select a username and a password and you’re good to go. The client doesn't force you to manually close the current connection before you can browse to something else, unlike some of the competition.

User Interface

I HEAR that it will work without modification. After that, using a VPN on Chrome is much the same as using it on any other device. 99/month if you want to purchase a monthly plan. They have built-in apps for almost every platform imaginable.

This comes down to the individual countries, and their stance on digital copyrights.

Of course, normal users are free to provide their non-work (but valid) email address if they want to act as an unknown shopper. Windscribe VPN has VPN client available for the majority of platform available in the market. This makes it a Canadian VPN service provider. Our research shows that Windscribe can fit the bill for anyone who is looking for best-value-for-money VPN service. That’s because Windscribe has a number of special “Windflix” servers. Users who want to learn more about the privacy policy of Windscribe should go to the official website and read the service’s official privacy policy document there. In order to log in to the Chrome extension, the user has to use the same password and username that he/she used for the Windscribe desktop VPN client.

The website detected and highlighted the best choice for our laptop – the Windows client and Chrome extension – but there were also links to downloads for Mac, Android and iOS, extensions for Firefox and iOS, and guides to cover setup on routers, Linux, Kodi, Amazon FireTV and more. But good VPN services decrease VPN speeds less rapidly than cheap VPN server speeds. If all else fails, you can contact support directly. There are also special extension features such as autopilot that chooses the best location, time warp that changes the time zone, cookie monster that deletes cookies, secure link generating, and many others.

Choose your server location by clicking on the one that’s currently active.

Free Chrome VPN Extensions You Should Use in 2020

Looking for online privacy and security trusted by millions? A true VPN will encrypt all of the traffic travelling to and from your entire device. If you choose to only install the extension (and not the desktop version described above) you only have basic web browsing protection and no firewall. However, if you’re not going to be using more than 10GB (which I think is pretty generous), it’s very affordable. Let’s talk about it. Expressvpn – our winner, by using this VPN, you can count on having hundreds of servers under your fingertips, spread evenly across the globe. In other words, the Proxy tab enables users to configure their network Local Area Network proxy if they happen to have one. Upgrade to the full app, and you get AES-256 encryption, DNS leak protection, and a kill switch feature.


While they do not support Chrome OS directly, they do offer their VPN as a Chrome browser extension, which runs just fine on a Chromebook. In fact, it clearly advertises all the necessary encryption details on its official website. BEST BUDGET VPN: As soon as you install the extension, you would find the TouchVPN icon near other extensions.

The app has also additional features such as time zone optimization and WebRTC protection, but there is one drawback too:

WindscribeVPN Overview

It also has outstanding speeds compared to the competition, AES 256-bit encryption, and dark mode that’s easy on the eyes. Osi layer 2 services[edit], let’s find out:. Switching between servers is easy, connections are fast and, as always, Private Internet Access is one of the most affordable VPN services around. WebRTC leak test result: So buyer beware. However, here too, the data cap proves to be a major hurdle.

If someone had not caught CSIS doing that then we would still think that Canada is a safer place than the US when it comes to privacy and online security.

This ease-of-use is not an option on Chromebooks. There are some additional features like browser time zone optimization and WebRTC protection. The client is simple. Find the browser extension you want on the Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome Wait a few moments for it to automatically download and install An icon should appear at the top right side of Chrome. In the brand new beta edition of Windscribe VPN client, users have the option of using IKEv2 protocol for the Mac and Windows platform.

  • You will also benefit from faster page loading times because most ads and trackers will be stripped form website you use every day.
  • Last but certainly not least on the list of security features is the inclusion of a VPN kill switch.
  • The majority of VPN extensions use the pac-script mode.
  • You have the choice to toggle the firewall mode as per your requirement.
  • Chromebooks are great for security, but there’s still a gap when it comes to the network.

Best Free VPN for Chrome to Conceal Data

Users are offered to choose one of the servers operated by the company or press the ‘Any’ button if it makes no difference for them. Once you connect successfully, you’ll see that it changes to blue, like in the image below. Premium VPNs offer airtight encryption and advanced security features to protect you from things like malware and DNS leaks. To keep your DNS protected, you can also use these additional security measures: Performance is fast and stable. You can also mark countries as Favorites, displaying them at the top of the list for zero-scroll reconnections later. Here are the 10 best free Chrome VPN extensions you can use in 2020. Compatible with: