Best VPN for Torrenting 2020: Sailing Piratical Waters

Best VPN for Torrenting 2020: Sailing Piratical Waters

This is where VPNs — which encrypt data leaving your computer and make it impossible for others to see what you’re downloading — come in handy. This is not true, however; the rumor arose from a poorly-worded warning from Indian ISPs that appeared when users tried to access blocked sites. Also, don’t forget to follow TechNadu on Facebook and Twitter. Similarly, HideMyAss helped the US agencies in tracking the hacker who was involved in “LulzSec fiasco” by handing over its logs to them, consequently getting him apprehended. Their network is comprised entirely of dedicated, bare-metal servers that provide you with great performance, security, and full IPv6 support. What’s The Best VPN in 2020? StrongVPN has ample security.

I recommend connecting to a dedicated P2P server to choose the optimal location. You’re infringing on a copyright. The following characteristics make it a good VPN for file-sharing: In this case, a user will be routed through servers in Canada or the Netherlands. It discourages P2P filesharing activities that would hog the network, however, and it keeps logs for up to three months to help weed out abuse and criminal wrongdoing. Servers 350+ servers in 39+ countries Refund 15-days Website FastestVPN. Sadly, Surfshark does not have the option to choose P2P friendly servers separately.

It is one of the oldest and simplest protocols and computationally fastest.

A couple of them even have a special category to choose P2P servers. They chose this location because the British Virgin Islands has no data retention laws, which means that ExpressVPN does not need to keep activity or connection logs. But a good VPN will usually be fast enough to work comfortably for your torrenting needs. It blocks the internet traffic from being leaked to surveillance agencies, ISPs, and hackers until your connection gets reorganized. Ever-greater internet speeds have made streaming video content from websites or IPTV servers via Kodi and suchlike the go-to option for most casual video pirates (in theory it is possible to stream music illegally, but the pervasive presence of legal YouTube music videos means this has never really got off the ground). While torrenting allows you to share large files, it does expose you to risks. If you are torrenting away from your computer, the company also offers compatible apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Privacy is well provided for thanks to a strict no-server-logs policy and a Bitcoin payment option.

The Safest Countries And Locations For Torrenting Are:

Is torrenting legal in the United States? NordVPN is a good value all-rounder that works tirelessly with torrenting & P2P. If your DNS, IP address or WebRTC gets leaked, your identity will be exposed to your ISP. The volume of traffic depends on the method of registration (2 Gb without using your e-mail, 10 Gb with using your e-mail and confirmation) and if you tweet Windscribe, you can get 15 Gb per month. SaferVPN scores well on privacy and has good security credentials ideal for torrenters.

Is torrenting illegal in the US? This all changed in 2020, however, when the EU Court of justice declared the local legislation unlawful, If Member States were free to adopt legislation permitting, inter alia, reproductions for private use to be made from an unlawful source, the result of that would clearly be detrimental to the proper functioning of the internal market. Based on that, we’re going to use the following criteria to evaluate each P2P VPN: After you have used up a certain amount of data, many ISPs slow down your internet during torrenting. The truth is there are many ineffective options in the market, with most of them always dishing out bogus claims to be good enough for torrenting even though they’re not. – Many free VPNs include hidden malware to collect your data. Oh, and just in case you still see ‘Free’ and are ready to try it anyway (botnets be damned), Hola doesn’t work with torrents. Switzerland – free to torrent as you please.

So without further delay, here are the 5 best VPNs for torrenting: The application is very simple and easy to use, with one-click connection options and some advanced options. In other words, if you see a site promoting: Shared IP addresses add an important layer of privacy, which makes it difficult to keep a tab on your activities. The UK Many of torrent trackers are blocked, for example, Kickass Torrents, The PirateBay, Demonoid, ISOHunt. Basic, Plus, or Visionary. One-click torrenting connections Cons:

Is it illegal to use a VPN for Torrenting?

A DNS leak happens when your ISP successfully tracks your internet activity due to system failure. In most parts of the world, you get fined for breaking copyright. You’ll be happy to know that the PDPA does not apply only to companies established in Malaysia – but to those using equipment in this country to process personal data as well. However, as soon as a person shares a copyright-protected file, this activity is recognized as illegal. As I said earlier, torrenting without a VPN can be seriously risky. If you’re after a completely anonymous experience, you could opt for a VPN that lets you sign up with a burner email and pay with cryptocurrency.

Differently said, this country does not respond to other countries or international alliances when asked to hand over sensitive data. Copyright trolls are also prevalent in the United States. Depending upon your geographical location, you may end up receiving copyright violation notices from your ISP or legal action requiring you to pay for damages. With a VPN, you can keep your torrent sessions safe and private. Due to large file sizes, maintaining speed is very important. They won’t make you safe online. Government authorities can fine you for committing a civil offense, while ISPs and copyright holders will threaten and in some cases follow through on legal action.

Try extra protection of ExpressVPN!

Unadjusted Upload Speeds

Besides, not all torrent sites can be unblocked by means of TunnelBear. Congratulations! However, keep in mind, that although a VPN will protect you in many ways, it’s also a good idea to install a decent antivirus. Now that you’ve seen our list of the best, here are the rest. Similar accusations have been leveled at Pure VPN, although these allegations are largely unsubstantiated. It’s important to look for a software that is up to date with the latest safety developments. It’s not completely unheard of for a copyright holder to successfully sue ISPs for torrenters’ identities, whom they can then request remuneration from using a practice called speculative invoicing, but it’s rare. A list of best VPN for torrenting has been jotted, with the criteria considered above.

Let us know what the best country for torrenting in the comments below is. NAT Firewall even reduces download speed. Fantastic customer assistance. Surfshark VPN: One of the main things that separate good VPNs from bad ones is whether they save user logs or not. The best VPN for torrenting assigns a unique port to be used for P2P traffic. To my mind, I suggest you the most advantageous offer for torrenting – Surfshark VPN.

Always use the server that suits your purpose.

How to choose the best VPN for torrenting

Thus, the obvious reasons why to use a VPN for torrenting are: The technology itself doesn’t use any forbidden methods. Anyone snooping on your activities, even if they are the ones running the network, won't be able to see what you're up to. But torrenting copyrighted material is not your safest bet. And the law certainly doesn’t see any difference between public and private trackers.

The above-mentioned VPNs for torrenting are tested much more rigorously on a wider range of parameters in our dedicated guide on the best VPN for 2020. Vanished vpn, 99 per month – . Right now, we consider HideIPVPN the fastest VPN among those we've tested. From the comment above, it is obvious that free VPN providers are incapable of delivering unlimited bandwidth. There is a 30-day no-quibbles money-back guarantee so you can try it risk-free. Longest known among VPNs.

Finding the best VPN for torrenting purposes can be a daunting task because VPN services undergo various issues that not only make the whole experience annoying but risky too. It’s too be avoided at all costs. Using AES-256 encryption and OpenVPN protocols, NordVPN offers the best protection. This makes it the best free VPN for torrenting as well.

Before we go all in-depth, here is a list of best VPNs for torrenting in 2020:

IP binding for uTorrent: Use Network Lock instead

As I mentioned, free VPN services aren’t reliable, to begin with, let alone strong enough for torrenting. PPTP – It has become a suitable protocol since it ensures the security of virtual network through various other protocols. Hola free vpn proxy unblocker, and even then, annual plans are very reasonably priced indeed. For example, users can use split tunneling to decide which traffic is funneled through their VPN and which is not, and there’s the ability to create a WiFi VPN hotspot.

There is a network of monitoring nodes that these media companies run and rely on. On the security front, it uses watertight 256-bit AES encryption with perfect forward secrecy, a Kill Switch, split-tunneling and runs its own private and encrypted DNS. Once you’ve got your VPN installed and connected, you may want to check that your setup is working properly. It made me exclude them from the list of the contenders to be called the best VPN services to use for torrenting. The company has a strict zero-log policy making sure your privacy is always maintained. What is torrenting?

The extra stops and processes for your data and the distance introduced by VPNs can make a normal browsing experience somewhat hiccup-y.


Up to 10-years in prison and an unlimited fine Successive British governments have been among the world's most enthusiastic supporters of copyright holder rights. ISPs have the right to throttle bandwidth for torrent users or disconnect them from the network. In addition, Nordvpn also allows users to connect 6 devices at the same time. This VPN provider follows the industry standards for security and safeguards your torrenting activities with AES 256-bit encryption; the best you can get.

Best Country for Torrenting

The two types of leaks most pertinent to torrenters are IP address and IP traffic leaks. It keeps track that a client’s IP address should not be exposed on the web if the VPN connection disconnects. Shared IPs add a significant layer of anonymity, which makes it more difficult to trace activity back to you. The penalty for copyright infringement in Germany can go up to 1,000 Euros. One must keep this fact in mind that all VPNs are not the same. If you are serious about security and online anonymity, this Switzerland-based, no logs VPN service is tough to beat.

Torrenting itself isn’t exactly illegal all over the world. A logging policy that falls short, you can see how crowded a particular server is from the server list, and which allow torrenting. For instance, countries like Switzerland is considered one of the best VPN location for torrenting, whereas the US is not. Thankfully, all the VPNs in this list can help you with these problems. Wait, there’s more!

IPVanish’s self-owned and -operated servers keep third-party contractors away from your personal data. If you go all out and opt for the paid plan, you’re better off signing up for a longer period. Therefore, I highly suggest you choose one of the best VPN for torrenting suggested earlier in this blog post. All the more, it includes a kill switch and DNS protection so that you can download with no worries. Some, for example, may require that you only use BitTorrent when connected to specific VPN servers. Can i use firestick in another country?, most of the free VPNs have restrictions that make them unsuited for a device like Firestick whose main function is streaming. It’s no wonder why the usage of VPN is on the rise.

In exchange, the user gets custom clients for different operating systems and great configuration guides for mobile devices.

  • The speeds usually delivered by CyberGhost are noticeably slower than its competitors, but it’s still not too bad.
  • IPVanish will not put a bandwidth limit.
  • The VPNs on our list of best VPNs for torrenting are all compatible with the popular torrent clients like BitTorrent and uTorrent.
  • One of the most widespread repercussions of piracy is a warning letter from your ISP.

TunnelBear VPN

After our tests, PureVPN can provide download speeds of up to 24. The reason torrenting is as popular as its (and almost certainly the reason you are reading this article), is that most people want to download copyrighted material without the holders permission. Indeed, all won’t work great and some might even be dangerous for your safety online. Spain – The country’s government made it clear that people can legally download copyrighted content through torrents as long as they don’t try to make money off of it or upload it.


If you’re concerned about online safety, this situation can be troublesome for you. You might also like: The use of double VPN serves to pass your traffic through 2 VPN servers. You might’ve seen an instant fall in your internet speed after downloading files up to specific limits. Which VPNs Support Torrenting?

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It then activates the best settings to protect and speed up your downloads. You can now save 46% on the IPVanish yearly plan, which now costs $77. Now you’re ready to start a VPN connection. These third parties may include advertising companies, corporate partners, and/or government authorities. Therefore, users are very safe when using PureVPN for torrent downloads. Finally, you want a VPN which offers fast download speeds to keep those files coming quickly, and one that doesn’t throttle bandwidth. Torrent users are being tracked down and prosecuted.

Torrenting itself is not illegal. Due to this fact that this provider is paid, you won’t have any doubt that the information about your online activity on the Internet is not collected or saved. Another way to jack up your speed is to use a PPTP protocol. Here’s a lot more to it, for that you can look into my FastestVPN review for extended details.

VPN VPNArea Based in Bulgaria Logs No logs Price $2. Even in countries that technically criminalize torrenting, there has (so far) been little appetite for convicting individuals who download purely for personal use, although those who profit from copyright piracy have faced some extremely stiff jail sentences. Switzerland – As long as you don’t plan on making any profit off of torrenting, or uploading copyrighted content through torrents, you can legally torrent in Switzerland. The inconvenience of use.

The best 5 torrenting VPNs in full:

I have reviewed more than 40 apps to find the best VPN for torrenting. Best apps to edit your instagram photos, iDG Enabling Opera’s new in-browser VPN takes just three taps. Access geo-restricted torrent sites. ExpressVPN – Perfect to hide your torrenting from ISPs. PureVPN was found handing the logs to the law enforcement over the cyber-stalking case while stating the no-logs policy.

VPN provides all-round protection. By routing your traffic through a proxy server, other computers will see that server’s IP address instead of yours. In addition, you also get added security features like Kill-Switch that blocks your internet connection if the VPN connection drops suddenly.

How did we choose our top VPNs?

256-bit AES encryption is paired with perfect forward secrecy for maximum protection. Still, torrenting is so closely associated with copyright infringement. A proper VPN should follow some criteria, so it can keep its users anonymous and safe.