SpyOff VPN Review

SpyOff VPN Review

To begin, download the client to your preferred device or devices. They strive hard every day to meet the client’s requirements and protect each of them from internet violations. OpenVPN Data encryption: Click the ‘Choose Location’ button to access the server list. In the Expert mode, you get to configure your VPN protocol and choose from all three available options, depending on your current needs. The new SpyOff VPN client, version 2.

  • Therefore, I would recommend SpyOFF VPN to privacy-conscious netizens throughout the world.
  • The ability to quickly change protocols is located on the home page, labeled as ULTRA Secure (OpenVPN), Balanced (L2TP), and Highspeed (PPTP).

Nevertheless it is important that we can count and rely on them if any issues arise. You have to open up your wallet and fork over a lot of cash to purchase their VPN FlashRouter. Alternatives to SpyOFF in direct comparison: It will then prompt you to cancel your current connection.

They keep the most basic information, like your full name, email address, and payment information.

Alternative VPN Choices for You

While the Knowledgebase does work well in answering some of the basic queries a user might have, it’s next to useless when dealing with complicated and unique issues a user might have. While these speeds are Okay for streaming, they are hardly mind-blowing and will probably cause some issues with gaming and intensive HD. Customer support is not the finest aspect of this service, to say the least. However, it’s definitely not smooth Netflix unblocking with all their servers; you’ll have to play the trial and error game to find a server hat unblocks the streaming giant, but the good news is that, you’ll get one that works, at least for now.

Despite several attempts, we couldn’t get SpyOff to connect to the US version of Netflix. That comes with another problem of dealing with the pressure of competing with other players. The features of the SpyOFF VPN comprehensive service are as follows: I found that it doesn’t leak IP. Sometimes, some of those popular websites got shut down due to social, political or other unexpected reason.

  • There are no specifically designated servers for media streaming, however.
  • SpyOFF uses 3 encryption protocols, including PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN.
  • 26 per month cost is the standard annual subscription charge that the company offers to those whom it doesn’t offer any special packages.
  • If you want to disconnect from your current server, tap on the “Disconnect” button.
  • 3 is a simplistic VPN client that is very indicative of Mac OS.
  • It is also imperative to consider the fact that a service currently unblocking content might no longer work a day later since Netflix continually blocks new IPs.
  • But their support page turned out to be a minimal one.


So, you can stream the videos without any buffering and download the files quickly on your PC. Changing servers was a bit of a hassle, as you get a notification that you first must disconnect from the previous server. Made up your mind to purchase the SpyOFF VPN?

However, you will see that it has all the features and works smoothly. While browsing the internet, many people wish to hide their IP address for the reason of security. SpyOFF VPN (spyoff. )It should be a relatively simple and secure system, but cybercriminals have begun using it to gain remote access to your computer. The signup process is very standard and straightforward: You can first scroll the country list and select one, then scroll the server list to the location you want and select the fastest server there.

On the other hand, PPTP makes use of 128-bit encryption.

Customer Support

By using SpyOFF, your real IP will be hidden from government agencies and hackers. To make your first connection, simply choose a country and hit the “Connect” button. They are also a no-log service regarding PII while using their VPN network. You can also still activate OnionVPN and turn off the disconnect confirmation pop-up, but again these options never worked for us. SpyOFF is a small but growing newcomer in the VPN industry. Military discounts : Speed testing revealed high download and upload speeds in both the United States and Europe.

Your credit card should not be charged until the 15-day free trial period is completed. I couldn't access US-only content on Netflix, but foreign broadcasters were no problem. What is important is that the client is extremely intuitive and allows for great ease of use.


Thus, you can use their service without any limitations for up to 30 days from when you received your welcoming email. Run the shortcut to open the client for the first time. This will kill your Internet connection if the VPN service drops. No VPN should have DNS leaks, but they do happen. The “Highspeed” is the PPTP protocol, which is very fast, but not nearly as secure as OpenVPN or L2TP/IPSec.

SpyOFF VPN server locations are as follows: However, our readers should be aware that the company will keep on charging you money for your subscription if you do not go ahead and cancel your subscription contact with the company a total of seven days before your contract actually ends. 99 per month, which are billed $64. And while we admit that warrant canaries are not invincible, we would mention that for a newcomer in the industry, SpyOFF VPN is definitely on the right track.

The provider says nothing about P2P sharing specifically, but based on our experience during the tests, silence implies consent. Thanks to its massive IP range, SpyOff’s is very useful for content unblocking. 000+ Payment Methods Credit cards, direct debit from German or Austrian account, PayPal Credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Netteller various local payment providers Credit cards, PayPal DNS Server no own service SmartDNS VyprDNS logless DNS logfiles Unknown No No File sharing + P2P optimized servers Geschwindigkeit TV & Video Evaluation in the test 6. Be sure to follow the policy stated by Spyoff VPN on torrenting when using their service. This means SpyOFF is not liable to share user information with law enforcement agencies.

Featured Networks

SpyOFF VPN is owned by Sareta S. Select the country you are in or one close to it. There has not been any user who claims to use Spyoff VPN in China nor was it mentioned on the website.

All VPNs are expected to deliver on these fronts, but many fail miserably. Upon request, SypOFF VPN will close your account immediately and initiate a prompt refund of your purchase price. Its site can be accessed in English or German, though the former is the default language.

They need a lot of polishing and improve upon the current systems in place. Competitor coupons : The first is the ease of setting up the service, while the second is the ease of using the client and the service.

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Sales events : The company has made it their number one mission to protect their customers from surveillance, censorship, ISP throttling, and government control. With the company based in San Marino, you’re free from surveillance, but your info, some of which is logged, may be kept and used for other reasons. However, you need to enable the kill switch feature for it to work. Nevertheless, the desktop client’s settings feature some important aspects worth highlighting such as the protocol choice being totally up to you between the three main ones, and the fact that you can also choose if you want to launch the app automatically. It brings a ton of functionality at a very reasonable price, and its status as a “fresh face” has so far allowed it to fly under VPN blacklists while offering outstanding privacy, security, and accessibility.

Finally, click the Connect button to establish the connection between PC and remote server.


Some users transfer files without the necessary permission. This prevents any accidental data leaks. We tested SpyOFF VPN to fin where they’ll rank. However, the company has worked very hard and invested precious resources in taking that number to more respectable levels, and it can now claim that it has approximately 1,000 servers in 40 nations around the world. Regardless of whether it is deliberate or a mistake, this reflects poorly on the service’s inability to keep its services available for use to users. Next we tested Europe: That works out to about $67.

Not bad at all, but others offer more cryptocurrencies and other options like Alipay. SpyOff VPN offers all new subscribers a 30-day money back guarantee. We wanted to like the service, but it's just not worth the premium price. Like all other VPN services, SpyOFF promises not to log your information, it protects you with industry-leading encryption and protocols, plus it has an assortment of features built into its service to help protect and serve you. However they also have servers in Africa, Asia, and Oceania. With active Killswitch, you will surf the internet safely and your privacy remains intact. We would advice the users to check for a few more servers other than the smart-connect server, so that if they face a similar situation like us, they can still make the most out of the service. Enter your account “Username” and “Password” and toggle “Save credentials” so that you will not have to reenter them every time you open the client.

When you have finished, click on the “Okay” button. SpyOFF’s three payment plans are all identical as far as features go. If that is the case, would it be possible that SpyOff operates under German jurisdiction?

Note, the background area that shows the state of the connection at the top and bottom of the screen changes from red to green and their messages change once you are connected to the network.

Software Bout

SpyOFF claims that they do not log any of the client’s data. There is also a button to open the settings screen in this group. For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. It uses the algorithm that is impossible to decrypt. You will have to work really hard if you want to know more about the data retention laws that are in effect there. I put the service through different tests to be sure that there are no IP, DNS or WebRTC leaks taking place. So you have to expect that you have to change the server used manually from time to time. The final plan also comes with 4 months of additional and free VPN use.

We had a record-breaking 5 day response time from them. We know of many other VPN service providers who offer vastly more impressive VPN features. The only glitch in the way is that you’ll need to submit your payment information when registering for the free trial. Privacy and security, although its VPN is only available on four platforms -- Mac, iOS, Windows and Android -- Norton gets big points for its 24/7 live customer phone support and 60-day money back guarantee. In short, all servers we tried to connect to in Singapore, for example, ended up attributing us an American IP address and server, and the same happened for South Korean servers.

How to Watch ‘One Day at a Time’ Online – Live…

A VPN server network is an important consideration. You get apps for desktops, mobiles and routers, and OpenVPN compatibility enables setting up just about anything else. Therefore, in addition to SpyOFF’s own zero-logging policy, the fact it is based in San Marino means it’s unlikely to come under any pressure to share data about customer IPs or browsing behavior. It would seem that everything is sunshine and roses, but it’s not. Does each store give birthday discounts? You now have all of the information needed to connect to the SpyOFF network.

You can find out more about VPNs in our round-up of the best VPNs of 2020, but here we review one example: The inclusion of some advanced features such as the Network KillSwitch is great as well but the speed and performance leave much to be desired. Other services will allow as many as five simultaneous connections. The interface language, launch at startup, and auto-reconnect options can all be configured on this screen.

Unresponsive Customer Service

It means that the company does not have any record of what their customers get up to when they are roaming about in the online world. SpyOFF offers 15 days FREE trial opportunity to test out their services. SpyOFF VPN response time takes more than 24 hours for queries, and the responses aren’t too detailed. This company resides in the country of San Marino, which is hidden amongst the mountains of Northeast Italy.

You can try the software for 30-days without any charge, which is a great feature. Regarding installation support, there are good text-only step-by-step short setup guides for all supported devices. They discount longer term plans. Still, a number of VPNs have managed to circumvent Netflix’s blocking efforts.

The custom VPN software makes their service easier to use with most operating systems. Not only is the encryption weaker, but PPTP is highly outdated and can be hacked in under three minutes. 7 best vpn for china in 2020, the cheapest My Private Network plan costs £3. It was set up to serve English-speaking and German-speaking VPN users. They can build a virtual tunnel to mask the user’s IP address and traffic from all kinds of agents or unwanted situations, effectively positioning themselves between the user and the broader network to manage connection requests and leave the Internet Service Provider out of the equation.

IP and DNS Leak Test: We found no leaks

The UI would be pretty good if it weren’t buggy and unreliable, with connection issues and some options not working. This is a major improvement and we applaud SpyOFF for the big upgrade. On desktop, you download the client from your account page.

The complexity of the SpyOff VPN client coupled with the rather lacking customer support means you may be in for a long wait to get things cleared up — provided you don’t find the answer in the FAQ section or somewhere on the Internet.


33 and is billed annually, and you get to save up to 30% over the beginner package. The 12-months plan comes with 4 extra free months for the first year, making it 16-months. In this review, we will see if the VPN provider can keep the spies off our device or if it is somehow a spy itself which is collecting our data. Responses to the tickets we created were sent with adequate answers within a few hours during regular operating hours and early the next day when sent outside of this period. It is worth mentioning that the user experience may not be so flawless as the interface varies a great deal between all these different services. Beginners who have never used a VPN may need a few minutes to familiarize themselves with the settings. OpenVPN with TCP and UDP, PPTP, and L2TP.

Nevertheless, we recommend you to keep reading if you want to get to know SpyOff from a closer perspective. They say that the service “does not log any data about your usage behaviour”. The service is recommended for inexperienced users and if you do not have a credit card, you can deduct it directly from the bank account. Each of the 3 packages contains a full set of SpyOFF features, including single-click connection, unlimited bandwidth, zero logging, unlimited logins, and 256-bit SSL encryption.

Also, the service doesn't work with Netflix, why was the reason I bought it. Free returns & exchanges : The average offered is 5 connections, so this is perfect if you have a lot of devices or are looking to cover your whole family. And I also found the firm slow to respond to email requests, which was frustrating.

  • SpyOFF VPN is clear from any viruses as well.
  • It also mentions it’s working on a guide for Smart TVs, but this article was published 2 years ago and no guide is forthcoming.
  • This means you can't use the service on public computers.
  • Unlimited data volume over high-speed servers worldwide.
  • It’s got basic device compatibility (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android apps) and some router support, but nothing else.
  • It is widely regarded as the strongest and most secure service a user can hope for.
  • It’s clear that the tool does a wonderful job at hiding our real IP address.

DNS and WebRTC Leak Protections

You can scroll the country list and choose one. Bizarrely, users may encounter an issue whenever they try to download the free-trial of SpyOff. Sometimes it also changed the location but turned itself off, and you had to click the power button again for it to connect. Its knowledge base is not as extensive as we would like it to be and the absence of a search option makes it harder to find what you need. The elite of the industry is known for having a live chat feature to provide fast solutions. Speeds were Okay but definitely not fast. Therefore, it is important to dig a little under the covers of the SpyOFF VPN service to know if their no-log policy is for real or just another advert blurb.

No one can detect your identity and location. By this third parties cannot access your data and your data will be secured. The brand is not known for its sharing practices. Does each store offer discounts to AARP members? After downloading, double-click the. With over 1000 servers you should have no problem finding one that does the trick. Most found it secure. The added “Sever list” tab has a scrollable list of VPN servers with ping times (sec) beneath it.

Using a VPN service gives you access to these geo-restricted contents. Homepage, the name IPsec stands for Internet Protocol Security. That keeps you fairly safe from government spying efforts, and since SpyOFF does not hold onto any log information, they’d have nothing to turn over even in the event of a request. A couple criticized the fact you couldn’t pay via crypto for extra anonymity, which is no longer true since they added Bitcoin. With such a vast array of options, you can access your favorite content from anywhere around the globe.

Other Features Reviews

Based on these factors and 9 SpyOFF VPN reviews, SpyOFF VPN earns an overall score of 3. There’s no live chat. How does I contact each store?

Some found streaming on all servers, some found only US Netflix, and one found no Netflix but said BBC iPlayer was unblocked. SpyOFF VPN kill switch is equal to optimal security. This is measured in megabytes per second (mbps) and a higher number is better. Nordvpn, privateVPN Newest entrant to the scene with good speeds and security. Often leak tests are carried out by the VPN service to prevent your IP from getting public. However, there is one recent and relevant article relating to a Firefox issue. By default, the app suggests the optimal server based on your current location and the mode you choose. However if you know the name of the country, it is easier to type the first letters of its name in the search box and select it from the sorted list.

The support page on the website generally takes the front seat when there is no 24/7 customer service available. While features are limited, popular options include: It’s not the cheapest option in the market, but you can’t deny the quality of the VPN. Rayavpn, prices start from . Apart from the payment info, when registering, they also collect your email address and surname. You often see these claims on VPN websites, and it’s often a no-show when you actually use the service. However, be aware that it is no longer considered completely secure.

But, other leading vendors have even more to offer when it comes to streaming.


After searching their website, we could discern that SpyOFF is a company based in San Marino, Italy. The server count of 300 is more than what many VPN services operate, but it is still small compared to the thousands of servers operated by the top players. Despite not having fancy security offerings like some of the most widely recognized brands, SpyOff does have some features.

Upon logging in, the interface that meets you is very intuitive, and has everything running in the background. That’s not to say their logging policy is perfect. SpyOFF VPN does not keep any connection or activity logs of their VPN users.

In our tests, with DNS leak protection off SpyOff just uses our default DNS servers.

  • ” SpyOff also has three protocols to choose from.
  • However, it does not change the fact that the user’s online activity would remain pretty much secured and private all the time.
  • We will get to that under the cons section.
  • Both versions of SpyOff come with a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.
  • In this SpyOff VPN review, I managed to stream ‘Where the money is‘ a TV Series that is only available for US viewers and it worked perfectly.
  • On a 100 Mbps connection, I connect to 5 random servers inside the UAE, Russia, Australia, Mexico, and Canada.

Leaks: Are Your IP, DNS & WebRTC Safe?

SpyOFF VPN isn’t very well-known and is a latecomer to the VPN world; however it looks promising with growing server numbers, a priority on privacy and the rare bonus of unlimited devices. Here is the result: Open your account page or the support page on the SpyOFF website. Upon further investigation, I found out that users often feel frustrated due to the minimalist nature of the service’s website as well as unresponsive customer support.

99 per month; the six months package cost $65. What were your favourite dos games? Not only do you have a mute button on the headset, you have options to switch between Gaming and Chat. However, at the moment it is wildly overpriced for what you get. Balanced – switches the protocol to L2TP/IPsec. The provider also offers high-speed servers to boot. PPTP is widely known as an insecure VPN protocol.

NordVPN Asus RT-N66U Tomato FlashRouter Review

After some back-and-forth discussion, customer support apologized for misreading our emails and the matter was resolved. Ping (or latency): What is more, it is not associated with any “eyes” intelligence sharing networks. If I understand the words right (which I think I do), it means you can request a termination of auto renewals five days from time, but you’ll still be charged and given a subscription anyway. The customer area has now become a really simple and clear portal, where you have an overview of all the information you need right away. Introduction to SpyOff VPN: Similar to any other typical VPN service provider, SpyOFF comes stocked with both basic and advanced features.

The service also offers unlimited simultaneous connections that should enable users to use it across as many devices as they wish. There are SpyOff applications available on a range of platforms, including MacOS, Windows and Android. The IP lookup software can detect the VPN service if your VPN is less powerful. Is each store a secure website? So use SpyOFF VPN and lock the spies. The home-screen offers a one-click connect button and an option to change the server location if the user wants to connect to some other server location. So, all your Internet traffic appears to originate from the Spy OFF server rather than your exact location which makes it difficult for anybody to trace the data back to you. A “Kill Switch” is also located in the settings menu and included with the program, preventing internet connection when the VPN fails or is not connected.

This is the level of encryption used by government agencies like the FBI and NSA. Some said the device compatibility should satisfy most people, since the most popular devices were covered. How many countries the total number of servers cover, regardless of how many are located in a single country. Moreover, the 30-day money-back guarantee means that you can ask for a full refund within the first month of subscribing to the VPN if you are not satisfied with the service.

But you would be wrong.

Features & Benefits

There are two packages that a customer can subscribe to namely: Users would want a robust server network that has numerous servers in many countries around the world. Unfortunately, my request for exact information about OpenVPN implementation was refused, meaning that I am unable to verify whether this VPN is good for privacy purposes. SpyOFF VPN is primarily a network service platform whose agenda is to shield Internet users from cyber threats. SpyOFF uses the best web hosting to ensure the highest level of speed while connecting to the VPN server.

This includes your ISP, any user that is connected to the same public network, any website that wishes to track you, and any government agency that is a little interested in you.

Also, San Marino is not a member of the expanded 14-Eyes surveillance network, which is an agreement between 14 countries to gather and share intelligence. The team behind SpyOFF VPN consists of over 40 experts from a variety of fields that include software developers, online security specialists, and network administrators. SpyOFF is one of the most popular software out there when it comes to IP hiding tools and is a software that does not disappoint from many angles.

The snag in speed when you connect to SpyOFF VPN is minimal, but download speeds are unaffected.

That said, the SpyOFF server network with its thousands of IPs and hundreds of server locations will adequately serve your spoofing needs and make you disappear. Using a vpn for netflix and other forbidden treasures, our personal recommendation is that you subscribe to ExpressVPN or CyberGhost as two of the leading providers in this regard. Well, it’s a remarkably easy to use software, which is easily installed. Your anonymity is the prime concern. The fact that the DNS changing didn’t happen automatically in our tests would be an issue for privacy-minded users. If you want your review to be accepted, please write a helpful, informative and unique review - either positive or negative. The effectiveness of these channels are something else. Their jurisdiction is great and the app is user friendly. SpyOFF VPN has certainly taken the lead in what could be a defining move which might take the company right near the top of the pile of VPN rankings.

There is also a tool for WebRTC leaks.