SurfShark VPN Review: Is this new VPN any good?

SurfShark VPN Review: Is this new VPN any good?

Vanwege de matige resultaten van de Amerikaanse server, hadden we onze twijfels over de snelheid van Surfshark. Limited time offer, recently, the Digital Economy Act was passed into law in the UK. Of course, there are providers like MullvadVPN that do not even keep details of your email or credit cards. Naarmate het gebruik van mobiele telefoons toeneemt, is het vanzelfsprekend om deze apparaten ook te beschermen met VPN-diensten. How fast are Surfshark’s connection speeds?

In de toekomst zullen we Surfshark regelmatig testen en eventuele verslechteringen, aanpassingen en verbeteringen doorvoeren in deze review. Surfshark is one of them. Yet in the short time it’s been around it has already managed to establish a rather impressive network of servers. We haven’t seen many other VPN services to unlock as many streaming sites around the world as Surf Shark. Number of servers: Surfshark actively focuses on making the libraries of fifteen countries available to their users.

  • Available at an extra fee.
  • Verder hebben ze ook producten met de namen Hacklock en Blindsearch.
  • There were no notable fluctuations, which shows how stable Surfshark VPN is.
  • By taking a quick glance at the tables found above, you can see that Surfshark is a capable VPN provider.
  • That’s where CleanWeb comes in and sweeps away all those annoying ads that constantly pop up or stalk you when you least expect or want it to.
  • The best thing about paid is that you’ll have fewer chances of getting the accounts that you sign up for blacklisted or permabanned.
  • Cure53, a renowned web security service firm, and the first choice for comprehensive audits of VPNs, conducted a full blown security assessment of Surfshark VPN’s Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.

The provider only stores the following information: A proxy protects only the traffic of the browser it’s installed to. A lot of people want to secure their connection with a VPN these days, but that presents a convenience problem:

Blocks search engines tracking the user’s search, making it as private as possible. Over the year, they managed to release apps for all the major desktop and mobile platforms, Smart TVs and gaming consoles, as well as browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. SurfShark biedt niet alleen de mogelijkheid om Netflix in het buitenland te bekijken, maar ze leveren ook, zoals eerder vermeld, hoge snelheden.

Voor een optimaal resultaat kan je gebruik maken van SurfShark voor Nederlandse streamingdiensten.

9 Things We Like About Surfshark

Bovendien draait het web nog steeds op hoge snelheid, dus je hoeft nergens op in te leveren. IKEv2 is most popular among smartphone users as it is not as power intensive as OpenVPN. The IP address, traffic, and addresses of the resources you visit are under reliable protection.

Let’s go into more detail about the advantages of this provider. These buttons will take you to these two handy tools on Surfshark’s website. 256-bit data encryption, based on our scan system, we have determined that these flags are likely to be real positives. The provider is one of the few VPNs which has opened its doors to outside auditors (the German security firm Cure53). Also, let’s not forget it was a peak time there. Dit kan een vereiste zijn bij het gebruik van kantoorapplicaties. There are two methods of getting a code:

That’s a saving of 83%. If you are a first-time user of a VPN it can be a little tough to figure out. Support & money-back guarantee, any free version of a service comes with limitations. Since the introduction of the Camouflage and NoBorders modes, Surfshark is now capable of disguising VPN traffic. De enige naam die ik op hun website kon vinden is de naam van de technisch manager: SurfShark biedt meer dan 500 servers in 50 landen. 24/7 live chat Logs: Surfshark currently offers the following tunneling protocols:

Free VPNs are much different than their paid-for counterparts and can have lots of issues that may harm you further down the line.

Save 80%

This is very useful for unblocking a lot of geo-restricted content, such as the U. We compared this to the speeds that we got with the VPN enabled to find out how Surfshark’s servers perform. If we talk about encryption, Surfshark VPN uses AES-256-CBC/AES-256-GCM cryptography standards. This is another increasingly popular model in place of a free trial and you can make use of it on any platform. Then, I scan this data for all the connections that could happen outside of the VPN channel (its IP address is marked in green). Ook multihop kan gezien worden als een (dubbele) beveiligingsoptie. When playing an online first-person shooter, we noticed no difference in terms of reaction speed, either.

Many users choose IKEv2/IPsec because it offers multiple functions and is best for unblocking Netflix. This increases the anonymity factor for greater ease of mind. Any problems will be dealt with immediately and you will receive a solution within a few hours. Regarding ease of use, the Surfshark desktop apps are as simple as A-B-C. In case you have confusion in selecting the Protocol, select Automatic.


Surfshark zet zich in om Netflix voor al zijn gebruikers beschikbaar te maken. It’s quite open to argument whether or not it bolsters your privacy by a lot because my tests showed that Surfshark is decently safe even without it. Who knows, it may just expand again; that’s how good it is! No matter which of the three subscription plans you select, you will get the same thing product-wise. You can demand data deletion at any time by sending an email at [email protected]

Surfshark’s Multihop Feature

The downside is that you'll experience even more latency and reduced upload and download speeds. En zeker voor de prijs die ze vragen is een erg goede deal. This means the company cannot be compelled by foreign governments to collect or share user logs. During our tests, we were able to connect to different servers in just a couple of seconds, no matter the physical distance.

A VPN company located in a location that has signed this agreement can be compelled to collect and share data with authorities.

Bottom Line

The company has, however, given me much of the same information found in the survey. Adding to this mix, Surfshark also offers Shadowsocks which is more known as an encrypted proxy. If you aren’t satisfied within those 30 days, you can simply request a refund. So I put it to the test. Speed testing is a necessity, since using a VPN has the possibility of slowing your connection. Dit kan geheel anoniem.


Surfshark protects all traffic with AES-256-GCM encryption, which is the industry-leading standard. It has everything it needs to solve any task present on this platform including streaming. Dit is een leuke extra als je op vakantie of op zakenreis bent. The only caveat here is that Surfshark still hasn’t implemented a kill switch on its Linux version, but the Surfshark customer support team reassured me that the developers expect to add this feature in the near future.

You can find its download links easily on Surfshark’s website. You might have already heard about such a feature in other VPN's. This configuration allows you to remain perfectly safe while connected to unsecured public Wi-Fis as well. This is a single line that says the that the company has not been issued a National Security Letter, which would prevent Surfshark from disclosing the existence of the letter. Download speed – 20. It offers the consumers probable management to keep their browsing history updated, and their security is at their disposal.

99/mo on a 2-year plan, I highly recommend Surfshark VPN for those in search of a budget-friendly all-rounder that defies all odds to offer a premium product. Privatevpn, should I use a free VPN with Kodi? It might seem too bland to users that are accustomed to fancy visuals, but it gets the job done without any gimmicks. Using a gigabit Ethernet connection based in the United States, we test VPNs by connecting to 3 different locations – the United Kingdom, the United States and Hong Kong. 99 USD per month if you sign up for a 24-month package. You’ll have to tip into your spare change jar, since it only costs around $0. It is a super-effective way to keep away from the crowd.

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It is tough to find a budget VPN in the market these days. By using these, you can search the Web without endangering your privacy, and you can check whether your email credentials have leaked in the past. Surfshark has successfully proved to be resilient against all sorts of unexpected issues that can occur when using mobile devices in real-life conditions. The best android vpns are at your disposal, in a restrictive country like Iran, this allows access to censored services and websites, including social networking and video streaming sites. Given all its plusses and minuses, Surfshark earns a good score with the hope of an even better one in the future. The latter of these appears to be similar to Firefox Monitor or HaveIBeenPwned, and will be branded as HackLock. Let’s also not forget to check out the application’s settings. 24/7 Customer Support – for further queries, Surfshark does have a 24/7 Customer Support system, which most of us don’t usually rely on but it actually does work!

Note that clicking Quick connect won’t connect you to the server shown, but instead will connect you to the fastest server for your location, most likely a geographically close one. Looking at this Surfshark server status, it is clear the VPN is looking to expand and rightly so. There are now multiple servers in the UK:

Surfshark VPN also comes with a built-in Kill Switch feature that prevents IP leaks in case your VPN service suddenly stops working. On their website, these prices are also available in euros, AUS/CAN dollars, Chinese yuan, and British pounds. De snelste VPN’s zorgen ervoor dat je kunt genieten van alle voordelen van een VPN, zonder dat je last krijgt van vertragingen en bufferen tijdens het internetten. Een van de meest populaire servers voor ons Nederlanders zijn natuurlijk de servers in de VS en Nederland. There is no support available for protocols like L2TP/IPSec or PPTP. If you're concerned about DNS privacy on mobile, Surfshark also offers a standalone app Trust DNS from the Google Play Store. We prefer the more standard approach where the kill switch is only active if the connection drops within a VPN session, and you still have the option to close the app and use your regular internet connection, instead. This is relatively rare – most VPNs release macOS apps with limited security features, which is not the case with Surfshark.

You can switch your tunneling protocol by clicking on the Settings button.

Leave No Footprints

If you need to get in touch with an actual person working at Surfshark, you can do so using a contact form or live chat. You could even do this yourself if you wanted, which is recommended since your DNS give away your time spend on torrent sites. The name of this tab says it all. I’ve been monitoring this feature for more than a year as well as read customer reviews and can tell for sure that Surfshark works in China and other countries that block VPN. It really depends on the location you connect to.

Surfshark also allows for connection to the Tor network to fully secure your browsing experience.

The service can also be installed on supported routers, Xbox, PlayStation, smart TVs, and more. To get a sense of that degradation, I calculate a percent change between batches of tests run with a VPN and those without, using the Ookla Speedtest tool. Another good attribute regarding this is that Surfshark doesn’t need to be re-downloaded once the trial ends. For example, when company ranking is subjective (meaning two companies are very close) our advertising partners may be ranked higher. We like that there are two quick-connect options: There are also many support options, the fastest of which is the live chat. Naast hun veilige servers met sterke encryptie-protocollen geven ze je de mogelijkheid om via twee VPN-servers tegelijk met het internet te verbinden.

It allows you to access Netflix in other countries.

At its smallest, the client looks much like any other VPN app, with a Connect button, status information and a list of locations. Surfshark has about 800 servers and counting, with countries numbering around 50. Ook is het mogelijk met een onbeperkt aantal apparaten tegelijkertijd inloggen en alles te streamen en downloaden. To download it, just go to either Surfshark’s website or the Chrome web store. If you don’t want them to know your name, don’t pay with credit or debit. Inmiddels heeft Surfshark al meer dan 1040 servers verdeeld over meer dan 61 landen. There are some tutorials available to take you through different tasks.

That was a common feature among other high-quality VPNs, but something that seems to be going away.

Undergone a Security Audit By Cure53

97 Mbps for downloads and 43. It’s worth the effort since this is how you can protect all your Web-connected devices at once. There are 13 routes available, where the first server is your initial connection (options include USA, UK, Singapore, Germany, France, India, Netherlands and Australia), and the second is where you'll appear to be to the outside world (France, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, UK, USA.) There are more than a dozen different connections to choose from, and three of those allow you to obtain an IP address from the USA. Surfshark’s apps are very simple to set up and use. As you can see, you have several options in front of you.

Geen ziggo op iphone met Surfshark

Het grote voordeel hiervan is dat je ook de apparaten, die normaal gesproken geen gebruik maken van een VPN verbinding, nu wel kunt aansluiten op een dergelijke verbinding. Money-Back Guarantee Surfshark does not directly offer a free trial, but one can get their money back after 30 days if the product does not meet expectations. You can get a plan for as low as $1. The desktop app has a minimalist look but that helps with finding what you need quickly. 8 at the time of writing. But that’s only the beginning. SurfShark supports all the major payment methods, including:

Is Surfshark VPN Free?

How amazing is that? It has CleanWeb, which blocks malware, trackers and advertisements. A nice antidote for anyone tired of losing VPN functionality on mobile devices, and considerably more than we'd expect from a $1. One of the first things I look at when reviewing a VPN is what kind of value it offers, particularly how many devices you can use with a given service and at what price. From streaming platforms to government-based censored content, you’ll be able to explore with unlimited access. ​Surfshark has a straightforward interface to use and understand. These are checkpoints where such events occur. Most of what you need should be here, but if not, live chat is available to help.

Yes, Surfshark should work in China, but may not be completely reliable (although, that could be said for most VPNs that work there). Not all reviews will be published. The servers are listed by country, so you may want to check the exact location of each server so that you can connect to the nearest one each time. What this means is that a massive volume of individuals can use those servers without any performance drawbacks.

However, if a VPN is slow, it becomes unusable. I had no trouble streaming from Netflix while connected to a US VPN server. This means that the BVI has no data retention laws, and they aren't part of any country groups either.

So, now both your IP and GPS are safely tucked away.

Streaming – Will Surfshark Let Me Netflix and Chill in Peace?

99/mo for all the extra features if you require them. Finally, if Surfshark is all you ever wanted in a VPN, you can go with the 2-year option and pay just $1. Erosnow kodi addon 2020, so, here’s our full VyprVPN review. Surfshark is relatively new, which means they don't have a large client base.

Streaming & Download

(76 for 24 months) Servers 1040+ in 61+ Countries Logs No Logs Certified Encryption AES-256-GCM/AES-256-CBC Unblocks Netflix Yes Torrenting Yes Works in China Yes Recommended Yes Website https: VPNs can make everything you do online hidden behind protocols that serve to protect your location and identity from other servers that you don’t want them knowing. 91/mo ) or Ivacy (starts at $1. Some of the best VPNs in the market do not allow torrenting, citing copyright issues. There are no such differences among those enumerated that would restrict the VPN’s sphere of application in any meaningful way. Additionally, the extra security features added by Surfshark are great for the more sensitive user types: And finally, we should also mention two recently released features, called HackLock and BlindSearch (these two are available as an add-on to your subscription, available for $0. – wireguard servers live, to entertain the conspiracy theory, you’re still suggesting that the FBI not only introduced this bug, but also developed the technology required to MITM ESP sessions, bouncing them through some secret FBI-developed middlebox. )

The two-year contract is, therefore, significantly cheaper than the one-year contract. Such a thing happens roughly in 1% of cases but it still can happen. Netflix has blocked the use of many VPN services, but some VPN providers have managed to bypass these restrictions. Super-low prices: To me, it seems just a matter of time until we get more features and content from Surfshark VPN that will further strengthen its already solid position among the industry’s best. – Google pay is another option for customers that want to subscribe to Surshark. Even if you're barely using Surfshark after a year, it still looks like fair value to us.

  • Surfshark is a company dedicated to advancing VPN technology, while also providing the best possible customer experience to their users.
  • By connecting via two different VPN servers, often located in two different countries, you can hide your location better and improve your privacy further.
  • One that will tell users as to which server is a virtual one and which one is an actual bare-metal one, similar to how other providers do it.
  • In deze Surfshark review focus ik op de connectiviteit, veiligheid en geavanceerde settings.

Our Insights, Tips & Tricks

It was called "Mini Mode". Surfshark offers its users ultra-fast speeds. I have received two updates in my one week's review duration. En dat is een compliment. Net als mijn favoriete VPN provider, Express VPN. Ik heb nog niet veel VPN aanbieders gezien die meer dan 5 logins bieden.

As you can see, all the locations allow watching videos in HD and even in 4K. The list of brilliant security tools in Surfshark’s arsenal just keeps on growing. 4-star rating? This doesn’t mean you have to stick to these countries’ servers when torrenting, however. Ever been on the wrong side of the internet or want to access a page that is often restricted? Surfshark is one of the most affordable VPNs out there.

You’ll get all the benefits that regular paying customers have, which includes live chat and access to every server that’s on the application. While providing fast connections is second nature to this provider, its global server coverage is slightly lacking. Usability – How user-friendly is Surfshark? Surfshark is capable of cloaking your IP address by passing it through the secure VPN tunnel. These should help with the decision-making process:

Pricing and Plans

We were able to access US Netflix from all five of our test locations. It also has more configurable privacy add-ons than reputable services such as IPVanish. The app connected us to a US server, and speeds decreased to 25. I mean, who would miss out on the chance to be compatible, right? You can rest assured that your personal data and sensitive online activities are safe and never exposed. Maar de recent gebruikte servers worden wel aangegeven. OpenVPN is the gold standard when it comes to a secure VPN protocol.

While this level of secrecy can be off-putting, there is evidence of a proactive and research-driven privacy company with good intentions. This protects the user from location tracking. It will serve as a voice of the VPN industry collectively, helping consumers be more informed about their VPN choices, while gaining more knowledge about appropriate guidelines.

First, we connected to a nearby sever by allowing Surfshark to find an optimal location. Niks zo vervelend als een ondeskundige klantenservice, als er iets misloopt met een programma. Credit card, PayPal, Cryptocurrency, AliPay, Google Pay. We've been using Surfshark for a couple of years now and have been impressed by the sheer number of new features the company has added in that time. Surely, they should have more people interested in their activities – their customers at the very least. BlindSearch enables private and efficient searching with no annoying ads or any logs. Op deze manier download je dus niet per ongeluk buiten de VPN verbinding om. Een los maandabonnement kost omgerekend $9,89 per maand, een jaarabonnement kost omgerekend $4,99 per maand en een 2-jarig abonnement kost omgerekend maar $1,79 per maand.

Large Number Of Countries

CleanWeb, an ad-blocking anti-tracking feature, is available for all accounts. 57 Mbps for downloads and 45. Simply choose a plan, enter the email address you want to be attached to your account, and input your payment details.

Snelheid En Stabiliteit

Router support is available for numerous brands of routers. If you’d prefer, SurfShark can reroute you to other servers located in the Netherlands, Canada, or the United States, depending on your actual physical location. So, here’s what Surfshark can help you with.