Best VPN for Torrenting: 5 Paid & 5 Free Services (2020)

Best VPN for Torrenting: 5 Paid & 5 Free Services (2020)

If you use a smartphone for torrenting, there is a dedicated app each for iOS and Android. 35 percent of the entire traffic of the internet, counting approximately more than 170 million users per month. Surfshark is located in the British Virgin Islands, which is outside the jurisdiction of 5, 9 and 14 eyes alliances.

The anti-piracy law is based on the Digital Economy Act, which was adopted in 2020 and has been changed a number of times. Moving on to jurisdiction and CyberGhost is located in Romanian which is a country free from the clutches of data retention law. It’s currently the best method in 2020 to share files via P2P (peer to peer) technology. Additionally, it maintains a strict no-log policy. In fact, they’ve dedicated an entire page about this in the support section. When you buy a product through links on our site, we may earn commission. On top of that, the VPN needs to have passed DNS leak tests.

Using a VPN when you torrent — and any other time — will ensure that your online activities are kept hidden from your ISP and any other prying eyes.

This waters down the basic right to privacy. A newer service that has made a name for itself by offering unlimited simultaneous connections and low pricing. It happens, even to the best of VPN services, so it’s nice to have this feature.

It also offers: These lucky few are “flying under the radar” and avoiding the consequences. Each country comes with its own set of regulations, some requiring user data to be stored for a certain number of days. You need a VPN compatible with all streaming services. Similarly, for VPN providers, free VPNs are often scams that secretly leak your data instead of protecting it. Thankfully, the majority of VPN services provide unlimited bandwidth, so check for that feature.

Always choose a non-logging VPN. The VPNs we picked will definitely provide you with the best torrenting experience based on our strict requirements. You can pick the right VPN of your choice with the help of this article.

Since downloading files through this method is super easy, the technology has become immensely popular and important.

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If you are like me, you are in the market for a good VPN, but finding it hard to choose from the many options – so many VPNs, all with great reviews and features, good prices. ExpressVPN keeps very minimal metadata logs, but these don’t contain any information that could identify you. When you use a VPN, your traffic is routed through an extra server, which can impact your speed. Sharing an IP address among 100s other folks adds a significant layer of anonymity, making it puzzling to trace an internet activity back to you. Thanks to the individuals who infringe on copyrighted content and indulge in piracy, this practice has become extremely unsafe nowadays. A technique used by internet users across the globe, torrenting eliminates the dependency on a single source or website for downloading files. Here are the main features of Surfshark: Tool/Service Name Pricing Plans Max.

It is AMAZING for torrent P2P, blasted past my miserly ISP throttle with ease, speed up the downloads. Without further ado, here are our top picks for the best VPN for torrenting: Hiding P2P filesharing is a popular reason to buy VPNs, after all. That’s why PIA has a great reputation throughout the torrenting community. With no connection limit, decent speeds, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s well worthy of your consideration. No encryption is provided by proxy servers. PPTP Protocol servers for Torrenting: 5,700+ | Server locations:

Check out their support library. Check your connection, transmission lets you queue downloads, set 'Speed Limits' for certain times of day, stop seeding when you've met a specified ratio, and more--all with live download stats viewable directly in the dock, along with support for Growl notifications. Since downloading content via torrents is a relatively new phenomenon, most countries don’t consider it as a criminal offense. Just as importantly, ExpressVPN does not limit, throttle, nor restrict your bandwidth usage; it is unlimited. It is clean, simple, no bloat graphics. Thus, the obvious reasons why to use a VPN for torrenting are:

Yes, you most definitely do!

Torrenting Is It Illegal?

The best budget VPN for torrenters. 5 years later, that number has likely tripled. The truth is sites that promote piracy and copyright infringement are becoming a primary target of copyright trolls all over the world.

  • It was extremely tough to decide which is the best compatible VPN for torrenting.
  • It also includes DNS and IPv6 leak protection.
  • PrivateVPN’s cost includes the ability to protect your torrenting traffic simultaneously on 6 devices.
  • Now that you’ve seen our list of the best, here are the rest.
  • Despite several enforcement actions and arrests of alleged admins and operators, the site is thriving.
  • At minimum, the VPN you choose should also have a kill switch and never store your IP address or keep traffic logs.
  • Some of the outputs are free while the others are dedicated and paid.

What About Free VPNs for Torrenting?

Proxy services also do not offer kill switches – a prerequisite for security and they also do not actively support torrenting, unlike the VPN providers. You can torrent as much as you like and neither your ISP nor anyone else will get a whiff of it. TorGuard VPN has built its entire reputation around protecting torrenters. A kill switch can be enabled in the settings. Mmh, yes, but no. Do you want to know what torrenting without a VPN is like? And, there is no limit to how much data you have uploaded or downloaded. In the PerfectPrivacy network, port forwarding, and multi-hop VPN chains are supported by every server.

IPv6 leaks occur when IPv4 traffic goes through the tunnel, but IPv6 traffic does not. NordVPN often tops most VPN wish lists. Wait, there’s more! Or maybe it’s the price. Shared IPs add a significant layer of anonymity, which makes it more difficult to trace activity back to you. Ample server locations and shared IPs are other factors, important for torrenting. Support 24/7 Live chat Refund 30 days Website ExpressVPN.

Pros/Best for:

Is ExpressVPN Safe for Torrenting?

VPN Kill Switch: SMALL BUT POWERFUL: Furthermore, they feature a zero-log policy, meaning they won’t register your activity.

It has a very high degree of anonymity, from the strong encryption, non-logging policy to the diverse payment methods.

Torrent VPN Comparison Table

Another factor to keep in mind when choosing a VPN for torrenting is the physical location of the home company – you should stay clear of those based in countries such as Australia, US, and UK, where government agencies have the authority to force a VPN provider to divulge privileged information pertaining to their clients’ activities (including torrenting). The provider offers an excellent return on investment thanks to its excellent uTorrent support. Aside from your ISP and copyright trolls, others could be snooping on your activity too. F-secure key, okayFreedom VPN is for user who want to enjoy the full internet without any limitations. Meanwhile, other freebie VPNs have been caught injecting tracking cookies and ads into users’ browser sessions. Check the privacy policy:

But fortunately, some providers improved their software in a way that it doesn’t have a big impact. These locations are strategically placed and can allow you a far better experience while Torrenting due to their proximity to major Torrenting streaming swarms and hubs. If you don’t use the VPN, however, your connection won’t be encrypted, but your IP will still be anonymous. On paper, a VPN should prevent your ISP from seeing your traffic as it flows across the web.

The VPN can also support Bitcoin and it has a clear privacy policy with no logs. Which VPNs allow torrenting? Even though you will be paying some money, you will remain safe and secure. They are maintained by ads and provide service of the lowest quality possible. Windscribe hits good speeds. Torrenting of the copyrighted material is illegal!

How to Get an Italian IP Address in 2020

I have been reviewing VPN providers and my desktop full of them. Copyright holders are often large media companies that outsource piracy litigation to shifty law firms dubbed “copyright trolls”. Online privacy is well protected thanks to government-class encryption and kill switch protection. There are, however, numerous complications to fight regardless of whether you’re participating in illegal sharing or not. For instance, here’s a user who got a notice from their ISP for torrenting the movie Justice League: Dealing with the hassle of DMCA notices and the like simply isn’t worth it for non-paying customers! With a VPN you get complete torrenting protection. Starting with ExpressVPN, here’s the list of best VPNs for torrenting:

It’s not the fastest VPN, but speeds are ample for torrenting and there are no restrictions in terms of data caps or bandwidth limits. There are no bandwidth restrictions whatsoever on the severs. After all, the consequences of copyright infringement can be very serious. IPVanish differs in the types of users that will appreciate it the most. Here are a few of the dangers when using a free VPN for torrenting: Sure, these big VPNs might cost a few pennies less and advertise that they have a zillion servers, but is that really a good thing? The company is based in Romania, and Romania isn’t part of the Fourteen Eyes alliance. Overall, NordVPN has several powerful features built right into its service.

The most advanced encryption cipher at this moment is AES-256, and most modern VPNs should have it. This was one of our determining factors when selecting the best VPNs we recommended in this article. Ip leak protection, for more information, check out our free VPNs explained video:. Try the service with a 30-day guarantee. An app-specific kill switch is buried in the settings, dubbed “app protection,” which will only cut off internet to specified programs, e. They even go as far as trying to block p2p traffic entirely, and you risk getting banned permanently if you attempt to do so. Over 1000 servers are available for P2P file-sharing.


However, the use of a free VPN can be justified in some cases. Both types allow enciphered connection to a P2P network. Best VPN services for torrenting ExpressVPN: Furthermore, it's decentralized, with no main server to choke under the burden of traffic. This can boost your allowance up to a full 1 GB. If we talk from the perspective of Torrenting, Paid VPNs offer a number of advantages for Torrenting users that can never be matched by free VPNs, making the former the best choice if you are looking for an ultimate Torrenting experience. Several torrent-optimized servers.

  • Look out for features like split tunneling, SOCKS5 proxies, port forwarding, or a kill switch.
  • With the best VPN for torrenting, you enable yourself to keep such eventualities at bay and download legal torrents with the assurance that you are beyond the vigilant eyes of authorities.
  • IPVanish takes the login policy to a whole new level.
  • They will allow you to torrent safely and efficiently, so you won’t have to wait around for your download – or your probation hearing.
  • If you’re using a Socks5 proxy (or you’re just extra cautious), you’ll want to check the IP address assigned to your torrent software.
  • Most VPNs that we left out from this list do not offer desirable server performance while torrenting.
  • I have already list some of the above brands VPN Black Friday 2020 Sale and Deals info on this post, make sure to check before getting hands-on.

Alternatives To Traditional Torrenting

The other VPNs on this list also did well though, especially when compared to all other VPNs that did not make it to our list. Here’s a list of popular services that claim to be a ‘’VPN’’ but are not (or not fully) ones: To be exact, the provider keeps no records whatsoever of the highlighted data below: Users who want to maintain their absolute privacy and anonymity while torrenting must sign up for a good VPN service. By connecting to VPN servers located in countries that don’t censor websites on grounds of copyright, you can effectively unblock torrent sites and see whatever you want. There’s also a free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Although it calls itself a VPN, the software is based on high-risk P2P connections and offers no encryption. However, you’re still technically downloading and uploading.

3500+ | Server locations: Is using a VPN legal? This is for a number of reasons that fulfill personal gains.

ISP Notices Torrent Traffic & Restrains Your Connection

To see if a service is really a proxy, just install and run it. Here’s what one Reddit user had to say: Sadly there is no free trial but all the plans are very affordable. How do i test my new vpn?, easy to use, and you can connect by tapping one button only. Surfshark also offers a great (and rare) perk: Depending on how much you plan to torrent, this may not justify the lower price point. You wouldn’t want a VPN that only has servers in the United States, for example. The table below shows which VPNs meet those three criteria:


(6) Avoid free VPN for torrenting! When choosing a torrenting VPN, your first step is to find those that actually support P2P torrent files. Once the offender has paid the cash, the copyright trolls return the favor by stopping all legal prosecution for all of the offender’s copyright offenses. However, there’s a long list of legal uses for BitTorrent. A VPN with a wide range of servers spread across different regions offer high-grade overall torrenting experience.

Apart from it all, Ivacy VPN protects everything you do online with military-grade encryption. The packages available are: They then subpoena ISPs to identify the culprits and send out settlement notices. From that, they get a list of names and addresses, and send notices to torrent users. The issue of file sharing in Mexico is regarded by the entertainment industry as the most problematic one.


If the VPN company keeps copious logs about user activity (specifically, the identity of the user, which server they connected to, when) that information could potentially be obtained by law enforcement. Probably more crucial, no-cost VPNs are very unreliable security-wise. Either due to overloaded servers or due to presupposed limits applied for bandwidth you won’t manage to traffic heavy videos or other torrenting files through one of its servers, which sometimes can result even to sensitive private data losses. The original TV-torrent distribution group EZTV shut down after a hostile takeover in 2020, with new owners claiming ownership of the brand.

Read our full review of IPVanish. Why not to use a proxy server for torrenting? It gives you full access to all 20+ countries, as well as added security features like a kill-switch and triple IP-leak protection. Early in 2020, Netherlands’ privacy watchdog, Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (AP), gave permission to Dutch Filmworks to collect IP addresses of anyone illegally downloading content. It will also shield you from the hackers when you are over a public WiFi network, and also protect you while P2P filesharing. Bubbi kinq dishwash lemon 3.8kg, if you’d like to save some money in the long run, we recommend getting the annual plan, whose price comes down to . And packs all features you’d expect like OpenVPN, perfect forward AES 256-bit encryption and an optional tunneling protocol. Free VPNs typically generate revenue via advertising.

While you won't be able to use a free trial from this service you will be able to get three months of free access by going for a two year plan. Are vpns safe?, as compared to other VPN’s, IPVanish showcases impressive performance. As it is, torrents are used to distribute large chunks of scientific datasets. In fact, the speeds are sufficient for performing tasks like streaming and torrent activities. There are only a very few VPNs that support torrenting across their entire line-up of servers (ExpressVPN is one such example). You never have to be overly paranoid about torrenting ever again, since you’ll be completely anonymized.

  • But you have to do it right.
  • This is why it’s a bad idea to utilize a Virtual Private Network that’s within the Canadian jurisdiction.
  • This ensures that you can get online and use the setup that NordVPN offers without having to bear with your data being lost.
  • It’s capable of fast speeds, even after a little dip once the encryption level is higher, though it can be inconsistent.
  • Unfortunately, this isn’t the truth.

A VPN for Torrenting according to a Reddit user

Surfshark is trying to be as transparent as possible, and it’s open when it comes to topics like media streaming and torrenting. Ultimately, it’s down to your needs. Every popular torrent site is blocked in the United Kingdom, so you even need the best Peer to Peer VPN if you are to access a torrent site at all. The UDP option will give you faster torrenting speeds. Those opposed to port forwarding have privacy concerns. Copyright-protected products are available on some torrent trackers, but not all the material downloading and uploading by means of torrenting is pirate. A common revenue model for free VPNs is to track user activity and sell the information to third parties.

So no matter where you are located, using a good VPN for torrenting and P2P downloads is now just basic digital self-defense. If you’re, however, on a budget and looking for a low-cost option, we recommend you to exploit the money-back and free-trial periods often offered by premium providers like ExpressVPN. – a VPN that is fast enough for downloading large files Torrenting Policy – a VPN that allows torrenting (Many VPNs limit and discourage torrenting). I used the Ookla speed test tool, and present the results below. Malware – Many free VPNs include hidden malware to collect your data.

We sympathize. Another risk that users face while downloading, and streaming torrents are the dreaded “Copyright trolls. ISPs and, yes, other web companies, are often compelled to answer when rights holders come with a list of offenses carried out on their data infrastructure. Torrenting using servers where P2P downloading is illegal could get the volunteers in trouble and, therefore, seems very rude.