The 5 Best Free Chrome VPNs to Unblock any Website

The 5 Best Free Chrome VPNs to Unblock any Website

1% of users leaving 5-star feedback. Browsing the web is no longer a benign activity. If you decide that you like what Tunnelbear VPN has to offer, you can subscribe to a virtual private network plan for a low price per month -- that'll get you unlimited data with little to no slowdowns. This is one of the simple services that does not provide users with any advanced features but performs its basic responsibilities at a decent level. You can unlock and unblock any website from any location and access it with full privacy.

  • Finally, they do not extend your network to access remote machines, a key defining feature of a genuine VPN.
  • The extension also comes with fast loaded streaming servers.
  • Easily unlock any site.

Moreover, they use less space and do not create speed problems. This extension is not quite rich with locations but it provides a fast connection with several locations. So you can choose to use this any day to have a safe and secure content unblocking.

  • Choose your server location by clicking on the one that’s currently active.
  • If you prefer, it also lets you select from a list of over 3,500 servers in more than 55 countries.
  • However, that only lasts for a week.
  • It’s priced at $12.
  • It does not require registration or premium account or unlock the service.

Free vs Paid VPNs

Once you install the extension, you’ll be brought to a sign-up page that asks you to register a username and password. Desktop/laptop, app support is well represented here, with native apps available for the Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Amazon Fire platforms. Small, simple and completely free, the CyberGhost Chrome extension was the only one we tried that didn't make us log into anything. You should rather use a full, paid-for VPN client and install it on your operating system so that all traffic from your device is protected, and not only that from the Chrome browser. Performance-wise, speeds were solid enough and certainly acceptable. The big selling point of Browsec VPN is the connection speed. However, this service does come with a few limitations that I consider are fair for the price you pay (which is nothing). Explore our Windscribe review to see the full results of our research and testing. ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN for Chrome as it has occupied the user’s privacy.

That will definitely not be enough if you're planning to use it for viewing videos. The company has been operating since 2020. Most free VPN services, whether they run as browser extensions or native apps, are severely limited. In addition, it’s ideal for getting around local censorship. 30 + across the world. US, Romania, Netherlands, and Germany. The support team is extremely knowledgeable. The full form of VPN is the virtual private network.

The developers are accepting donations thu, you can access the donation page thru the settings menu. If you need a VPN in your work or daily life, you may consider a professional VPN service provider. The service doesn’t have live chat, but it does have a help section that may answer many of your questions. You do so at your own risk. However, the best VPN providers with excellent customer reviews are available for premium service only although it’s just a small amount of money as compared to the trusted services you get. The speed, quality, security and customer service given by even the best free VPN for Chrome providers will not tie the bootlaces of what is offered from a premium VPN Chrome provider. So in this list, we will compile our experience with the best VPN Chrome extensions out there, as we have tried most of these extensions on Linux (Solus Linux), Ubuntu 19. We really loved the advanced features and customization options.

  • Alternatively, you can check out the pros and cons in our full review here.
  • Some users might be uncomfortable with the situation.
  • After creating a NordVPN account, you may log in to the Windows, macOS, iOS, Android app or to the VPN extension, and press the Quick Connect button.
  • ExpressVPN is my top selection for Chrome thanks to its fast and secure connections, great content-unblocking ability and excellent Chrome browser extension.

Best VPN for Chrome: Free vs. Premium

Your data may be monitored and sold. These five certainly not the only Chrome VPN extensions that we found, but ones that seem to be the most popular, with generally positive reviews, which helped us to make our shortlist. These are clearly labeled in the server list. Check the box next to “Use my proxy server (if present): Keep in mind that even if VPNs are legal in your country, you may still face consequences from using a VPN for illegal activities such as torrents of copyrighted content. Whenever you’re using Gom, all your traffic is encrypted using HTTP2 SSL, and the company does not keep logs. Which is the fastest vpn service?, apple TV 's tvOS home screen, but it isn't exactly as great. In any case, they offer strong and stable server connections with fast speeds, so I have little to complain about.

You would need the best VPN for chrome to safeguard your online activities regularly.

5 Best VPNs for Chrome in Great for Privacy, Speed & Streaming

Searching the internet via a web browser is the most common way to begin your online journey. Hola can run on all your devices and even on multiple devices at a single time. However, most of them collect some connection records, such as the time you have been connected to the VPN and the amount of data you use. Chrome extensions and browser plugins are not VPNs but are simply encrypted proxies, usually HTTPS or SSL proxies. There are various reports regarding malicious VPN extensions.

Windows OS, macOS, iOS, Andriod. DNS leak protection Keeps all unauthorized and third parties, like your ISP or DNS service, at bay from prying on your online activity. CyberGhost is famous for its user-friendly apps, intuitive user interface and its Chrome extension is similarly straightforward.

  • This means that you really do get what you pay for in terms of VPN Chrome services.
  • Upon installation, the extension requests permission to “read and change all your data on the websites you visit”, which is a bit disconcerting, but SaferVPN states, “There are no ads, no logs and we’ll never sell your data to third parties.
  • It can be used easily with no login/ registration.
  • On the downside, Browsec is based in Russia.
  • Install the extension and you’re guided through a five-screen onboarding flow in the extension itself before you connect.
  • Avoid at all costs!
  • That includes Gmail.

Download the Best VPN Addon for Mozilla Firefox

– Speeds are sometimes not consistent. It does not have any kind of additional feature. The service offers a three-day free trial but it’s hidden on the website (find it here). NordVPN is a premium VPN provider and one of the most trustful names in the privacy and security market. Simply download the extension, login and connect. A Chrome-based extension proxy does not provide encryption and will not protect your web data from being snooped on by ISPs, the government, or hackers.

The only reason which comes in the mind of users while considering a free VPN extension.


Like other VPN, it also offers Risk-Free, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee to promote up-gradation to the premium paid VPN service. ExpressVPN is our Top Choice and a pleasure to use. There is no bandwidth limit and you can use this service without ads. It allows you to surf the Internet with worries by blocking the tracker and the analysis, integrating firewall, DDoS protection,no-logging, and superior TOR technology. It differs from the normal VPN service because the traffic passes through the users instead of the server network making your IP hard track. With no ads, and a simple experience, Betternet looks like a good option.

As the tidal wave of cybercrime continues, many people are opting for extra online protection and those unwilling to invest in a VPN app can enjoy a secure and anonymous browsing experience by installing a VPN Chrome extension. Free VPNs get their revenue elsewhere. If this is not a concern then please do check out the security offered from any free VPN Chrome service you plump for. One of the greatest benefits of this VPN is the fact that is switches on automatically when a device connects to an unsecured network. When that happens, Windscribe flicks itself on automatically to get you access, choosing the appropriate server location to get you access. This could of course be overcome by using a full-on VPN app, but some VPN extension providers have now built in WebRTC leak prevention into their extensions. 323 per month.

Privacy At One Click

Once installed, right-click the extension icon and go to Options. • VPN for Android for mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. Location is reliable between websites, there are plenty of servers to choose from, and the interface is simple and intuitive. ExpressVPN is a superior cybersecurity tool even though it lacks some of the additional features offered by its most competitive rivals. Other than chrome, it also offers a VPN service for all possible platforms. 99 a month or $5. When it comes to the features of Windscribe, they are really impressive: Prepare yourself for slow speeds, however.

Ready to get Hotspot Shield?

No registration is necessary, and they don’t keep any user logs, nice. Of course, if the user is browsing the Web using Google Chrome the data exchanged between Chrome and the Web servers is encrypted as well. Speaking of locations, DotVPN offers you a choice of a dozen virtual locations, including Canada, Japan, Sweden, the US, and the UK. IPVanish Pricing From $3. Read more articles: TunnelBear only uses the data to troubleshoot and monitor data limits on the free service. Which VPN extension for Chrome do you prefer?

Extra features in Chrome VPNs

If you’re not convinced that the selection process is sound and that any old VPN extension will do, let me share with your something I came across the other day: PureVPN https: A really full VPN solution is guaranteed by the CyberGhost service. Find out more here: The best-performing VPN for Chrome based on our tests.

It has limited virtual locations but it works nicely without any issue. Fantastic for those seeking absolute privacy and security, while at the same time working for those seeking a true lightweight browser extension. It has fast servers in 94 countries , perfect for unblocking content on Chrome from around the globe. Chrome extensions are also open to several security issues as they don’t use OpenVPN, or an IPSec-encrypted VPN protocol (IKE, SSTP, or L2TP), both of which need you to install a VPN client on your device. TunnelBear has an easy one-click installation so that anyone can install for free and get started straight away. If you want easy access to the sites you want, wherever you are, they’re great choices. However, they could not end up with an appropriate decision for themselves as many of the free VPN providers are into the market nowadays. First, it allows a generous 10GB of data usage every month.

Gom Web

It has over 40 million users all around the world who could choose any of the servers located in 30 countries including US and UK. Streaming is another area where VPN performance varies wildly, with those on the best VPN for streaming list able to crack the Netflix VPN ban and other geoblocking measures. A free subscription gives you access to servers that support P2P file sharing. A recent upgrade has seen several new features introduced. It has, however, a serious data cap. Norton secure vpn features overview, don't forget to keep an eye on our weekly newsletter for more information. To turn on NordVPN on Chrome, you only have to click one button. That’s why we never recommend proxy over VPN even if you are choosing a free Chrome VPN.

It also lets you select server location if you wish to access anything specific. Even if you can download the application, we strongly recommend that you do not purchase Premium VPN accounts. Windows store, macOS, , iOS, Andriod, Chrome. It is easy to set up and use too. And, in case you need the same experience elsewhere, you can install the apps on other platforms as well. For the most part, they are intended to offer greater convenience and control over your web browsing experience. You end up unable to access websites or services. Its data cap of 500MB per day isn’t enough for torrenting or streaming.

TunnelBear has the fastest speeds with servers in almost 20 countries.

Windscribe VPN

The core elements of a VPN – Security, Anonymity, Speed, and Stability – are vital to its survival. ExpressVPN’s browser extension recently passed an audit by a third-party cybersecurity firm and all the code is now open source. The default setting is “Cruise Control,” which doesn’t use any of your data allowance until you encounter a blocked website. This is where many free VPNs fall short, as the only way they can feasibly offer their services for free is by limiting how much bandwidth the users have available. In order to make things easier for you, we have come up with a list of the top six VPN Chrome extensions. Compared to other VPNs, Windscribe VPN is pretty quick and offers easy selection options. If you’re not worried about your private data and just want to get around site blocks without having to pay anything, consider one of the free options.

Check this post to find great deals from trustful services. Windscribe hits good speeds. Redirects you to the more-secure HTTPS version of the sites you visit, even when ExpressVPN isn’t connected. If a VPN is too slow or limits your connection too heavily, it quickly becomes frustrating to use. That’s enough to broadcast an episode of a television show, but not a movie.


Explore our BetternetBetternet review Start FREE With Betternet! Access blocked websites like Facebook, Twitter, and other popular sites while keeping your browser activities safe & private! If you don't want to put any money up front for a virtual private network, we totally understand, especially if you only plan on using a virtual private network once in awhile. How to use openvpn in protonvpn ios, sign in to the iTunes store with your account and tap OK. Download and install the VPN.

There are also other things to think about.

Chrome is the dominating Internet browser having 2 billion users from desktop and mobile devices. A simple fand ree VPN service with 2 GB monthly data limit with good security. DotVPN has a premium plan which gives you a faster connection, and the 4096-bit key encryption is also part of the paid tier. These things apart, it’s incredibly easy to use VeePN on Chrome.

It does not encrypt other traffic on your machine.

How to Choose Best VPN for Chrome

This app works perfectly on any device including the Google Chrome browser. Access to all paid servers Paid Server Locations: ZenMate protects your privacy from the website analytics, banner ads, hackers and social media following. The more data you share on the web, the simpler it is for hackers and snoopers and any other person to get to your information. Once you create your free account, you’re automatically connected. Lightest free VPN extension is working at a fast speed.

The free account limits the possibility of keeping the VPN active for the traffic of 500 MB per month. 500MB is only enough for about eight hours of browsing the web each month. Despite all these disadvantages, I really loved the way DotVPN allows you to connect to VPN and use the service. The second is the freemium Chrome VPN extensions which offer some part of their service for free while charge you a premium if you want to use their full features. Now that we know the basics, shall we? Continuous restrictions and vulnerability exploitation to the internet world are compelling users to move towards privacy tools. The security protocol offered by CyberGhost VPN is AES 256-bit encryption that provides military-grade encryption to user’s data traffic.

TunnelBear also promises not to log any of your data and has all the necessary features like protecting your privacy, giving access to blocked sites, and securing your browser on public Wi-Fi.

You probably know by now that I (we) do not recommend free VPN or proxy services. Unfortunately, the search engine doesn’t reside privacy feature in itself to protect the users. Here’s a summary of “Best Free VPN for Chrome Extensions in 2020“: If you don’t want to read the full article and the review of each VPN, here’s a summary of the best VPNs for Google Chrome.

In fact, some are so similar that they simply extend features of main VPN apps.

The best free VPNs for Chrome are

Using a VPN with Chromecast will let people watch content from all over the globe on their TV screen. However, it’s important to understand the limitations of these services. Key benefits include: Make sure that the VPN you are selecting has a strict no-log policy. Full VPN apps encrypt data traffic on a system-wide level. Conclusion on pre-configured vpn routers, however, if you want to just surf the good ole' web, it works well enough. The extension guarantees users security due to 256-bit encryption used and does not limit users in data amount even if you use it or free.

A real VPN connection would encrypt and reroute not only one browser's data, but all the internet traffic into and out of a machine, including data used by other browsers and by other applications that access the internet, such as iTunes, Spotify and email client software. If you’re on a free service, it’s likely to be overloaded with other users. ExpressVPN offers a 30-day free trial after which you’d have to pay a monthly fee. That’s enough for about seven hours of SD streaming or 30 hours of browsing, which is plenty for a day but not a lot for a whole month. It is totally free of cost and also reduces the data cost while speeding up the web browsing. 99, or around Rs.

They actually have over 60 geographic locations at their disposal, so you can access plenty of geo-restricted content as well.

It is unable to encrypt any other kind of data like your apps credentials, messengers traffic, and much more. With the free VPNs on this list, you can protect yourself from cyber threats and access content censored by the government. A key way that VPNs protect users’ privacy is by masking their true IP addresses. We have reviewed over 150 different VPN companies in the last 5 years - searching far and wide for the 5 best Chrome VPNs., pricing on a monthly and annual basis. Buffer free streaming of TV shows and Movies in (UHD) version. As you can see, being at the top of Google search results does not mean the VPN is good or trustworthy.

  • Start FREE With Hotspot Shield!
  • However, if you’re like the majority of people (62%) who use Google Chrome as your chosen software application for finding things on the web, then it’s a good idea install a Chrome VPN extension.
  • Their chrome extension has had 1,670,857 downloads, with a decent amount of 4.
  • Just to confirm, free VPN Chrome extension and best free VPNs for Chrome downloads are the norm, when opting for such services.
  • However, if you plan to use a free version of this service, be ready to get a number of restrictions.
  • A VPN is a great way to protect yourself while surfing the web and these days you can get them bundled into your browser.

The Best VPN for Chrome: Private Internet Access

Your IP address will be hidden and region-locked content can be accessed. ” It’s also not good at unblocking streaming sites. However, it supports torrenting for free and paid users. It is installed as ordinary software and you can find an icon next to other extensions when the process is completed. If you are looking for 100% anonymity, you should avoid this.

ProtonVPN – unlimited data and no ads

It also offers split-tunneling, which allows you to choose which apps and services are tunneled through the VPN. You will not be able to share too many files with the 2 GB monthly data limit, but the option is still good. There’s also NordVPN’s CyberSec feature, which can block malware and ads. Note that these extensions only work with the desktop browser version of Chrome and not on Android. It offers full browsing anonymity. It's easy to install and use and comes with limited on no-configuration. (6) Hola Better Internet is a service I had already discussed in another article, talking about how the plugin works to speed up and navigate faster on the internet.

You’re all set! A browser-based VPN is a great option for beginners or those who are not in the position to invest in a full-blown VPN. The VPN extensions seem very beneficial to the users, but unfortunately, they are not aware of its dark side. Winter is coming! Despite all these, if you are looking for a super-minimal Chrome VPN extension, uVPN surely deserves a shot. We understand it’s all relative, but the speeds offered by uVPN were lesser than those of TouchVPN.

Choose The Plan That Works For You

Free VPN has been downloaded by about 1. When it comes to one of the most reliable services, NordVPN is among them. No download or installation required. Unfortunately, online surveillance is only one of the reasons to set up a VPN extension. Personally, I have never been much of a fan of Chrome extensions. Digital marketers, people belong to restricted areas, or IT savvy really need the VPN Chrome extensions to get access to the blocked content or to hide their IP or change their IP addresses. With 2500+ servers all over the world, VeePN ensures internet privacy and security for everyone. TunnelBear offers a free plan with a limitation of 500MB per month, which isn’t that much but it’s still better than nothing.

Thus, the basic need of the internet user gets satisfied.

But these “clientless” VPNs only encrypt traffic coming from the Chrome browser. Content censoring, surveillance and a variety of methods for tracking are just some of the reasons why people need a VPN. If you have just a few options with the countries that have strict privacy laws than the chances of unblocking, torrenting and streaming becomes limited.

Why did we choose Google Chrome and Chromium? The main reason for ranking your first position among free VPN extensions is its decent speed, reliable online browsing security and easy to change location options. If you want more locations, you have to go for the premium version of Betternet VPN. Tunnelbear VPN might be last on our list, but as far as quality goes, we like it better than Hotspot Shield and Turbo VPN. This privacy is a perfect complement to the freedom that the VPN also provides: It never monitors your activity or keeps your connection logs, IP timestamps, or session logs. At the time of writing, Surfshark has over 800 servers in 50 countries, which offers a reasonable amount of choice, although other providers on this list offer a greater number of options.

Up to 100MB/s but you’re more likely to get speeds of 10-15MB/s Pricing: It’s that easy. The free version of Windscribe can’t unblock Netflix. Industry-standard encryption and protocols keep your data safe as it travels over the internet.

According to the chrome web store, Dot VPN has more than 10 million downloads in more than 160 countries. To protect yourself when browsing on Android, use a VPN app. Does zenmate keep logs?, they’ve Ciphers and Perfect Forward Secrecy measures in place to shield against traffic capturing and decrypting. This free VPN for chrome is more of a kind of encrypted proxy than a proper VPN.

To make the list, we first went to the Chrome Web store and searched for VPNs, to see what the top rated options were.

Overall, the CyberGhost Chrome extension is a pretty painless way to sample Netflix content from abroad, even if the country selection is limited. All in all, Touch VPN is a thoroughly free VPN chrome extension that you must have on your browser. You will also be able to create and share secure links.